MGJ-50L Crawler Drill Rig for Anchoring and Jet-grouting

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MGJ-50L Crawler Drill Rig for Anchoring andJet-grouting


MGJ-50L crawler drill rig for anchoringand jet-grouting is a type of integration of crawler, mud pump and controlpanel based on original MGJ-50 drill rig for anchoring and jet-grouting. Itfeatures long feed stroke, large capacity, easy to operate and move etc. It isbetter idea anchoring drill rig for anchoring bar, consolidating andstrengthening engineering and all other engineering geological drilling.Thedrilling rig is mainly used in soil and rock anchoring, consolidation of roadbase, dam base and retaining wall, and blasting hole drilling and jet-grouting.


1.  The drill rig is withmechanical transmission and hydraulic feed, drill hole dia. is mainly110—130mm(can reach 180mm), drilling capacity 60 m, can drill at any anglebetween horizontal and vertical.

2.  Long feeding stroke reaching2300 mm with 2 m drill rod.

3.  Using with rotation drillingand percussion –rotation drilling, drill efficiently.

4.  Support cylinder, it is easyto adjust the angle of the mast.

5.  With crawler, it is easy andfast to find out the drill hole position.

Main TechnicalSpecifications

1  Power unit

Diesel  engine

ZS1115  15kW 2200r/min

2  Base pre-meter

Drilling  hole dia

130mm  mainly (can reach 180mm)

Drilling  capacity


Drilling  angle

any  angle between vertical and horizontal

Drill  rod

Φ50mm  or Φ73mm; length 2 m

Rated  pull force


Rated  push force


Lifting  speed

0.259  m/s

Max.  torque


3Top-drive head:


mechanical  top-drive head


800  mm (the shortest mast type)


48;88;162;281  r/min,reverse speed:39r/min

4  Oil pump




20+8.1  mL/r

Rate  speed

1500  r/min

Max.  pressure


Working  pressure


5  Crawler



Max.  tow force

27.5  KN

Crawling  speed

1.17  km/h

Crawling  angle

less  than 30°

6  Mud pump



7  Overal dimension

Drilling  vertical hole

L×W×H:  3130×1920×4090

Drilling  horizontal hole(transportation state)

L×W×H:  3550×1920×1820

8  Weight of drill body

excluding  the power unit


Whole  weight


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Q:How to ensure the verticality of rotary drilling rig
To ensure that the verticality should pay attention to what time?:1, drill mast verticality should be controlled within 0.2 degrees.2. The gap between the power head and the drill mast must not be too large.3. The center of the follow-up frame of the drill rod shall be in accordance with the center of the power head.4, not square drill pipe and drill pipe deflection.5, the lower protective cylinder should be vertical.6, bit square box and the central cone cannot skew.7, for the big changes in the bottom, it is recommended to use straight cylindrical bit.
Q:Price of small rotary drilling rig
Tengzhou Kai Ao Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. small rotary drilling rig, piling depth between 1-40 meters, the pile mouth diameter range is 0.2-2.2 meters, the price is: 13.5-68 million between
Q:In the middle of the 220 rotary drilling rig, sometimes the drill pipe slipped down 5~6 meters at work, as if the rope was broken. What's the matter?
If the wire rope drops suddenly, it is the power head faultThe drill pipe suddenly slipped, like the first floor, and the inside of the drill pipe was badly worn
Q:31 rotary drilling rig, 280 pairs of steel wire rope, how long?
The main varieties of steel wire rope with manganese phosphating coating of steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire rope and coated steel wire rope, atmospheric environment, manganese phosphating coating can improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance on the surface of the wire, inhibit the occurrence of fretting fatigue, and large increase in the fatigue life of wire rope, for reference only
Q:When the rotary drilling rig is working, how does the rotated soil enter into the slag bucket?
(1) rotary drilling rig is the soil dust into the drilling bucket by drill pipe and the drill bit rotation and gravity, the soil dust filled with drilling bucket, lifting drill unearthed, so by drilling bucket rotation, soil cut, lifting and unearthed, repeatedly into the hole. According to drilling technology, it is divided into casing drilling method and stable liquid wall drilling method without casing.(3) the rotary drilling rig is mainly composed of operating system, power system, running system and drilling system (guiding column, drill pipe, drilling barrel, long and short spiral rod). Its operating system is mainly controlled by computer and hydraulic transmission. The power system is provided by diesel engine to drill and walk power, and adopts caterpillar type walking system (usually modified by excavator walking system).(4) drilling system is composed of drill bit and drill rod. Drill bit is made up of spiral drill and slag bucket. The drill bit is varied, and different drill bits can be changed according to different geological conditions. The chip type pumping rod drive a rotating drill bit drilling pressure and transfer required torque. The drilling rig is equipped with vertical and horizontal leveling system to ensure the verticality of the bore and to show the depth of the drill tube at any time and to keep abreast of the drilling conditions. The drilling rig has wide application range and high efficiency, and different drill bits can be configured according to different stratum during construction:
Q:How often does the rotary drilling rig do maintenance?
1) each movement shall pay the grease according to the lubrication sign, and the main part of Carter shall be carried out according to Carter's lubrication requirements. For example: turning on the car, slewing bearings and other relatively large parts of the rotation, it must be in the entire rotary surface plus enough butter, each rotation of a certain angle to fill once;2) lubricate the main and auxiliary steel wire rope and butter each share;3) apply grease to the three sides of the mast rail;
Q:How about the speed of rotary drilling rig?
Wylong machinery small piling machine small investment, back to the block, punch holes per hour 6-10
Q:Can rotary drilling machine be used in rock layer?
No, because of the outside! The rock is rather hard, while the rotary drilling rig is suitable for the formation of scattered formations
Q:Construction scheme of rotary pile driver
Process selectionIn the construction of the project, the drilling method of rotary drilling rig and dry hole formation are adopted. Combined with the geological condition of bored pile in this project, many factors, such as large quantity and tight time limit, the backfill bit adopts rotary bucket drill, and the rotary digging sand drill bit is used in the cleaning hole. When rock is embedded, the bucket is drilled by rotary cutting, and the partially drilled sandstone is drilled by rotary auger bit. For some of the more abundant underground water piles, the slurry wall should be used as support, and the larger pile will be supported by steel support.
Q:31 rotary drilling rig electromagnetic valve is what?
The direct current electromagnet voltage is generally 24 volts. The utility model has the advantages that the operation is reliable, the service life is long, the volume is small, but the starting force is smaller than that of the AC electromagnet, and the rectifier device is needed when the DC power supply is not available.In order to improve the reliability and life of solenoid valve in recent years at home and abroad, is widely used in wet electromagnet, the electromagnet and valve push rod without sealing, eliminates the O seal friction ring, the electromagnetic coil outside its direct use of engineering plastic sealing, one metal shell, so as to ensure the insulation, and good heat dissipation, so the impact is small, reliable work, long service life.

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