Silica Powder Sand

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Packaging & Delivery of Silica Powder Sand
Packaging Detail: 25KG/BAG
Delivery Detail: ASAP


Specifications of Silica Powder Sand
Use in abrasive, glasswork, cast steel, precision foundry,sand blasting, remove rust, charging, refractory, pesticide use, rubbe

Fused Silica is made of high purity Chinese crystal Silica by electrically fusing (fusing temperature 1800-2000 degrees centigrade) to amorphous Silicon dioxide, then by alumina ball mill grinding, unique air classifying, screening, magnetic and other impurity seperating techonology, designed for EMC and other electrical application.

Use in abrasive, glasswork, cast steel, precision foundry,sand blasting, remove rust, charging, refractory, pesticide use, rubber,dope, waterproof, antisepticise, abrasive ground, made ground, water treat, felt and so on.


Special features of Silica Powder Sand
Very low coefficient of thermal expansion
Excellent conductivity and Electrical property
Pure(high SiO2 content, low Fe, Na, K & Ti)
High Whiteness
High Hardness, good wearable


Chemical Composition of Silica Powder Sand

SiO2: 99.95% Al2O3: 200ppm Max
Fe2O3: 50ppm Max Na2O: 40ppm
K2O: 40ppm CaO: 40ppm
MGO: 30ppm ZrO2: 35ppm
TiO2: 15ppm MnO: 3ppm
CuO: 5ppm Cr2O3: 10ppm
BaO: 10ppm


Physical Properties of Silica Powder Sand

Specific Gravity: 2.21 Hardness(Mohs): 7.0
pH: 5-7 Magnetics: 20ppm Cristobalite: 0.1%


Size Available of Silica Powder Sand

(1) Cullet 10-60mm
(2) Gramules
4/20 mesh, 50/100 mesh, 100/200 mesh
10/30 mesh, 30/50 mesh, 50/100 mesh, 120 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh


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Q:What is the difference between gray sand brick and cement brick?
Lime sand brick is basically solid and mostly autoclaved and cement brick is a direct mold of the common is the cement brick
Q:What are the grinding tools and specifications of the grinding wheel? Are just grinding A3 and 45 # material iron, seeking expert advice!
With 45-60 white jade wheel, grinding process to open the coolant, or the cost of grinding wheel.
Q:The general sand bulk density, surface load and other parameters is how much? Hurry
No cohesion between the particles, the nature of loose, mainly from 0075 to 2 mm of particles composed of plastic-free soil According to the particle size can be divided into coarse sand, sand, fine sand and silt The main mineral composition is quartz, feldspar, mica Sandy soil is exposed to the surface of the various types of rock by physical weathering broken, and then by mechanical handling, abrasion, sorting, accumulation made Pure sand, such as quartz sand, must also be caused by the action of chemical decomposition of unstable minerals Pure sand is an important building material Sandy soil is not adhesive and plastic, but highly permeable Sandy soil is a good aquifer For the construction of the foundation easy to compact, the settlement is small, but in the head and dynamic load, the silt may occur pipe and liquefaction and other adverse engineering geological phenomenon The natural density of sandy soil is the main factor controlling its engineering geological properties According to the degree of density can be divided into loose sand, dense sand and dense sand Sandy soils in Quaternary sediments, as well as modern coastal, river, lake, desert areas with a wide distribution of sandy soil: it has a certain number of coarse-grained groups, so that the roadbed with sufficient strength and water stability, But also to maintain a certain amount of fine particles, so that the soil has a certain viscosity, and will not be too loose The particle composition of the sandy soil is close to the optimum gradation Therefore, the sandy soil construction of the roadbed to adapt to the compaction when driving, can form a solid foundation of the roadbed, rain is not muddy, sunny without dust
Q:Roof waterproof paint pellets protection layer What is the specific material, how to do?
According to the type of waterproof layer and the use of different functions, roof waterproof layer of the protective layer can be divided into structural protection layer and additional protective layer two categories. The protective layer of the structure includes a thermal insulation layer, a swimming pool and a protective layer, a roof garden, a planting, and the like, and the protective layer and the use function of the waterproof layer are taken into account. The additional protective layer is generally used for not on the roof, including the adhesion of mineral particles, coating waterproof layer coated with light coating, iron will be a protective layer.
Q:Each side 1: 3 cement mortar with cement how many kilograms
Each side 1: 3 cement mortar with cement 435 kg. Generally speaking, 1: 3 cement mortar is 1 part of cement and 3 copies of sand with the actual neglect of the water composition, the general water in the 0.6 or so ratio, that should be 1: 3: 0.. cement mortar density of 2000kg / M3. The quality of each cement mortar = 2000kg, the quality of cement required: 2000x1 / (1 +3 + 0.6) = 4.6 = 435kg = 435 kg.
Q:What kind of sand is the industrial license of building materials containing sand?
The use of sand is very broad: it is used in the construction, repair, filtration, farming landscaping, when the smelting of the quick-drying agent, or the manufacture of glass, the main material It contains silicon elements, in the daily life of factory workers wash their hands and feet of soap, cleaning wine bottles, porcelain, metal utensils, jade, silver, etc
Q:Do a building materials processing plant should be how to apply for business license, what procedures need
Go to the county's Trade and Industry Bureau to ask it, will give you a set of materials and the need for your own fill in the material ah, such as capital verification report, the original and a copy of the identity card, housing lease contract, real estate certificate and so on
Q:Can sand in the desert be used as a building material? The The The
the value of the material is not high, are generally local procurement If the transport distance is far, the cost is too high Of course, if one day to dig the river to further increase the harm, legislation completely prohibit the use of river sand, it is possible to achieve the idea of the landlord
Q:Please experts advise, the production of 1 ton of coated sand raw materials, how much each need, about how much cost?
Oh, so the cost is not good to calculate the different price of the original sand is not the same, different ways of production, then the cost is certainly not the same, but the profit is certainly
Q:Absolutely not upstairs to say that the quality of these two kinds of sand is completely different
Refractory material usually refers to the resistance of 1580 ℃ above the temperature of inorganic materials
As a leading company in calcium field in China, it has its own high and stable quality mine and the reserves is 5 billion tons. We can produce quality limestone 6 million tons (CaCO3>=97%,stable), active calcium oxide 1.50 million tons, light calcium carbonate 100 thousand tons and calcium hydroxide 100 thousand tons every year.

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Location Shandong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2008
Annual Output Value
Main Markets 10.00% Oceania
5.00% Africa
5.00% Southeast Asia
Company Certifications ISO9001

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Nearest Port Qingdao,Rizhao
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
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