XY-44C Core Drilling Machine Of Spindle Type (1000m water well)

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XY-44C Core Drilling MachineOf Spindle Type (1000m water well)


   TheXY-44C Bore Pile Drilling Machine is developed and designed newly based onXY-4,

XY-44 drilling rig of thousandmeters by Chongqing Exploration Machinery Factory.

◊     Itis suitable for large and small caliber of core drilling with diamond, tungstencarbide bits, andengineering geological technology, hydrology, water wells andlarge-caliber engineering construction hole drilling.


 1.   Reasonablestructure, light weight

 2.  Large capacity drilling, wide range of performance, goodversatility, and better quality.

  3.  Thewhole drilling equipment can be moved in whole, increasing drilling efficiencyand reducing labor intensity.

 4.  Having mast landing and folded function, it is easy to walkand transport.

  5.  Thedrilling rig is spindle type, mechanical transmission, hydraulic feeding, andhydraulic clampingdrilling tool. When rotary drilling it can carry out alloy-bit drilling anddiamond drilling. When impact drilling it can achieveimpact—vibration casing while drilling.

Technical Specifications:


Drilling depth( m )


Spindle speed (r/min)





Max. spindle torque(Nm)


Spindle stroke (mm)


Inner diameter of spindle (mm)


Max. pull/push force(KN)


Max. hoisting force (single wire rope(KN)


Hoisting speed(the third layer)(m/s)


Drum capacity and wire rope dia.)(m)

17.5mm(170kg/mm2)110 m

18.5mm(170kg/mm2)90 m

Speed of water brake (r/min)


Water brake balance speed of single rope / single rope balancing  load


Rated pressure of hydraulic system(Mpa)


Driving stem

Driving stemΦ89×79×6000mm

Power unit

Electric motor

Y225S-4 37Kw 1480r/min

Diesel engine

R4105G54 42Kw 1480r/min

Diesel enige

YC4108ZD 50Kw 1500r/min

Weight(excluding power unit) (kg)


Max. detachable subassembly(kg)


Dimension(LXWXH) (mm)


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Q:What brand is the best for rotary drilling machine?
But domestic drilling rigs have high performance price ratio. In the late use, equipment will inevitably fail, and domestic brands of timely service is good.
Q:Rotary drilling rig piling
The hole depth can reach 90 meters maximum rotary drilling rig, played more than 10 meters to 30 meters for building foundation above, for the majority of the viaduct, high-speed railways are, according to the bearing capacity and the design requirements of the formation of uncertainty, all possible. Generally, the pile diameter of rotary excavation is 0.8m, 1M, 1.2m, 1.25,1.5,1.8,2 meters in the majority, 2 meters, 5 also have, or larger and smaller.
Q:Is there a need for slurry retaining wall for rotary drilling cast-in-place pile?
Dry rotary drilling, drilling, drilling into the hole do not need mud, there is water in the hole, it is easy to collapse. Therefore, dry rotary drilling does not require slurry wall protection. In the course of drilling, a wet mud wall is formed on the hole wall by drilling and extruding, and the mud is separated from the ground water.
Q:What kind of hydraulic oil is used in XCMG XR220 rotary drilling rig?
Summer fever is normal, at about 50-60 degrees on the line, the use of hydraulic oil is no problem, check the system has no leakage, and if there is leakage, and then a good hydraulic oil will also be hot.
Q:Is there a need to calculate the construction and transport of the mud pit separately in the budget of the pile driving pile?
Rotary pile: engineering terminology, generally refers to the construction of rotary drilling machine pile type, the full name of rotary drilling pile, engineering referred to as rotary pile. Due to the use of mechanical work, the number of workers is not high, it can save a lot of labor costs.
Q:Kim Taixuan drilling operations and other brands of rotary drilling operation do.
Each manufacturer of rotary drilling rig has its own advantages and disadvantages, the truth is basically interlinked, but need to find out the performance of the machine, but also need a specific practice, you can try,
Q:When the rotary drilling rig is working, how does the rotated soil enter into the slag bucket?
Cyclotron is used drilling mud circulation way out of the mud, in the form of power head of rotary drilling, using powerful torque directly to the soil or gravel and other rotary drilling waste slag mining, and then use the spin bucket hole is put forward quickly out of dry soil. Compared with rotary drilling drilling with high efficiency and less pollution and lower cost.
Q:Current situation of rotary drilling rig in China
Rotary drilling rig industry, due to the 2003 Qinghai Tibet railway project and the Beijing Olympic project led by the market awareness increased rapidly, the market capacity expanded rapidly. The upsurge of market demand has attracted the entry of large construction machinery enterprises in China. 31, XCMG, ZOOMLION and sunward have been involved in it, and have rapidly expanded their market share. Since 2005, the domestic brand rotary drilling rig has basically replaced foreign brands. Since 2006, the sales of rotary drilling have been increasing by leaps and bounds in recent years. Especially in 2009, the domestic rotary drilling rig manufacturing enterprises as many as 30, the introduction of nearly 200 models of products, the market retains nearly 4000 units, the market competition is unprecedented fierce.
Q:Rotary drilling rig how telescopic, I mean, what power so that it extends out of step by level, it extends out in a certain order?
The drill rod of the rotary drilling machine is now extended from the lower part of the hoist, the steel wire extends out, and the hoisting rope is retracted. But some rotary drills can be extended either by a crane or by gravity. It extends in the first order, the next second, and then the third, the last, the fourth, and the fifth. During drilling, it is stretched by gravity and bit by bit with the drilling depth. Rotary drilling rig in the multi-functional areas to improve, and it is not necessary to complex conversion can be converted to another device, it is worth studying.
Q:How can the rotary drilling rig not be pulled out of the ground?
It is better to use Jack jacking up method, that is, the jacking foundation of Jack shall be made next to the pile hole before using a jack so as to prevent the foundation from sinking. There is also a thorough method, that is, excavation method, because the pile hole is not very deep, but it entirely depends on the geology, if the formation is not good, it is limited.

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