Fiber Cement Boards Fiber Cement Board For Floor

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$1.50 - 2.50 / m²
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TT or LC
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10000 m²
Supply Capability:
300000 m²/month

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Product Description:

The raw materials of fiber cement board are cellulose fiber, silicate cement, quartz sand, water and some additives. It's a kind of high-tech product which formed through accurate dosing by computer program, hatschek craft and compressed by 14000tons hydraulic machine and autoclaved under high temperature and pressure.

Product Applications:

Fiber cement board can be used in exterior wall cladding and facade of various high-class and high rise civil buildings especially in the modern luxurious buildings. Outstanding sound insulation of the system composed with Bysink external wall board can be used in indoor partition and suspended ceiling for the high demand in private request as sound insulation and such as five star hotel, bedroom, and public entertainment.

Also it can be used as the interior partition in the shops, hotels, schools, entertainment places and hospitals.


Product Advantages:

1)excellent fire-proof

2)excellent damp-proof

3)Durability and long service life

4)high strength

5)stable dimensions

6)good heat and sound insulation


8)mould resistant

9)no deformation

Main Product Features:


1) Elegance and excellent decoration
2) Easy installation and convenient maintenance
3) Best Surface processed with PVC Lamination
4) Heat insulation, thermal insulation, moisture proof, mould proof, sound absorption and noise reduction

5) Incombustibility / Fireproof
6) No dust / no pollution

7) Stucturally strong

8) Over 15 years no transmutation


Product Specifications:


Fiber Cement Boards Fiber Cement Board For Floor



1. Q:What is the different and most important point from other supplier? 

A:We guarantee No asbestos if it has asbestos density will be more than 1.4g/cm3 what's more 

3.2mm*3000*1220mm can be produced by us other suppliers can not do this size 

2. Q:What are the advantages of your board?

A: outstanding light weight ,heat insulation, waterproof, fireproof, sound insulation, fast construction.

3. Q: Is the board fire resistant? 

A: Yes, fire resistant 4 h , in the heat of 1000.actually it is noncombustible Class A1.

4. Q: Do you have any certificate to help us get government's approval?

A:China testing report and our laboratory' s testing by ourselves as your supporting document. 

Because building standards are different in different countries, most of our customers buy the boards for testing and get approval by themselves.

5. Q: If we need samples for customer approval, will it be possible? 

A: Of course we can.

6. Q:How to guarantee the quality? 

A:Laboratory, integral testing process from raw materials to finished product until loading containers will be done by our factory.





Fiber Cement Boards Fiber Cement Board For Floor

Fiber Cement Boards Fiber Cement Board For Floor

Fiber Cement Boards Fiber Cement Board For Floor

Fiber Cement Boards Fiber Cement Board For Floor


 Fiber Cement Boards Fiber Cement Board For Floor


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Q:Can the cement pressure plate be made of sanitary partitions?
Can do cement pressure plate itself is not very harmless to the human body
Q:How to brush latex paint on the cement board
Cement wall: clean the wall. Brush 1 times the interface agent: brush interface agent must have to brush, and to brush uniform. Crack treatment: Under normal circumstances with kraft paper and white latex paste cracks (but can not guarantee 100% will not crack). Leveling (including the yin and yang angle straight): rugged wall needs leveling, the general gypsum is more commonly used, not less than 0.5 cm uneven difference is better.
Q:can plywood be used instead of cement backer- board for tile?
Im not for certain but i don't think it can be used instead of cement backer board. Plywood is very preamble and the grout may soak through? I would call a Lowe's or Home Depot and ask for the flooring dept. or lumber and ask them.
Q:almost finished with tiling on cement board wall. ran into problem with corner applying bull nose piece.?
Use Hardibacker and seal the seams with tape and thinset. Use thinset to set the tile employing a million/4 spacers. I even have used and advise which you utilize a tile sealer to seal the slate previous to grouting and to apply epoxy grout. The grout is extra durable to place in yet demands no sealers that would desire to be redone a minimum of as quickly as a 365 days in a bath and is definitely truly actual worth the preliminary time and attempt. be effective to make sure and follow the instructions on the grout bags to make particular a uniform colour and powerful grout set. MT C
Q:How the cement pressure plate sticks on the brick
Crack: tiles shop after 24 hours to clean up the hook, hook before the first floor of the gap should be wiped with impurities, with a special sealant joints. Clean up: in the home decoration tiles construction process with the dry with the clear, after the completion of (generally should be after 24h) and then cotton yarn and other objects on the surface of the brick. The quality of floor tiles: floor tile clean, clear pattern, consistent color, uniform seams, the surrounding straight, hook seam smooth, plate without cracks, angle and lack of shock phenomenon.
Q:How does the cement pressure plate hang on the old wall with paint?
Cement pressure plate from the fiber, cement, quartz sand, additives, water and other inorganic substances, by mixing molding, high temperature and pressure steaming and special technical treatment and made a variety of thickness, high density sheet, 100% non-asbestos and other harmful Material, with high strength, large format, light, fire, waterproof and other excellent performance of the new environmentally friendly building materials.
Q:Cement fiberboard dry hanging practice?
Fiber cement pressure plate preparation: first with the colorimetric method of fiber cement pressure plate color selection and classification; the whole center of the fiber cement pressure plate color should be consistent, and according to the design size and drawings requirements, dry hanging fiber cement pressure board Aluminum pendant mounted on the back, according to the back of each plate 6 aluminum pendant (the largest sheet cross-sectional size of 2780 × 1220mm). In order to ensure that the aluminum pendant position is accurate and vertical, in front of the fiber cement pressure plate in accordance with the vertical spacing of the vertical keel 600mm and fiber cement pressure plate length equal to the size of the cross cross cable, fixed at the cross point supporting aluminum fasteners, aluminum pendant 10mm long, 4mm thick stainless steel screws fixed on the back of the fiber cement pressure plate, aluminum fastener after installation must be reviewed its level and vertical.
Q:Websites that is dealing with Fibre Cement Board good quality. Thanks!?
Some years back I kept a Praying Mantis as a pet, and they only eat live food! Consequently, I acquired the skill of GENTLY capturing live flies in flight, or off any surface, so that I could feed my Mantis uninjured and active prey. Most moving incident was late one night when on arrival home I found my Mantis shedding its skin. I watched, enthralled, for over an hour and I shall never forget seeing my Mantis gradually extend and spread its brand new rainbow-shimmering wings. Next day I released it onto a grapevine in my garden, the same garden in which I subsequently found a swarm of very tiny, recently hatched mantids! They are the cutest little creatures you could ever imagine.
Q:How to remove plaster from cement board?
Use a four inch razor scraper to scrape off the worst of it then use a wet sponge and the rest should wash off easily.Also if you need to you can wet the plaster to help make it easier to scrape.
Q:What are the prospects for the development of wood fiber cement board?
VIVA wood cement board products; won the 2003 outstanding product Jin Ju Award for a modern, high-quality, economical and economical new building materials, the special surface lines can highlight the high value of texture and unique taste.

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