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CHASSIS MODEL: ZZ4251N3241A1/N Tractor Truck
General Configuration : Golden Prince,336HP,6×4,Europe Ⅱ

Mass ParametersTotal Weight (kg)25000
Rated Loading Weight (kg)
Size ParametersOverall Dimensions (mm)Length6520
Distance between Axles (mm)3225+1350
Performance ParametersMax. Driving Speed (km/h)93
Economic Speed (km/h)70
Recommended ConfigurationEngineWD615.69
Rear AxleHW1279
Oil Tank (L)400
Suspension (front/rear spring)4/5

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Q:What kind of truck speed ratio do heavy truck have? What horsepower segments are used separately?
The common rear axle ratio is 3 to 6. There are wheel side deceleration and single stage deceleration. Generally speaking, the car running at high speed is suitable for single stage deceleration, and the speed ratio between 3 and 4 points. For a long time, it is suitable for a wheel bridge with 5 points and a few speed ratios. Collocation of previous laws, fuel-efficient large horsepower small speed ratio, small horsepower ratio - to ensure strong.
Q:What could drive a tractor?
The application for increasing the number of quasi - driving cars for tractors has obtained more than three years' qualification for driving quasi - medium passenger cars or large freight cars, and has not got full marks in the last two consecutive scoring cycles before the application. Medium passenger cars refer to the B1, and the large trucks refer to the B2.
Q:What's the brand of 4*2 single drive tractor?
Imported brands: MAN, Scania, Benz, Volvo, Hino, Duff, the price of these cars are basically from about 700 thousand onwards, the best reputation should be MAN, Volvo, Benz, scania.
Q:How to clean the electric traction truck everyday?
Change the battery: 1. steps to ensure the tractor stopped; 2. turn off the power switch and pull out the key to open the battery cover; 3.; 4. out of the main power supply plug; 5. remove the main power cable; 6. undo battery limit bolt 7.; the lifting rope is fixed in the battery; 8. will be hanging out on the side of the battery; 9. in the reverse order will be fully charged, or a new battery back.
Q:Why are big horsepower tractors all 6*4?
Because 6 x 4 are generally used to run the mountain road, large load, or poor road conditions, naturally need to carry large horsepower, 26 x 2 double oriented, are generally used to run high-speed logistics, better road conditions
Q:Is the hang (all - or - half) car behind the tractor capable of driving?
The tractor is simply between the front and the carriage is a tool used for traction (which is the front of the vehicle can be separated from the original carriage and other traction carriage, and the carriage can also be detached from the original front by other locomotives traction) large trucks in general (trailer).
Q:How much horsepower is the horsepower of a 30 ton refrigerated truck or semi-trailer?
J6 is the most luxurious model for the time being! The best traction engine, manufactured in Wuxi! China's tractors are similar to those outside the J6! Generally, 1.HOWOO, Hao jun! Shandong heavy duty truck! Howe WO's speed is pretty high! You can speed 110 yards! 2.J6.J5 is the FAW aowei! Support J6, but not many people now! Maybe the price is expensive! ...According to reason, the greater the horsepower, the better, but the mountain road or more horsepower election. If the plain wine is more than 336 horsepower enough. Satisfaction, please adoptIs currently in the sale of the smallest tractor is the liberation of J4R, also is the liberation and a tractor, the car models is the minimum horsepower engine is 137 horsepower, CA6GH1 gasoline engine; it also uses a 180 horsepower and 185 horsepower diesel engine Wuxi models.
Q:What kind of dual drive double tractor is it good for semitrailer?
Dual drive has a very good bearing capacity and driving ability, that is, we often say 6*4 models. In European countries, the general 6*2 model is a little more, that is, the rear axle is double bridge. One of the axles is a lifting bridge, and only one axle is the driving axle.Auman car in the domestic commercial vehicle, should be considered in the second step models (the first step for the liberation and Dongfeng), its biggest feature is the cheap and practical models. The recently launched GTL is also quite good.
Q:What are the types of Container Stacker machines belonging to the internal motor vehicles? Forklift truck? Van? Tow truck? Push cart?
To be exact, it belongs to counterbalanced forklift.
Q:What is the influence of the total quality of the tractor trailer on the actual operation?
The more goods quality greater allowable tensile quasi trailer, but you pay maintenance fees and tolls are much higher. Many people now use large tonnage vehicles to register very low tonnage. This can save money and make more money (but overloading is fine).

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