Golden Vermiculite Expanded

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Product Description:

1.Vermiculite expanded

2.Silver or golden vermiculite


4.Bulk density:90-27-kgs/m3


6.Expanded  vermiculite

7.H.S code:6806200000

8.Appearance :silver white color or golden color , granule or powder

9.Our vermiculite product:raw vermiculite ,exfoliated vermiculite ,vermiculite powder,vermiculite board


Expanded vermiculite properties

Heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, well-ventilation, water preservation, poisonless, odorless, low hardness, burning-avoidness, lighter.non-asbestos ,Low density, sterile,etc


Expanded  golden vermiculite size:


Vermiculite grade


Vermiculite size




Super fine




0.65-1mm 20-40mesh


1.Bulk density:120-270kgs/m3





6.Sample is free with 1kgs

7.Price is negotiated












3-6mm 4-8mm




100mesh 150mesh



Special size ,we can do as per client's demands

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