MGJ-50L Crawler Drill Rig for Anchoring and Jet-grouting

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MGJ-50L Crawler Drill Rig for Anchoring andJet-grouting


MGJ-50L crawler drill rig for anchoringand jet-grouting is a type of integration of crawler, mud pump and controlpanel based on original MGJ-50 drill rig for anchoring and jet-grouting. Itfeatures long feed stroke, large capacity, easy to operate and move etc. It isbetter idea anchoring drill rig for anchoring bar, consolidating andstrengthening engineering and all other engineering geological drilling.Thedrilling rig is mainly used in soil and rock anchoring, consolidation of roadbase, dam base and retaining wall, and blasting hole drilling and jet-grouting.


1.  The drill rig is withmechanical transmission and hydraulic feed, drill hole dia. is mainly110—130mm(can reach 180mm), drilling capacity 60 m, can drill at any anglebetween horizontal and vertical.

2.  Long feeding stroke reaching2300 mm with 2 m drill rod.

3.  Using with rotation drillingand percussion –rotation drilling, drill efficiently.

4.  Support cylinder, it is easyto adjust the angle of the mast.

5.  With crawler, it is easy andfast to find out the drill hole position.

Main TechnicalSpecifications

1  Power unit

Diesel  engine

ZS1115  15kW 2200r/min

2  Base pre-meter

Drilling  hole dia

130mm  mainly (can reach 180mm)

Drilling  capacity


Drilling  angle

any  angle between vertical and horizontal

Drill  rod

Φ50mm  or Φ73mm; length 2 m

Rated  pull force


Rated  push force


Lifting  speed

0.259  m/s

Max.  torque


3Top-drive head:


mechanical  top-drive head


800  mm (the shortest mast type)


48;88;162;281  r/min,reverse speed:39r/min

4  Oil pump




20+8.1  mL/r

Rate  speed

1500  r/min

Max.  pressure


Working  pressure


5  Crawler



Max.  tow force

27.5  KN

Crawling  speed

1.17  km/h

Crawling  angle

less  than 30°

6  Mud pump



7  Overal dimension

Drilling  vertical hole

L×W×H:  3130×1920×4090

Drilling  horizontal hole(transportation state)

L×W×H:  3550×1920×1820

8  Weight of drill body

excluding  the power unit


Whole  weight


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Q:What are the sizes and sizes of common drilling rigs?
Theoretically, how big holes are needed for construction, and how large the drill bits are. The common basic 200, one unit, 600800, and 160018001500 are also available... The big one is 25002800
Q:Attention problems of rotary drilling rig
Lubrication of slewing support gearThe supporting tooth surface shall be regularly removed and coated with the corresponding grease. Incorrect lubrication may cause damage to the slewing mechanism. When the grease in the slewing gear chamber is too long, the stirring loss will be increased and the deterioration of the grease will be accelerated. Deterioration of the grease will cause damage to the pinion and inner ring of the slewing gear. A shortage of grease leads to a deterioration in the lubrication of the gears. To avoid damage, make sure that the amount of grease added to the swing support is correct.
Q:How many litres of oil are usually consumed per hour in a rotary drilling rig?
This is not sure, depends on what type, and when the work is not full power work.
Q:What brand of rotary drill is good?
Rotarydrilling not only buy quality, is to buy customer service, domestic rotary drill is Futian leiwo
Q:Working life of rotary drilling rig
The number of total construction meters you have no way to answer, one day a rotary drilling stem two, three hundred meters to tens of meters are met, the weather situation of non visible suspension, or because of the project department, such as the human shutdown can avoid has probably worthwhile. There is no average monthly number of meters.
Q:On the cleaning of rotary drilling rig
Or pump in the mud to clear the holeAfter the end of the hole pile hole drill, will increase 10 20m, using a large amount of pump pump performance meet the new requirements of the mud, and maintain the normal circulation of more than 30min, a clear hole end condition: Pan orifice mud hand twist basic block slag, measured the hole depth and the actual drilling depth error in 30 when in.Test of deposit thickness (friction pile 300mm), mud index (relative density: 1.03 ~ 1.10; viscosity: 17 ~ 20Pa.s; the sand rate < 2%) to meet the design requirements before the proposed drilling rig
Q:What's the difference between rotary drilling rig and rotary drilling rig? What's the model?
Drill pipe: the drill pipe of the rotary rig is 3 meters per section, and the section of the rotary drilling rig is telescopic. It is in place
Q:How much does a rotary rig for Sany cost? A?
Why is the price will appear in the same type of price is not the same situation at the time of the purchase of 31 of the rotary drilling rig? It is because it differs from other configurations, such as hydraulic motor, Rexroth, PARKER, and domestic. There is a speed reducer, Rexroth, BREVINI, domestic, which made the configuration of low price.
Q:What is the minimum drilling diameter of the Sany SR150C rotary drilling rig?
Sany, founded in 1994 by the 31 group, Limited by Share Ltd, has broken through the traditional "phobia" of the Chinese people, and has stood up to the rapid rise of independent innovation. In July 3, 2003, Sany listed on the A shares (Stock Code: 600031); July 2011, Sany to $21 billion 584 million in market capitalization topped the British "Financial Times" the world's top 500, is so far the only list of China machinery enterprises; in January 2012, Sany acquired the "first world brand" concrete Putzmeister Germany (Putzmeister), changed the global competition pattern
Q:220 rotary drilling rig can adapt to what kind of soil?
Rotary drilling rig is a kind of construction machine suitable for drilling operation in building foundation engineering. It is mainly suitable for construction of sandy soil, cohesive soil and silty soil

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