Rubber Mat -Sheet for Livestock

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Product Description:

product description:

Description: This product is widely applied to the horse stall, with the feature of anti-skid, anti-wet,                                                        

product feature:

high wear resistance, high abrasion and it is easy to clean up.

Technical Data:

Specific Gravity: 1.2~1.6g/cm3, Tensile Strength: 2.5~15 Mpa, Elongation at break:

200%~300%; Hardness: 60°±5°

Application: farm, horse stall, cowshed and pasture, etc

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Q:How can the seal not leak?
Suggest that you use cf-2000 high efficient compound waterproof agent in flange joints, than the seal rubber board, economical, and good waterproof, and will not rot. Better durability.
Q:What's epoxy in deck dressing? People tell me is a floor, 50 tons in case?
Should be leveling and strengthening use. I don't know. What's your light dressing? Is it an expanded perlite? If there is not a single layer of epoxy, directly laying rubber sheet, it may be the following light dressing trampled.
Q:How do you put the fridge in the ground?
Because if the refrigerator is placed uneven, when the compressor starts, works and stops, it will produce vibration and noise, so as to speed up mechanical damage and shorten the service life of refrigerators. If the refrigerator is placed on the ground uneven, you can adjust the bottom of the refrigerator box feet screws, so that the refrigerator is laid flat, the compressor noise at work is minimal.
Q:I'd like to glue the rubber sheets. What's the best glue?
In addition to understanding the scope of adhesion, but also to understand whether the bonding strength can reach the standard. For cold vulcanization adhesive dock, coal mine, power plant and roller conveyor belt repair plastic bags, these industrial units due to objective conditions, the transport intensity, therefore have higher requirements on the adhesive material, it also reflects the bonding strength of cold curing adhesive.
Q:What kinds of fish in the fish plate skateboard rubber brush plate is not a street skateboard
Start walking if the proposed long board, brand justice, high price for domestic, imported or domestic are similar to the bridge
Q:2mm thick rubber plate 1 square meters about how many kilos?
Rubber sheet varieties of different gravity (density) is also different, to food grade rubber sheet not: food grade rubber plate weight: 1.5; weight = 2000*1.5 = 3000 grams
Q:What are the characteristics of using a wear-resistant rubber sheet?
The oil resistant rubber plate is made of rubber compound by rolling, laminating, forming or extruding, which is cured by vulcanizing with a flat press machine or by vulcanizing with a drum vulcanizing machine. Color: black, grey, green, blue, etc..  Application: widely used in electronics, heat aging and sealing as oil tank road.
Q:What is a fluorine rubber board?
Fluorine rubber boardFeatures: excellent aging resistance, high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, oil resistance, high resistance to vacuum, acid and alkali resistance, and a variety of chemicals.Application: it can work in air, oil or acid (base) 30% medium at temperature of -20~+300 DEG C, and provide various sealing gasket and backing plate.Performance, best oil resistance, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and anti-aging properties, is the most important rubberApplication: apply to all kinds of high oil resistance, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance seals, gaskets, gaskets, cylinder mould, jacket and space, aviation fieldParameters: specific gravity: 2; site breaking force: 8Mpa; elongation: 350%; hardness: 75-80 degreesFeatures: it can produce super width, super length and glossy surface,
Q:Special rubber sheet for pre printed carton
The resin version is a more economical choice. The carton can be printed 80 lines to meet most of the needs!
Q:Can asbestos rubber boards be replaced by red cardboard?
No, asbestos rubber sheet and red paperboard are two concepts. Of course, the premise is that you have to know the asbestos rubber sheet standard, minimum 200 degrees Celsius, red paperboard is not possible. Not from this point alone.

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