General Rubber Sheet -conveyor belt series

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Product Description:

product description:

Description: With middle pressure, this product has good performance of water-proof, anti-impact and                                    


Application: apply to the manufacture of kinds of sealing buffer washer, rubber mat, seals and the decoration

and pavement of ground, etc.


1.with proper rigidity, it is able to keep stable circle

2. band edge and good sealing at connection point

3. anti-fatigue, anti-abrasion and with good carrying capacity

Note: According to the different requirements of our clients, we also can design and manufacture Styrene-butadiene rubber sheet, oil-resistant rubber sheet, anti-abrasion rubber sheet, acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet, and rubber sheet with no-woven cloth.

product feature:

apply to the manufacture of kinds of sealing buffer washer, rubber mat, seals and the decoration

and pavement of ground, etc.

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Q:Line drawing in workshop floor? How to implement? With what method? Economy is durable and easy to change!
Not crossed, but with rubber leather, after the verdict, you can fix the ground.
Q:Classification of vulcanizing press
According to the structure, can be divided into1, according to the structure of the rack is divided into: column, frame, side plate, rod type, rotary flat vulcanizing machine2, according to the heating plate heating layer is divided into: single layer and multilayer type flat vulcanizing machine3, according to the number of hydraulic cylinders are divided into: single hydraulic cylinder and multi hydraulic cylinder type flat vulcanizing machine4, according to the location of the hydraulic cylinder is divided into: upper cylinder and lower cylinder type flat vulcanizing machine; vertical and horizontal horizontal vulcanizing press.
Q:What kind of material does the oil resistant rubber sheet have?
For raw rubber, halogenated butyl is very soft (it will occur in the summer cold flow, that is, the block will be affected by gravity flow slowly), in addition, acrylic rubber is also relatively soft, and can be pressed by hand out of the pit. There is also a new type of rubber: ethylene, vinyl acetate, rubber is also very soft. The above is the general situation, the original glue according to the molecular weight difference, hard and soft will also have the very big difference. Liquid rubber, for example, is liquid.
Q:Buried in the underground water pipes leaking how to do?
Buried pipes leaking in the ground, you can take two measures to deal with. The first point to Water Leakage dug, all the pipelines leak out, and below the pipeline to be exposed is not less than 20 cm in height, convenient operation
Q:How long is the rubber sheet 5mm?
Rubber plate English translation: rubber slab; rubber sheet rubber as the main material (available with fabric, metal sheet and other reinforcing material), obtained by curing and with a certain thickness and a larger area of sheet products, referred to as the plastic sheet. Rubber board has higher hardness, physical and mechanical properties in general, can be in the pressure is not small, the temperature of 20 degrees ~+140 degrees of air work. The rubber plate is made of rubber compound by calendering, laminating, forming or extruding, which is cured by vulcanizing with a flat press machine or by vulcanizing with a drum vulcanizing machine. Color: black, grey, green, blue, etc.. Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, transportation departments and housing, ground and so on. Used as sealing aprons, pads, door and window seals and laying tables and floors.
Q:Does the semi vulcanized layer of the roller rubber wear-resisting rubber plate really increase the adhesive force of the glue?
If you use the glue is ordinary repair glue, whether you use a half vulcanized layer or ordinary rubber plywood, the effect is the same. Do not ask too high, but also to improve the adhesive glue relay, can guarantee that it is good, ha. Choose things, do not follow the trend of chaos, and more understanding of some better.
Q:Can asbestos rubber boards be replaced by red cardboard?
No, asbestos rubber sheet and red paperboard are two concepts. Of course, the premise is that you have to know the asbestos rubber sheet standard, minimum 200 degrees Celsius, red paperboard is not possible. Not from this point alone.
Q:How much is 15 mm thick rubber sheet per square meter?
In particular, the adhesive layer is provided with a blue CN adhesive layer, and when the glue is coated, no sanding treatment is needed, thereby reducing the working intensity and improving the work efficiency. It can save a lot of time for cold roll wrap. Because the weight of the rubber sheet is relatively light, the workers can save much effort in the operation, and the work is relatively convenient.
Q:How much is the rubber sheet covered with two times dust?
Industrial plywood one square metre 30 yuan or so (quality is bad or bad)Rubber floor, a square meter paving finished domestic 220 yuan or so, imports of about 460 yuan
Q:Special rubber sheet for pre printed carton
The resin version is a more economical choice. The carton can be printed 80 lines to meet most of the needs!

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