MGJ-50L Crawler Drill Rig for Anchoring and Jet-grouting

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MGJ-50L Crawler Drill Rig for Anchoring andJet-grouting


MGJ-50L crawler drill rig for anchoringand jet-grouting is a type of integration of crawler, mud pump and controlpanel based on original MGJ-50 drill rig for anchoring and jet-grouting. Itfeatures long feed stroke, large capacity, easy to operate and move etc. It isbetter idea anchoring drill rig for anchoring bar, consolidating andstrengthening engineering and all other engineering geological drilling.Thedrilling rig is mainly used in soil and rock anchoring, consolidation of roadbase, dam base and retaining wall, and blasting hole drilling and jet-grouting.


1.  The drill rig is withmechanical transmission and hydraulic feed, drill hole dia. is mainly110—130mm(can reach 180mm), drilling capacity 60 m, can drill at any anglebetween horizontal and vertical.

2.  Long feeding stroke reaching2300 mm with 2 m drill rod.

3.  Using with rotation drillingand percussion –rotation drilling, drill efficiently.

4.  Support cylinder, it is easyto adjust the angle of the mast.

5.  With crawler, it is easy andfast to find out the drill hole position.

Main TechnicalSpecifications

1  Power unit

Diesel  engine

ZS1115  15kW 2200r/min

2  Base pre-meter

Drilling  hole dia

130mm  mainly (can reach 180mm)

Drilling  capacity


Drilling  angle

any  angle between vertical and horizontal

Drill  rod

Φ50mm  or Φ73mm; length 2 m

Rated  pull force


Rated  push force


Lifting  speed

0.259  m/s

Max.  torque


3Top-drive head:


mechanical  top-drive head


800  mm (the shortest mast type)


48;88;162;281  r/min,reverse speed:39r/min

4  Oil pump




20+8.1  mL/r

Rate  speed

1500  r/min

Max.  pressure


Working  pressure


5  Crawler



Max.  tow force

27.5  KN

Crawling  speed

1.17  km/h

Crawling  angle

less  than 30°

6  Mud pump



7  Overal dimension

Drilling  vertical hole

L×W×H:  3130×1920×4090

Drilling  horizontal hole(transportation state)

L×W×H:  3550×1920×1820

8  Weight of drill body

excluding  the power unit


Whole  weight


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Q:How a rotary drilling rig
Put a piece of iron on the floor after the bucket and the ground, and then use the rope and the rotary drilling rig and pulled the car
Q:How many types of rotary drilling rigs should be used for entering ten meters of weathered sandstone in the rock?
The current domestic rotary drilling rig manufacturers and models are more well-known manufacturers are mainly ZOOMLION, 31 heavy machine, Xugong, CSR, Futian, Shanghai Kim, Tianjin sunward, Bauer, Wujiang geotechnical, Yutong, mainstream rock into the rotary drilling rig has 31 main SR280R into the rock rotary drilling rig, Zoomlion ZR280 360, Xugong, Bauer BG25 into the rock can be, but the price is not high, 31 C8 series rotary recently to participate in the 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition drill SR285RC8/SR385RC8, is said to have ability to exceed the traditional rock entering into the rock type rotary drilling rig.
Q:The overall structure and working principle of rotary excavation?
The mechanical device of rotary drilling rig mainly includes luffing mechanism, mast, main and auxiliary winch, power head, follow-up frame, pressurizing device, drill pipe, drilling tool, etc.. The parallelogram luffing mechanism, self lifting folding mast; automatic detection control of engine power, rotary positioning and safety protection: automatic detection and adjustment of verticality of drill pipe: the new technology of drilling depth preset and monitoring. Color screen display working state parameters, the control adopts pilot control, load sensing, maximize the convenience of operation, sensitivity and safety and comfort, the full realization of human, machine, liquid, electrical integration.
Q:Xr220a rotary drilling machine drilling 2 meters hole can reach 80 meters, its maximum drilling depth is 80 meters, the maximum aperture is 2 meters.
Attention is conditional, and there is the maximum drilling depth is 79 meters, there are 1 meters gap, if you count the drill bucket distance, barely enough.
Q:How should we deal with the abnormal encountered during the construction of rotary drilling and drilling?
When drilling occurs, the situation should be dealt with as soon as possible. No entry of personnel into the drilling hole without protective canister or other protection measures. Must enter the protective measures of drilling, should be confirmed that no harmful gas in the drilling hole, and equipped with anti-virus, anti drowning, buried, and other security measures to ensure access to, and set up a special person responsible for on-site command. For the special geological conditions encountered boulder and dissection in the drilling process, the rotary drilling encountered a sandwich, if we can continue to slow down the drilling speed and drilling requirements, prolong drilling time, increase the proportion of mud was used by. When drilling is stopped for some reasons, sufficient water level and relative density and viscosity of the slurry should be kept in the hole, and the drill bit must be taken out of the hole when dealing with the accident in the hole.
Q:Kim Taixuan drilling operations and other brands of rotary drilling operation do.
Kim said the truth than other manufacturers of machine operation is relatively simple, because the machine is Kim hydromechatronics, many other manufacturers to operate the machines are easy, and the construction efficiency is relatively high in similar products.
Q:Hole drilling price of rotary drilling machine
Strong weathered formations are often encountered in the Sichuan area, and drilling is not difficult for the Xugong rotary drilling rig! Please consider these questions more!
Q:Types of rotary drilling rig
(1) all kinds of slope pile blocks;(2) partial bearing structure pile of building;(3) all kinds of piles with diameters less than 1m are used in urban reconstruction projects;(4) piles for other purposes. Minicomputer market workload coverage rate of more than 30%. Torque 180kN = m, engine power 200kW, drilling diameter 0.8 to 1.8m, drilling depth of about 60m, drilling machine quality of about 65T.
Q:There are several brands of rotarydiggingmachine
Hitachi: Japanese brands, excavator sales is also very big, general can also assemble. (HITACH)Advantages: mechanical matching in general, hydraulic systems in general, flexible movements, generally durable, maintain value in general, the use of cost in general, fuel consumption in general, the strength of the middle, the price is about 3-5 cheaper than komatsu.Disadvantages: not durable, more, after two or three years of serious oil spill, mainly high water temperature or hydraulic system, the No. 20 machine for four missing engine, it is to increase the displacement of the lack of strength reduction, not dare to use, the general price of second-hand car.Kobelco: Japanese brands, sales of large, general can also be assembled. (KOBELCO)Advantages: down payment, fuel-efficient. Good color.Shortcomings; not strong, durable, four cylinder diesel engine overhaul after a very poor quality, only dry earth live, because does not have the strength, is certainly not good for put all sorts of things together.Volvo: good brand, big sales, good reputation, the overall good, assembled. (VOLVO)Advantages: good safety performance, luxury. Fuel efficient and fast.Disadvantages: Volvo new machine can be, but domestic serious, more fragile, not enough thick, two mobile phone price is low, not good sell.Doosan: Korean brand, integrated more moderate, imported machines are low grade products, assembled. (DOOSAN)Advantages: low price, -8 series low fuel consumption. All kinds of projects are available.Disadvantages: the product quality is lower than the average price, moderate price, moderate quality, and poor after-sale. Low inflation.
Q:Rotary drilling rig when piling, the drill bit off the hole in the pile, how to fish ah?
A winch, a lifter, uses a drill rod to wrap the wire rope into the drill bit, stabilize the drill rod, pull the wire rope, break the fuse, and tighten the small head on the drill bit. Lifting bit.

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