Golden Vermiculite Expanded

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Product Description:

1.Vermiculite expanded

2.Silver or golden vermiculite


4.Bulk density:90-27-kgs/m3


6.Expanded  vermiculite

7.H.S code:6806200000

8.Appearance :silver white color or golden color , granule or powder

9.Our vermiculite product:raw vermiculite ,exfoliated vermiculite ,vermiculite powder,vermiculite board


Expanded vermiculite properties

Heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, well-ventilation, water preservation, poisonless, odorless, low hardness, burning-avoidness, lighter.non-asbestos ,Low density, sterile,etc


Expanded  golden vermiculite size:


Vermiculite grade


Vermiculite size




Super fine




0.65-1mm 20-40mesh


1.Bulk density:120-270kgs/m3





6.Sample is free with 1kgs

7.Price is negotiated












3-6mm 4-8mm




100mesh 150mesh



Special size ,we can do as per client's demands

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Q:What is the difference between gray sand brick and cement brick?
Lime sand brick is basically solid and mostly autoclaved and cement brick is a direct mold of the common is the cement brick
Q:What are the grinding tools and specifications of the grinding wheel? Are just grinding A3 and 45 # material iron, seeking expert advice!
With 45-60 white jade wheel, grinding process to open the coolant, or the cost of grinding wheel.
Q:What is the difference between the new exterior wall decoration material and the real stone paint?
Overcoat coating can be water and solvent-based two, after the use of more, especially in recent years, the appearance of acrylic silicone coating over the surface of its maintenance effect is more ideal Finishing mortar is a new type of finishes imported from abroad, with a wide range of colors and rich shapes It is made of inorganic cementitious materials, fillers, additives and aggregates for the construction of the wall surface and ceiling decoration materials Compared with the existing paint finishes and tile finishes, the material properties are similar to those of the mortar in the external insulation system The elastic modulus and thermal expansion coefficient are similar to those of the mortar Compared with the decorative layer of organic materials such as coating, the finish mortar has better compatibility and compatibility with the external insulation system Compared with the tile finish, the thickness of the mortar layer is only 1 ~ 3mm, light weight, as a high-rise building facing layer, not because of negative wind pressure problems such as brick out However, the appearance of mortar in the promotion and application there are also easy to pan-base, prone to color, crop and self-cleaning ability and other issues
Q:Each side 1: 3 cement mortar with cement how many kilograms
You also asked for 1: 3 of cement mortar per cubic meter. Assuming that the cement mortar meets the required consistency of the construction, the water consumption per cubic cement mortar is 310 kg and the weight of the cement mortar is measured at 2100 kg / m3. (1: 3) = 447.5 kg / m3 sand = (2100-310), the amount of the cement mortar is 1: . and the amount of the cement mortar is 1: * 3 / (1 + 3) = 1342.5 kg / m3 water = 310 kg / m3
Q:Why the sand can not replace the river sand to do building materials
In the architectural decoration, the state is strictly prohibited to use sand. Although the sea sand clean, but the state is strictly prohibited without desalination of the sea sand as a building material. Because the sea sand salt high, easy to make the construction of chloride ion corrosion steel, resulting in security risks. To distinguish whether it is sand, mainly to see whether the sand contains the sea Ji twitch conviction murder bet ghosts astringent Han small shells.
Q:I made a business license when writing a building material, but why the business license came out when it does not contain gravel material
This building has a lot of business licenses and building materials, so you have to make it clear
Q:In the water conservancy and hydropower project budget in the "unallocated device material" What is the meaning of steel, plastic pipe, sand, cement, stone, which is? How to determine
That is, in the fixed direct costs in the artificial, mechanical, "material" in the "material" is not included
Q:What refractory material can withstand more than 2100 degrees high temperature
Refractory refractoriness: magnesia bricks: more than 2000 degrees dolomite brick: more than 2000 degrees cast corundum brick: greater than the 1990 degree of the edge of the gallop of the old insects tame the paste as you described, the use of quartz sand and refractory cement mixed furnace Can work at 200 degrees for some time. But the fire resistance of quartz sand products generally only about 1600-1700. Then more than three kinds of refractory fire resistance are higher than the quartz sand about 300 degrees, you should be enough to use.
Q:Will the master magnetic ring and coral sand filter material can be used to replace how long
Asked: Some people say that boiled with boiling water can use ah, is it? Answer: No, is to be cleaned and disinfected, generally only repeated use of 3 to 5 times, especially coral sand
Q:Absolutely not upstairs to say that the quality of these two kinds of sand is completely different
High temperature resistant materials include refractory and heat resistant materials, inorganic compounds, and polymer materials
Our company has quite a wide range of business scope, mainly including mica, vermiculite, quartz, carborundum, colored sand, kaolin, medical stone, tourmaline, cobble stone, and marble etc. In addition to selling products well in domestic big cities, our products such as vermiculite and mica also sell well in Japan, Korea, America, India, Russia and other international markets. We are honored by users at home and abroad for the high quality products and rich supply of goods in time.

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