Geological Exploration Borehole Drilling Machine

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XY-2 hydraulic feed core drill is small and light weighted, mainly used in shallow and medium deep diamond tungsten carbide core drilling, can also be used in engineering geological, hydrogeological, water well and pile grouting hole drilling.

Technical Specifications

Drilling capacity(m)
73 rod
60 rod
50 rod
42 rod
Spindle speed(r/min)


Max torque (Nm)2760
Angle reange0-90°
Spindle max pull force(KN)60
Spindle stroke (mm)600
Hoist max life capacity with single rope (KN)30
Spindle inner dia (mm)76
Oil pumpSCB32/12
Power unit
Electric motor
Diesel engine
Inner dia of spindle (mm)2150×900×1690
Drill body weight (excluding power)(kg)950

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Q:Rotary drilling rig new steel rope appeared a strand of steel wire, what is the reason for the stock?
Manganese phosphating belongs to wear, corrosion, phosphating, automobile transmission, steel gear is through the manganese phosphating treatment, can ensure that the car gear for more than ten years without damage. Phosphating coating of steel wire rope China patent technology production, give priority to the use of manganese or zinc manganese phosphating, and smooth steel wire rope production process comparison, just add the last bonderizing process, steel wire for rope wear resistance and corrosion resistance is greatly improved, the use of direct phosphating steel wire twisting steel wire rope. The fatigue test data show that the fatigue life of the phosphating coating of steel wire rope is about 3-4 times the same structure of domestic smooth steel wire rope, wire rope surface is 2-3 times of imports, (laboratory comparable conditions) with the research on the wear resistance of phosphating, and greatly enhance the possibility, is currently the most advanced technology in the world of steel wire rope field. Manganese phosphating is bonderizing, can solve the problem of wire rope wear during use, smooth wire rope being eliminated, because the phosphating coating steel wire rope in short supply, the more sought after, need to ask a few companies. For reference only
Q:Hole drilling price of rotary drilling machine
Strong weathered formations are often encountered in the Sichuan area, and drilling is not difficult for the Xugong rotary drilling rig! Please consider these questions more!
Q:The rotary drilling drill bit rock weathering by what
The rotary drilling drilling in weathered rock weathering, according to the hardness of the rock to determine what bit.Stainless steel drills are generally used. Especially hard cases with diamond or graphite steel drills.
Q:Which is faster, the reverse circulation rig or the rotary drill?
To contrast, there is also a standard can be compared to, for example, how much aperture, deep
Q:What is a rotary pile?
In China, it is an advanced pile foundation construction technology, which is widely used in recent years. It is widely used in highway, railway, bridge and large building foundation pile construction. In the early days, most of the rotary drilling rigs were imported from Germany and Italy, or Japanese second-hand rotary drilling rigs. In recent years, with the Qinghai Tibet railway, Beijing bird's nest and other projects to promote the influx of foreign brands, China's similar products are gradually developed.
Q:What is the essential difference between rotary drilling rig and rotary drilling rig?
English is rotary drilling rotary drill rig, in addition to the configuration of various rotary bucket operation, installation of casing drilling, with rolling tube device and grab for will casing construction; with telescopic guide rod grab underground continuous wall construction, with DTH of hard rock crushing construction; operation device can also be replaced for jet construction and circulation of construction; construction of pile foundation can also configure other forms of hydraulic hammer, diesel hammer etc..
Q:How a rotary drilling rig
You are not open rotary drill, the dray and digging machine is the same.
Q:220 rotary drilling rig can adapt to what kind of soil?
Sand soil, cohesive soil, silty soil layer, different manufacturers will also have different performance, but also into the rock capacity
Q:Is the rig operator tired?
Small size, light weight, easy operation and convenient maintenance. Gear type pneumatic motor with stable operation and high reliability. The design of a new type of glass reinforced plastic air leg is of high reliability and long service life.
Q:My rotary drilling rig has broken several rotary drilling pipes. Is it my drill pipe or the reason of my rig?
Hello, this is a lot of reasons, 1. may be man-made problems, 2. can also check the machine, 3. can check the drill pipe 4., to see if the geological suitability of your choice of drilling rod

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