FeSi Alloys For Steel-making

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FeSi Alloys for Steel-making
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  • Specifications

ItemsChemicial Compositon%
 FeSi90Al1.5 87.0-95.0 1.5 1.5 0.4 0.20.0400.0200.20 - - - --
FeSi90Al3.0  87.0-95.0 3.0 1.5 0.4 0.20.0400.0200.20 - - - --
FeSi75Al0.5-A   74.0-80.0 0.51.0 0.4 0.3 0.035 0.0200.10 - - -- -
FeSi75Al0.5-B 72.0-80.00.5 1.0 0.50.5


0.020 0.20-- - - -
 FeSi75Al1.0-A 74.0-80.0 1.0 1.0 0.4 0.3


0.0200.10 - -- - -
 FeSi75Al1.0-B 72.0-80.0 1.0 1.0 0.50.5 0.0400.0200.20 - -- - -
FeSi75Al1.5-A  74.0-80.0 1.5 0.035 0.020 0.10 - -- - -
FeSi75Al1.5-B72.0-80.0 1.5 1.0 0.5


0.040 0.0200.20 -- - - -
 FeSi75Al2.0-A 74.0-80.0 2.0 1.00.4 0.3 0.0350.020 0.10- -- - -
 FeSi75Al2.0-B 72.0-80.02.0 - 0.50.5 0.040 0.020 0.20- - - - -
 FeSi75-A74.0-80.0- - 0.40.3 0.035 0.0200.10 - - ---







25KG/Bag or 1 Metric Ton/Bag(Package can be customized to meet with

your specail requirements)


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Q:Now on the market scrap carbide blade (YG8 milling cutter) how much is one kilogram?
Hard alloy is widely used as a tool material, such as turning, milling, planing, drilling, boring, used for cutting cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, chemical fiber, graphite, glass, stone and steel, can also be used for cutting steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel and other hard processing materials.
Q:Why is Zhuzhou cemented carbide plant called (601) 80??
Chinese at the age of 60 or 70, due to the impact of the cold war, many industries are not afraid of war on the coast, Taiwan will take the industry to play, so they relocated to the mainland, as you said before the hard line called the 601, is a military plant, later not what the three line construction, and there are a lot of factory moved west, such as Sichuan Zigong Zigong Hard Alloy Co. Ltd., is the 601 part of the move in the past. The Zigong that 764. Not only is the hard alloy, ceramic, what other power machinery factory, before there is a code, is estimated at that time in order to strategic needs, Nanchang also has a Nanchang hard alloy factory, formerly known as the code that can be 603, and now the number plate of the car of a kind, a code.If you are in the 60 or 70's 601, most people do not know what is the 601 factory production which, what, if you like this that hard line, people knew it was Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Production factory, I think it is to be kept confidential, let outsiders do not understand, a code to Kazakhstan a security role that theWell, please forgive me. I've been in 764 for over a year.
Q:Method for assembling hard alloy cold heading die
If it is made of hard alloy cold die core and the steel bushing assembly, depends on the heat treatment hardness you cold die steel sleeve to be, if not steel heat treatment, direct heat bushing, the amount of interference for hard alloy core diameter of about 0.6%, if the steel heat treatment to HRC40 about the amount of interference for hard alloy core diameter about 0.3%.
Q:What are the carbide cutting tool brands? 10
Haili toolsXixia villa brandXixia villa knives accounted for 30% of the national market, the most important city brand
Q:Which is better, cemented carbide, YG8 and YG20?
YG8 and YG20 are two grades of cemented carbide. They are not good or bad. It depends on what occasion you use
Q:Tungsten steel could be used to do is hard alloy knife?
You can do all kinds of data of tungsten steel tool, it can be a knife. There is little precision mould
Q:What is the difference between hard alloy steel and high speed steel?
3, hardness is not the same: cemented carbide hardness, especially at high temperature hardness, but high-speed steel toughness better4, can withstand the cutting speed is not the same: due to the red hard high, can withstand higher cutting speed, and high-speed steel is now not high speed
Q:Use of waste cemented carbide
Two, crushing methodFor hard alloy containing drilling is not high, because the hardness is relatively low, can use manual or mechanical means broken to a certain fineness in wet grinding mill for a period of time, to reach a certain size for reproduction of hard alloy. This force is a method has the advantages of simple process, short process, low energy consumption, no pollution to the environment, but often in the manual crushing hard alloy, metallic materials due to debris into the tools have broken material pollution, in addition, due to the hard alloy drill containing high amount of easily broken, mechanical crushing method is very limited; cemented carbide complex material by this method is also very difficult to ensure the quality of recycled products. Process method: artificial crushing is broken, crushed into powder 200 mesh or using bulk of hard alloy ball mill for crushing strikes the ball, then add in the bjm alcohol in wet grinding, and then enter the remanufacturing process of hard alloy.Some companies use cooling method: first crushing waste hard alloy in a muffle furnace heated to 80 above this immediately into the water quench, resulting in hard alloy cracking, and then enter the mechanical crushing process. This force is a method in the last century in 90s in Hebei Province Qinghe to gain popularity, there were dozens of county size ranging from recycling plant using the recycled and processed hard alloy, hard alloy processed over a thousand tons of annual production, the total output value of 300 million yuan, becoming one of the local pillar industry. At present, there is still a certain space for development of the crushing method, and the crushing method still needs to be improved by adopting more advanced and clean crushing equipment or by means of the force method which does not destroy the microstructure of cemented carbide with high efficiency.
Q:What are the differences between the two grades of carbide, YT15 and YT5?
YT15 is compared to YT5. The former has high hardness, great brittleness and good wear resistance. The latter is low in hardness, tough in toughness and poor in wear resistance. YT5 is often used for roughing or machining, impact cutting, and YT15 is usually semi finishing and finishing.
Q:What kind of etching solution should be used for metallographic observation of MIG and TIG welding of cobalt based carbide and medium low carbon steel? Ten
Cobalt based alloy is a cemented carbide that is capable of various types of wear and corrosion as well as high temperature oxidation. Commonly known as the cobalt chromium tungsten (molybdenum) alloy or Si Taili (Stellite) alloy (Si Taili alloy invented by the American Elwood Hayness in 1907).

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