Geological Exploration Borehole Drilling Machine

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XY-2 hydraulic feed core drill is small and light weighted, mainly used in shallow and medium deep diamond tungsten carbide core drilling, can also be used in engineering geological, hydrogeological, water well and pile grouting hole drilling.

Technical Specifications

Drilling capacity(m)
73 rod
60 rod
50 rod
42 rod
Spindle speed(r/min)


Max torque (Nm)2760
Angle reange0-90°
Spindle max pull force(KN)60
Spindle stroke (mm)600
Hoist max life capacity with single rope (KN)30
Spindle inner dia (mm)76
Oil pumpSCB32/12
Power unit
Electric motor
Diesel engine
Inner dia of spindle (mm)2150×900×1690
Drill body weight (excluding power)(kg)950

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Q:Why is the rotary drilling rig put into the steel cage before pouring?
Because the steel bar is not properly installed first, it must be easier to put the steel cage first. The CFA method is very special, is through a hollow pipe concrete long spiral, if you pull out the long spiral after reperfusion may hole collapse, there will be holes in the soil sediment, not net, so through the middle of the air directly to the bottom of cast-in-place concrete
Q:200 rig footage every day how many meters
What stratum? What about piles? Full sticky mud, 1 meters, 60 meters deep, up to 3 hours a, fastest 2 hours,
Q:What is the minimum diameter of a bored pile?
The diameter of the bored pile is 310~870 mm, and the diameter is 500, 600 and 700 millimeters. The length of pile is determined according to the pile end resistance and the characteristics of the pile side resistance, the thickness of soil layer and the diameter of pile!.
Q:What material steel pipe do the drill pipe use?
Commonly used materials for geological drill pipe are DZ40, DZ50, DZ60, R780 and other geological drilling seamless steel pipe. Seamless steel pipe for drilling pipe, which is used for petroleum drilling pipe in petroleum industry. General parameters of seamless steel pipe for drilling rod.
Q:My rotary drilling rig has broken several rotary drilling pipes. Is it my drill pipe or the reason of my rig?
To Wuhan Geological Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. to buy drill bar.
Q:How about the speed of rotary drilling rig?
Matlock spiral drill quickly. A bit slower for the auger rig
Q:Is the rotary drilling rig driven by electricity?
Rotary drilling rig is generally used 330 crawler excavator chassis and on the train, and then modified two times.
Q:What happened to the black smoke from the exhaust pipe of the rotary drilling rig?
Lack of cylinder, cylinder, work or work to check the spark plug and ignition coil work, no change in the spark plug phenomenon, accompanied by hair shaking and force, foot relatively failure
Q:What kinds of rock entry models are there in the 31 rotary drilling rigs? Request introduction!
31 rotary drilling machine mainly has the following several types: the traditional models are mainly SR150C, SR200C, SR220C, SR250, SR280R, SR280 two, SR360 three, SR420, SR4602014 31 new models: C8 series rotary drilling rig SR285RC8, SR315RC8, SR385RC8.
Q:For different geological conditions, how to choose rotary drilling, rotary drilling, impact drilling?
Such a soil condition, it is not recommended to use rotary drilling rig. The upper soil can be drilled with a rotary drill, and an impact drill can be used after the formation of rock.

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