Find Best Qquality Cyclone vacuum cleaner HT-880/SL-880

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10000 watt/month

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  1. Streamline design, Appearance is simple, Quality assurance

  2. Design of speed adjustment, to meet different requirements

  3. Automatic take-up function, more intimate

  4. diffuser after design, no secondary pollution, At the same time for motor cooling, Increase the life of motor

  5. 360 - degree forward wheel, Casually drag direction

  6. Steel pipeFree expansion



  1.   rated voltage:220v

  2. Rated power:1600W

  3. The noise:<76Db

  4. Vacuum degree:22kpa

  5. Neight weight:6.0kg

  6. Rated frequency:50HZ

  7. The length of power cord:4.5M

  8. Dust capacity:3.0L

  9. Size of Color box:510X345X360

  10. Size of packing705X525X380






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Q:Vacuum reviews?
I have a Eureka upright, Boss bagless upright (with hose attachments). I have 4 kids and an indoor allergy bearing, super shedding dog. That vacuum has been a really good vacuum and when it dies I will get another Eureka. Walmart has Eureka, and I am sure I paid under $100 for mine. I will say I have a Bissell carpet cleaner that I also like. One brand I have never had good luck with is Dirt Devil.
Q:what products should the USA manufacture that aren't being manufactured at the present time?
American flags!!! My friend and her husband is from Thailand. He got his citizenship and all the new citizens were handed small flags on little sticks before the ceremony, to have their photos taken. He looked at his and there was a small sticker made in China on it. He told the immigration officer Why are American flags being made in China? He told her Oh you can take the sticker off if you don't like it. I told him You weren't a citizen for 5 minutes and already complaining, lol.
Q:What is your opinion of vacuum cleaners with no bags?
When we were researching about vacuums we read that bag-less vacuums don't have as strong suction and pick up power as vacuums with bags. I have had both kinds, and personally, I feel that vacuums with bags pick up better. I have a Eureka, and it is a wonderful, economic vacuum. (It was only $150 as opposed to Dyson's $300 or more!)
Q:Has anyone used one of those robotic vacuum cleaners (they vacuum floor by themselves). How effective was it?
The Roomba floor vac is basically a sweeper. It will not replace vacuuming, and it misses quite a bit of things on carpet (i.e. dog hair), it seemed to work better on the hard wood floors. We had one for a short time until our dog attacked and killed it. I honestly did not think it was worth the price, but it does help a little when you have a lot of floor space to cover.
Q:A super fast blonde moment?
really dumb..i was avoiding blonde jokes maybe I should bring them out :)
Q:Bagged Vacuum Cleaners?
non bagged vacuum
Q:What inexpensive canister vacuum cleaners are made for laminate floors?
Hoover, Eureka, Shopvac all have options in that price range.
Q:I'm afraid of vacuums! help me!?
I once had a fear of the Vacuum. To conquer my fear, I went into the dirtiest part of my house, and sat there for 20 weeks. Without food, I got so weak that all I could see were the dust mites collecting on the floor ever so slowly. I need to vacuum them I thought to myself. After 20 weeks, I arose from the ashes of my old self, into a new, fearless self. I immediately vacuumed up that dust and did not think of it ever again. I conquered both my fears of vacuums and my fears of slow and painful starvation. Alas, my fear of all things yellow lives on...
Q:what features and accessories does Bobsweep robot vacuum cleaner have?
Q:What do you think about dyson product?
never had one- never want one- dysons suck!!

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