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The teapot probably derived from the ceramic kettles and wine pots which were also made in bronze and other metals and were a feature of Chinese cultural life for thousands of years. The teapot was invented during the Yuan Dynasty, tea preparation in previous dynasties did not utilize a teapot.[1In the Tang Dynasty, a cauldron was used to boil ground tea, which was served in bowls. Song Dynasty tea was made by pouring water boiled using a kettle into a bowl with finely ground tea leaves. A brush was then used to stir the tea. The innovation of the teapot, a vessel that steeps tea leaves in boiling water, occurs during the late Yuan dynasty. Written evidence of a teapot appears in the Yuan Dynasty text, Jiyuan Conghua, which describes a teapot that the author, Cai Shizhan, bought from the scholar Sun Daoming. By the Ming Dynasty, teapots were widespread in China.

The earliest example of a teapot that has survived to this day seems to be the one in the Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware; it has been dated to 1513 and attributed to Gongchun.

A teapot is a vessel used for steeping tea leaves or an herbal mix in boiling or near-boiling water, and for serving the resulting infusion which is called tea. Dry tea may be available either in tea bags or as loose tea, in which case a tea infuser or tea strainer may be of some assistance, either to hold the leaves as they steep or to catch the leaves inside the teapot when the tea is poured. Teapots usually have an opening with a lid at their top, where the dry tea and hot water are added, a handle for holding by hand and a spout through which the tea is served. Some teapots have a strainer built-in on the inner edge of the spout. A small hole in the lid is necessary for air access inside to stop the spout from dripping and splashing when tea is poured. In modern times, a thermal cover called a tea cosy may be used to enhance the steeping or to prevent the contents of the teapot from cooling too rapidly.

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Q:The tea coffee set characteristics of boreal Europe style
European style works 1 fashion, color bright, noble, as the symbol, And local works, it is implicit, composed atmosphere
Q:What method can quickly remove the plastic cup tea coffee
Can use heated rice vinegar or baking soda shake, then use the scrub brush can easily cleaned. Remove the dirt, coffee stains of methods: (1) get rid of the dirt on the metal tea every: using the metal tea, can become black because of the dirt, such as medium cleaner also wash not to drop, usable vinegar soak, or can be easily detergent after soaking with bleach. (2) get rid of the tea cup or teapot, teacup, teapot with for a long time, there will be a large number of tea scale, friction with sponge dipped in salt and can be easily removed. (3) in addition to the small scale tea, it can be soaked in bleach or detergent powder in the solution, and placed a night, can remove the dirt. (4) can use toothpaste or broken egg shell scrub, reoccupy clear water rinse. (5) in the teacup, teapot into the small spoon orange pink or orange juice, after filled with water for 2-3 hours, lost the cohesiveness, such tea scale and tea sets are easy to remove. (6) can peel the potatoes, potato skins will be cut down, all in the teapot and teacup inside heating boiling water, after boiling water cooling slightly to scrub, can easily will attach under the teapot and cups of tea scale clean the artful in addition to the dirt. Its principle is that in the potato starch, the starch has a strong suction force, so you can easily remove the scale in the cup. (7) a few tips to clean the dirt while you can have the effect of dispel black tea, but the domestic existing professional tea scale cleaner. This kind of tea scale cleaner natural material extraction, not chlorine do not contain fluorescent whitening agent good cleaning effect and environmental protection, suitable for the cleaning of all kinds of tea. (8) is important to note that if you are using are recommended, and there is no need for such cleaning. Recommended itself with pores, the dirt in minerals can absorbed by these pores, can have curing effect on the pot, also won't lead to harmful substances in the "run" to the tea
Q:What kind of tea with which features
Glass tea 】 【 In modern times, glassware has larger development. Glass transparent texture, luster. Shape plasticity is big, forms and wide range of USES, the glass tea, bright-coloured colour and lustre of tea liquor and tea delicate soft, wear move up and down, in the process of the whole brewing the tea leaves gradually stretch, etc, can take in everything in a glance, is a kind of dynamic art appreciation. In particular brew tea, tea glittering and translucent get rid of. Cup mist ethereal, clear green, bud leaves were blossoming, graceful, view the feast for the eyes, don't have a funny. And the glass quality and cheap, deeply the general consumers' welcome. The disadvantage of glassware is easily broken, hot than ceramics.
Q:Mainly to make tea to drink, can you tell me the function of buying a coffee tea tea
Working principle of the coffee machine, you know, of course, also can quickly brewing tea, but have different with the tea,
Q:Poor sleep can drink coffee in the morning
Tea caffeine and tea polyphenols in the biggest influence on cranial nerve. The tea when open the initial, is about 70% - 80% of the caffeine to dissolve into the water, the tea has obvious refreshing effect, make people excited. And more recently, the tea in the tea polyphenols was gradually dissolves in the water, to offset the effect of caffeine, it is difficult to make the person produces obvious physiological excited again. Healthy home | | focus on sub-health nursing and treatment released in the 2015-03-25 06:23 comments 1 0 Drink less! With caffeine stimulates the central nervous and muscle function, so can spirits, enhance thinking ability, the restoration of muscle fatigue. Role in the cardiovascular system, can improve heart function, make vasodilatation, promote the blood circulation. The gastrointestinal system, it can help digestion, help fat decomposition. Help to lose weight Believe that many people have heard that drinking black coffee can reduce weight, in fact, this is just one of the factors, it indeed can accelerate the decomposition of fat, but more want to rely on the movement of the muscle at the same time, can be converted into heat energy consume excess fatty acids, if without cooperation with the movement, excess fatty acids and down blood flow back, piling up fat again. So after drinking coffee need to actively move at the same time, can play a real effect reducing weight! Coffee itself has heat, but not much, the main heat is you add cream and sugar in a cup of coffee. Antioxidant capacity In recent years, as long as it is with antioxidant function food is popular in the market, generally known as the fruits and vegetables contain rich vitamin a, c, b, and the tea is popular in Japan, is see is a healthy food, for they are rich in antioxidants, can fight against free radical damage to the human body. A research report suggests that coffee contains more antioxidants than tea four times, better
Q:Can you introduce some meals to lose weight
This stick a week can reduce three catties, written by a little mess, I'm sorry, is mainly to achieve the effect that reduce weight by controlling calorie intake, pulled ~ hope that useful to you can consider to buy this make me cry out "my diary" people feel good, there are many weight loss should pay attention to the places, the most important thing is that there are a lot of food calories daqo! Hee hee, I hope you success reducing weight!
Q:We pay attention to go to the coffee shop?
Do not have what good idea, see if you go to drink coffee, starbucks coffee is easy, after bought a glass to the flavor to you add like sugar, milk, such as the mouth of the lid is to drink with my mouth. Other cafes, add sugar and milk coffee after themselves, a stir with a spoon, spoon on the plate, and then end up drinking. Pay attention to drink hot coffee to drink slowly, don't make a fool of yourself. Other what don't talk loudly, and environment of the cafe is not ~ hey hey
Q:Dry Tang Xuan brand wine, tea set, tea cups, coffee sets, decoration, etc
Life instinctive quality of shenzhen industrial co., LTD. Was established in 1997, household goods order consultation hotline: baidu JJJTCG ha ha is a subsidiary of shenzhen shun electrical appliances chain), a wholly owned company is to taste the tableware, high-grade goods, imported brand, fashion style as the center, integrated into a unified image of the household articles for use of the standardized management of professional business company in view of the successful man often, excellence lady, white-collar professionals as well as the pursuit of ship to the United States, the pursuit of taste life urbanite professional build "individual grade space".
Q:"Biluochun" kung fu tea set to bubble?
Green tea bubble with a glass. Kung fu tea bubble "biluochun", braised in the tea. Kung fu tea set is most suitable for bubble tieguanyin tea. Brew "biluochun" tea, with tea, water, brewing method until brewing utensils are exquisite, especially the brewing utensils, tea sets, on the basis of "biluochun" tea different levels can choose different brewing utensils. Brew tea sets to choose one: glass "biluochun" 1, delicate precious "biluochun" brew can use a glass, it can fully recognition to "biluochun" shape and tastes. 2, with a lit bubble glass "biluochun", can query to "biluochun" tea slowly stretch in the water, swimming, changing process, we call this a "green tea dance". Bubble tea set to choose 2: porcelain cup "biluochun" Brewing in high-grade "biluochun", can use porcelain cup, brew, can query "biluochun" tea color, fragrance, form. Bubble tea set to choose three: the teapot "biluochun" Technlogy "biluochun", to use the teapot brew, this kind of "biluochun" tea is rich in cellulose, contrast of the bubble, tea is also strong contrast. Make tea steps are: 1: to choose the good cups, choose the glass, mouth slightly, don't is too high to be smooth. 2: to choose the right water, tea water is best springs, followed by the river, is well again, and make tea for the selection of water is very important. Good quality water to bubble out fine tea, bubble "biluochun" of water temperature is between 70-80. 3: with a little water first pressed glass, make the temperature of the cup height, the water in the cup, water into the cup was a little under one-third of that in tea leaves (5 grams) in tea should make it free falling down slowly. Remember: water, put the tea in. After the tea all precipitation (very good tea will quickly sink, not bad
Q:Buy what exquisite tea have??
Because of the tea selection. "The father of the pot as the tea". What what tea with tea set, it has exquisite. In the past, people love tea drinking green tea like to use the glass, like with a tureen drink scented tea, drink oolong tea like to use small are recommended and small purple sand cup. In recent years, there are more pay attention to: the recommended to drink oolong tea, which are recommended to drink green tea, the best are recommended to drink tea. Because tea selection is really do home. Here, a little remind consumers: had better not use black pottery tea tea, tea, because black pottery of lead.

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