Semi-moving crushing station used on open mining

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Semi-moving crushing station is a common crushing system offering solutions for crushing various ores and lump-sized materials for mine smelting industry, building material industry, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries.


Depending on the different crushing equipment applied, this crushing systems comes in several types like crushing station with toothed roll crusher, crushing station with toothed roll crusher and screening facilities, and crushing station with jaw crusher.


Our semi-moving crushing stations are designed and supplied incorporating new patent technology for workface mining applications. Low cost and compact type engineering solutions have been applied for this product and particular emphasis has been given to the flexibility of the equipment and its related systems. The system has the capacity ranging from 500 to 5000 tons per hour. It can be custom engineered and made to order to suit the client’s needs and actual operation conditions.


The main customers of this product include China coal Pingshuo Group co. Ltd.

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Q:How can a cone crusher achieve the optimum crushing state?
Do the daily maintenance of cone crusher: such as bearing and horizontal axis lubrication, triangle belt adjustment, thrust bearing, gear clearance inspection inspection, the body part of the bolt fastening, lubrication and adjustment of tubing protection, as long as seriously according to the requirements of the inspection, adjustment, lubrication, fastening, replacement, cleaning door, can ensure the best performance of the crusher work
Q:What is the crushing strength of Xuan Wuyan?
The counterattack crusher is divided into single rotor reverse breaker, double rotor reverse breaker and single segment hammer type anti cracking machine and compound shaping anti break.
Q:What does the crusher mean?
Roll crusher:The crushed material is subjected to a continuous crushing action in the crevice between the two opposing rollers, but also has a grinding action to cause the ore to break. If the roll surface is tooth shaped, the crushing is mainly caused by crushing the ore.
Q:What are some common crushing methods for crusher?
Crush crushing, impact crushing, impact crushing, others are not known
Q:What should I pay attention to in the test run of jaw crusher?
No-load test run: (1) jaw crusher continuous operation for 2 hours, bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30 degrees celsius. (2) crusher all fasteners should be firmly without loosening. (3) the flywheel and groove wheel run smoothly. (4) all the crusher parts without friction abrasion, and grinding away quietly, all normal sound. (5) the adjusting device of the jaw crusher's discharge port should ensure the adjusting range of the discharge port. On load test run: (1) jaw crusher shall not have periodic or significant impact, impact sound. (2) the maximum feed size shall be in accordance with the design requirements. (3) continuous operation for 8 hours, bearing temperature shall not exceed 30 degrees celsius. (4) the crushing capacity and product size of the crusher shall comply with the design requirements. (5) there is no obvious movement between the adjusting seat and the frame.
Q:What is the function of the toothed plate of the crusher?
The toothed plate of a crusher is divided into a fixed toothed plate and a movable toothed plate, and a crusher toothed plate is a tool for crushing materials, and is the main component of the crusher. For example, jaw crusher operation state, the movable jaw attached to a movable jaw plate made of compound pendulum movement, forming an angle extrusion stone and fixed jaw plate. Therefore, the tooth plate is also broken parts in the crusher which is easy to damage (short: wearing parts).
Q:How to replace lining board of cone crusher
Before casting the zinc alloy, the gap should be blocked tightly with clay or asbestos to prevent the outflow of zinc alloy. When pouring, the alloy is not allowed to damp on the surface of the alloy contact, otherwise it will cause explosion. Therefore, to conduct, in order to shorten the time of preheating or drying before casting (without preheating), used in contact with the surface coated with a layer of oil solution, and then casting using special tools; after casting, the lining plate and tighten the fastening bolts again.
Q:Where is the crusher used?
In the past, the limestone crusher also used jaw crusher, but now basically no, the production capacity is too small.
Q:300 x 500 crusher with large motor
22-6, and 30-6, the material is hard to use 30-6,Conventional 30KW motors are equipped
Q:What is the working principle of the pop top crusher? What are the specifications and models?
Cans of crusher many models, are generally distinguished according to the amount of processing, it can get rich crusher, models HF-600, HF-800, HF-900, HF-1000, HF-1300A, HF-1300B, HF-1600A, HF-1600B, HF-2000A and HF-2000B, which do not know you can ask me

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