FJ133 vacuum cleaner/big size/high suction power 1200W-2000W

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20000 pc/month

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INPUT VOLTAGE: 220-240V INPUT FREQUENCY: 50/60HZ power: 1400/1600/1800/2000
tube material: plastic/metal noise: <80db collection bin capacity: 2.6L
brush material: plastic/metal vacuum: >21kpa

Product Description:

FJ133 vacuum cleaner


Body material: PP,ABS

Vacuum: ≥21Kpa

Power wire length:5m

Collection bin capacity:2.6L

with speed control, with cord rewinder


FJ133 vacuum cleaner/big size/high suction power 1200W-2000W

FJ133 vacuum cleaner/big size/high suction power 1200W-2000W

FJ133 vacuum cleaner/big size/high suction power 1200W-2000W

FJ133 vacuum cleaner/big size/high suction power 1200W-2000W

FJ133 vacuum cleaner/big size/high suction power 1200W-2000W

FJ133 vacuum cleaner/big size/high suction power 1200W-2000W

About price of FJ133 vacuum cleaner

The basic price is for MOQ of 1X40'GP per model.

The final price depends on your requirements choosed from above


Introductions of FJ133 vacuum cleaner

Horizontal vacuum cleaner can remove dust, mainly because of its "head" is equipped with an electric fan. The rotating shaft of the fan impeller, electricity, ventilation opportunity to 500 times per second speed generate strong suction and pressure, under the effect of suction and pressure, high speed air discharge, and air blower front suction part constantly supplement fan in the air, resulting in cleaner internal instantaneous vacuum is produced, and the outside atmospheric pressure forming negative pressure brush, took over the long, bent pipes, hoses, hose connectors into the bag dust filter, the retention of dust and debris in the dust filter bag, air through the filter after purification, from the tail of the body discharge.

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Q:What is wrong with my vacuum cleaner?
Do you have a Dirt Devil upright? Anyways, take the attachment hose off. Make sure it is not clogged. Remove dust lint. Make sure the vacuum cleaner roller (turn over) is spinning when on. You can take the roller off and make sure there is nothing wrapped around it. There isn't much to a vacuum cleaner. Just keep it clean they will last for a long time. Dirt Devil vacuums are notorious for this. Don't waste your money on having repaired. You can do these thing yourself.
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what in the world?
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We've only had one cat who liked vacuum cleaners lol It was one of those cylinder ones and from being a kitten he would sit on it and ride around the floor as we used it.We had it on a circuit breaker for safety as he loved it so much.

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