Rubber Mat -Sheet for Livestock

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Product Description:

product description:

Description: This product is widely applied to the horse stall, with the feature of anti-skid, anti-wet,                                                        

product feature:

high wear resistance, high abrasion and it is easy to clean up.

Technical Data:

Specific Gravity: 1.2~1.6g/cm3, Tensile Strength: 2.5~15 Mpa, Elongation at break:

200%~300%; Hardness: 60°±5°

Application: farm, horse stall, cowshed and pasture, etc

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Q:EPDM what's the difference between the obturator and the open rubber?
The spongy rubber sheet is a spongy, porous structure of vulcanized rubber. There are openings, closed cells, mixed holes of the points. Light, soft, elastic and difficult to heat transfer. The utility model has the functions of shock prevention, shock relief, heat insulation, sound insulation, etc..
Q:What filler can be added in butyl rubber does not affect density and damping
After the construction of the body steel plate, mainly play a role in restraining resonance and obstructing noise. Sound insulation cotton is generally rubber and plastic material, closed cell design, mainly for sound-absorbing. Construction and vibration pad general use at the same time, the construction of vibration pad first affixed, and then the surface of the vibration pad and then paste the sound barrier cotton.
Q:What is the specific weight of the industrial rubber sheet?
The lower the density of the product, the higher the gum content and the better quality! The average density is between 1.1--1.7!! Too much density; too much filling!
Q:What's epoxy in deck dressing? People tell me is a floor, 50 tons in case?
Epoxy, epoxy resin is referred to, is a kind of industrial adhesive is commonly known as the adhesive, both sides can brush, to be slightly dry for about 10 minutes, it is not glue, also don't use glue.
Q:What is a non asbestos rubber sheet?
As the non asbestos material is too expensive, so it came out, non asbestos can replace asbestos free, cheap.
Q:Buried in the underground water pipes leaking how to do?
Buried pipes leaking in the ground, you can take two measures to deal with. The first point to Water Leakage dug, all the pipelines leak out, and below the pipeline to be exposed is not less than 20 cm in height, convenient operation
Q:What is the maximum withstand voltage of high voltage insulation board?
The highest withstand voltage of high voltage insulation board is 43KV. The high voltage insulation plate works normally in the 660V state.
Q:Antistatic rubber sheet, which is cheaper?
Domestic scale is relatively large, industry reputation is good, good product quality, good service, specializing in the production and sale of anti-static rubber plate, to provide a comprehensive anti-static rubber plate solutions
Q:What is the shear strength of general industrial rubber sheets?
The strength of industrial rubber sheet is divided into 7 grades, the highest grade, tensile strength is 17MPa, there is no shear strength index. Approximate calculation, shear strength is also taken 17MPa: theoretical blanking force = 17*6*20*3.14 = 6406 (N) =0.65 tons.
Q:What is a fluorine rubber board?
Black in colorThe product has the characteristics of good aging resistance, high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, oil resistance, high vacuum resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and a variety of chemicals.The product can be used in air or oil or acid (base) 30% medium under the temperature of -20~+300 degrees centigrade, and it is used for punching various gasket and backing plate.

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