XY-44C Core Drilling Machine Of Spindle Type (1000m water well)

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XY-44C Core Drilling MachineOf Spindle Type (1000m water well)


   TheXY-44C Bore Pile Drilling Machine is developed and designed newly based onXY-4,

XY-44 drilling rig of thousandmeters by Chongqing Exploration Machinery Factory.

◊     Itis suitable for large and small caliber of core drilling with diamond, tungstencarbide bits, andengineering geological technology, hydrology, water wells andlarge-caliber engineering construction hole drilling.


 1.   Reasonablestructure, light weight

 2.  Large capacity drilling, wide range of performance, goodversatility, and better quality.

  3.  Thewhole drilling equipment can be moved in whole, increasing drilling efficiencyand reducing labor intensity.

 4.  Having mast landing and folded function, it is easy to walkand transport.

  5.  Thedrilling rig is spindle type, mechanical transmission, hydraulic feeding, andhydraulic clampingdrilling tool. When rotary drilling it can carry out alloy-bit drilling anddiamond drilling. When impact drilling it can achieveimpact—vibration casing while drilling.

Technical Specifications:


Drilling depth( m )


Spindle speed (r/min)





Max. spindle torque(Nm)


Spindle stroke (mm)


Inner diameter of spindle (mm)


Max. pull/push force(KN)


Max. hoisting force (single wire rope(KN)


Hoisting speed(the third layer)(m/s)


Drum capacity and wire rope dia.)(m)

17.5mm(170kg/mm2)110 m

18.5mm(170kg/mm2)90 m

Speed of water brake (r/min)


Water brake balance speed of single rope / single rope balancing  load


Rated pressure of hydraulic system(Mpa)


Driving stem

Driving stemΦ89×79×6000mm

Power unit

Electric motor

Y225S-4 37Kw 1480r/min

Diesel engine

R4105G54 42Kw 1480r/min

Diesel enige

YC4108ZD 50Kw 1500r/min

Weight(excluding power unit) (kg)


Max. detachable subassembly(kg)


Dimension(LXWXH) (mm)


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Q:The Montreal rotary drilling mud powder special effect is good
My site is based in Northampton, and it feels good
Q:Xugong 220 rotary drilling rig operation instructions who help find
Types of rotary drilling rigThe principle of choosing a rotary drilling rig is to meet the current major engineering requirements of users and to take into account the possible engineering requirements in the future. Rotary drilling rig according to the torque, engine power, hole diameter, hole depth and the quality of the drilling machine can be divided into 3 types: Small - hole diameter 0.5-1m, drilling depth of about 40m, the quality of 40t; medium - 0.8-1.8m hole diameter, hole depth of about 60m, the quality of 65t; large - diameter drilling machine 1-2.5m the drilling depth, 80m.
Q:How should we deal with the abnormal encountered during the construction of rotary drilling and drilling?
When drilling occurs, the situation should be dealt with as soon as possible. No entry of personnel into the drilling hole without protective canister or other protection measures. Must enter the protective measures of drilling, should be confirmed that no harmful gas in the drilling hole, and equipped with anti-virus, anti drowning, buried, and other security measures to ensure access to, and set up a special person responsible for on-site command. For the special geological conditions encountered boulder and dissection in the drilling process, the rotary drilling encountered a sandwich, if we can continue to slow down the drilling speed and drilling requirements, prolong drilling time, increase the proportion of mud was used by. When drilling is stopped for some reasons, sufficient water level and relative density and viscosity of the slurry should be kept in the hole, and the drill bit must be taken out of the hole when dealing with the accident in the hole.
Q:What are the hidden dangers during the construction stage of rotary drilling rig?
You said the dry operation of rotary bored pile is that track rotarydiggingmachine (Sany more) in the hole on the drill directly under the earth, next to a loader pushed the dry soil in time. This caterpillar rotary drilling friction pile in Loess Plateau is appropriate. The water level is low, the length of pile formation Little Rock. The rotary drilling speed, no water, no hole collapse, no wall. But hit the water and rock layer is more trouble.
Q:Is there a need to calculate the construction and transport of the mud pit separately in the budget of the pile driving pile?
Rotary drilling rig is the first barrel type rotary drill through the bottom valve with broken rock and soil, and directly in the drilling bucket, and then by the rig hoisting device and drill rod of the drilling bucket dumping hole is proposed, so the cycle, constantly borrow dump, until the drill to the design depth. For the good cohesive rock soil layer, dry or clear water drilling technology can be adopted, without mud wall protection. For loose and easy to collapse formations, or groundwater distribution, unstable wall, it is necessary to use static mud wall drilling technology, and put in protective wall slurry or stabilizing liquid into the hole.
Q:Rotarydiggingmachine life
Article sixtieth of the regulations on the implementation of the enterprise income tax law, in addition to the provisions of the financial and tax authorities under the State Council, the minimum amount of depreciation for fixed assets shall be as follows:(a) housing and buildings for 20 years;(two) aircraft, trains, ships, machinery, machinery and other production equipment for 10 years;(three) appliances, tools, furniture and so on related to the production and operation activities, for 5 years;(four) aircraft, trains, ships and other means of transport for 4 years;
Q:How many times a day will the drilling machine be used?
Look at the actual situation, usually of rotary drilling rig, such as diameter 120cm length of 30 meters, the geological conditions in general, 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. You can calculate the amount of work done every day.
Q:How is the construction of rotary drilling and piling machine built on the floor?
Pile driver is composed of pile hammer, pile support and auxiliary equipment. The pile hammer is attached to two parallel vertical guide rods (commonly called Longmen) at the front of the pile support and hoisted with lifting hooks. The pile foundation is a steel structure tower with a windlass at the back of which is used to lift the pile and hammer. A guide frame consisting of two guide rods is used in front of the pile to control the direction of the pile driving so that the pile can be accurately penetrated into the formation in accordance with the design orientation. The basic technical parameters of a pile driver are impact weight, impact kinetic energy and impact frequency. According to the motion of the pile hammer power source can be divided into hammer, hammer, diesel hammer, hydraulic hammer etc..
Q:What kind of hydraulic oil is used in XCMG XR220 rotary drilling rig?
Rotarydiggingmachine fever is a normal phenomenon, but if serious account of hydraulic oil filter through the difference, the best choice for Shell Tellus s2m46 oil
Q:How can the drilling rod of rotary drilling rig be telescopic?
The drill rod of the rotary drilling machine is now extended from the lower part of the hoist, the steel wire extends out, and the hoisting rope is retracted. But some rotary drills can be extended either by a crane or by gravity.

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