XY-44C Core Drilling Machine Of Spindle Type (1000m water well)

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XY-44C Core Drilling MachineOf Spindle Type (1000m water well)


   TheXY-44C Bore Pile Drilling Machine is developed and designed newly based onXY-4,

XY-44 drilling rig of thousandmeters by Chongqing Exploration Machinery Factory.

◊     Itis suitable for large and small caliber of core drilling with diamond, tungstencarbide bits, andengineering geological technology, hydrology, water wells andlarge-caliber engineering construction hole drilling.


 1.   Reasonablestructure, light weight

 2.  Large capacity drilling, wide range of performance, goodversatility, and better quality.

  3.  Thewhole drilling equipment can be moved in whole, increasing drilling efficiencyand reducing labor intensity.

 4.  Having mast landing and folded function, it is easy to walkand transport.

  5.  Thedrilling rig is spindle type, mechanical transmission, hydraulic feeding, andhydraulic clampingdrilling tool. When rotary drilling it can carry out alloy-bit drilling anddiamond drilling. When impact drilling it can achieveimpact—vibration casing while drilling.

Technical Specifications:


Drilling depth( m )


Spindle speed (r/min)





Max. spindle torque(Nm)


Spindle stroke (mm)


Inner diameter of spindle (mm)


Max. pull/push force(KN)


Max. hoisting force (single wire rope(KN)


Hoisting speed(the third layer)(m/s)


Drum capacity and wire rope dia.)(m)

17.5mm(170kg/mm2)110 m

18.5mm(170kg/mm2)90 m

Speed of water brake (r/min)


Water brake balance speed of single rope / single rope balancing  load


Rated pressure of hydraulic system(Mpa)


Driving stem

Driving stemΦ89×79×6000mm

Power unit

Electric motor

Y225S-4 37Kw 1480r/min

Diesel engine

R4105G54 42Kw 1480r/min

Diesel enige

YC4108ZD 50Kw 1500r/min

Weight(excluding power unit) (kg)


Max. detachable subassembly(kg)


Dimension(LXWXH) (mm)


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Q:How many litres of oil are usually consumed per hour in a rotary drilling rig?
This is not sure, depends on what type, and when the work is not full power work. +1And you work with the stratum is related, as far as I know, the intelligent drilling machine is still more fuel-efficient, 31, Zhonglian is also good
Q:What are the sizes and sizes of common drilling rigs?
Theoretically, how big holes are needed for construction, and how large the drill bits are. The common basic 200, one unit, 600800, and 160018001500 are also available... The big one is 25002800
Q:Xr220a rotary drilling machine drilling 2 meters hole can reach 80 meters, its maximum drilling depth is 80 meters, the maximum aperture is 2 meters.
You can see the instructions for the use of the machine, especially the geological conditions If the geological conditions are special, even if they can hit, the damage to the machine is also greater!
Q:What is the market prospect of rotary drilling rig?
Domestic rotary drilling rig has a gap compared with foreign or domestic brands, there are 31 rivers, Futian, XCMG, etc., from the ability to see into the rock, in fact almost
Q:Tire type rotary drilling rig, drilling depth of 15 meters, diameter 1.2. This machine is how much money.
Should be OK, that is, the formation of the state must pay attention to, or else good equipment is futile.The estimated domestic product is around 2 million
Q:XCMG XR360 rotary drilling rig generally how much?
5 million 700 thousand standard 508 drill pipe, section five 77 or four Mimo resistance pipe, section 62 meters machine lock, two optional one
Q:The best domestic rotary drilling rig, steel wire rope manufacturer
At present, the domestic and foreign rotary drilling rigs are not equipped with moving pulleys, so the tension of the single rope of the steel wire rope is larger.
Q:What is the difference between bored pile and rotary pile?
The construction methods of mechanical drilling pile and rotary drilling pile are different.
Q:What's the difference between the main oil pump imported from the rotary drilling rig and the home made main pump?
. Under normal circumstances the main hoist is responsible for the drill pipe and the drill bit weight can be, but when the drill will be mud suction and pore wall friction in the air, so the main hoist lifting force of the drill bit and is generally greater than the gravity, sometimes if there are some things above the pressure in the collapse of the drill rod can better reflect the main hoist lift characteristics.
Q:What are the equipments used for bored pile construction?
Impact drills are mainly suitable for drilling in eggs (DRIFTS), stone soil and rock formations. The main equipment can be divided into two categories: one for the drill itself with the whole set of equipment, drilling frame, shock and lifting equipment; simple percussive drill another by double drum hoist with clutch components, the drill frame by simple rods. According to the circulation mode of the mud, the impact drill can be divided into impact positive circulation drilling and impact reverse circulation drilling.

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