FeSi Alloys For Steel-making

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FeSi Alloys for Steel-making
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  • Specifications

ItemsChemicial Compositon%
 FeSi90Al1.5 87.0-95.0 1.5 1.5 0.4 0.20.0400.0200.20 - - - --
FeSi90Al3.0  87.0-95.0 3.0 1.5 0.4 0.20.0400.0200.20 - - - --
FeSi75Al0.5-A   74.0-80.0 0.51.0 0.4 0.3 0.035 0.0200.10 - - -- -
FeSi75Al0.5-B 72.0-80.00.5 1.0 0.50.5


0.020 0.20-- - - -
 FeSi75Al1.0-A 74.0-80.0 1.0 1.0 0.4 0.3


0.0200.10 - -- - -
 FeSi75Al1.0-B 72.0-80.0 1.0 1.0 0.50.5 0.0400.0200.20 - -- - -
FeSi75Al1.5-A  74.0-80.0 1.5 0.035 0.020 0.10 - -- - -
FeSi75Al1.5-B72.0-80.0 1.5 1.0 0.5


0.040 0.0200.20 -- - - -
 FeSi75Al2.0-A 74.0-80.0 2.0 1.00.4 0.3 0.0350.020 0.10- -- - -
 FeSi75Al2.0-B 72.0-80.02.0 - 0.50.5 0.040 0.020 0.20- - - - -
 FeSi75-A74.0-80.0- - 0.40.3 0.035 0.0200.10 - - ---







25KG/Bag or 1 Metric Ton/Bag(Package can be customized to meet with

your specail requirements)


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Q:High speed steel has good toughness than the hard alloy tool,
Different rake rake angle and carbide cutting tools of high-speed steel cutting tools, but according to different materials, the front angle and cemented carbide cutting tools of high-speed steel cutting tool rake angle difference is different;
Q:What is the heat treatment process of cemented carbide?
To put it plainly, that is, hardening of cemented carbide, that is, heating to a certain temperature, insulation for a certain period of time, and then suddenly into the inert gas, so that it suddenly cooling.. The same as steel quenching. After quenching generally tempered, to eliminate the stress produced by quenching, it is mainly to change the bonding phase components, that is, the organizational structure, improve the strength of cemented carbide, hardness and comprehensive performance
Q:What is hard alloy steel?
Modern ultra hard alloys are produced by sintering of carbides of tungsten carbide and some other elements. It is the hard metal (tungsten, tantalum, titanium, molybdenum, etc.) carbide carbide particles, with one or several iron elements (cobalt, nickel or iron) powder mixed, pressed molding, and then made by sintering.Cemented carbide is the most powerful alloy in the world at present. Hard alloy widely used now has two main categories: the first is to do the cobalt WC alloy binder; the second is to make titanium carbide alloy tool steel binder.Cemented carbide is used as a tool, and its hardness will not decrease even at high temperatures of 1000 degrees. Therefore, for high speed cutting, cutting speed up to 2000 meters per minute, 100 times higher than the ordinary carbon steel cutter, tungsten steel cutter is 15 times higher than. The mold made of it can be punched about 3000000 times, which is 60 times longer than the ordinary alloy steel die.
Q:What kind of etching solution should be used for metallographic observation of MIG and TIG welding of cobalt based carbide and medium low carbon steel? Ten
Cobalt based alloys are cobalt, which contains a considerable amount of nickel, chromium, tungsten, and a small amount of alloying elements such as molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, titanium and lanthanum, and occasionally contains an alloy of iron. According to the alloy composition is different, they can be made of wire for hardfacing powder, thermal spraying, spray welding process, can also be made of casting and forging and powder metallurgy.
Q:How to polish the rough surface of cemented carbide?
Polish the surface of the cemented carbide surface by using diamond abrasive paste. When polishing, can not cut short, should be in accordance with the first rough grinding paste polishing, and then use fine grinding paste polishing process, and can not be directly polished with fine abrasive paste. Otherwise, the surface of the material will leave a wavy corrugation, which will be difficult to be polished with fine abrasive. In addition, the grinding efficiency of fine grinding paste is much lower than that of coarse paste.
Q:What are the grinding carbide wheels?
The diamond grinding wheel has the advantages of high efficiency, high accuracy and good roughness!
Q:What are the carbide cutting tool brands? 10
Foreign brands are: Sant Vic I Cass, Kenna, Sumitomo, MITSUBISHIDomestic brands are: Zhuzhou, Zigong the Great Wall, Heyuan diamondForeign brands to dealers more requirements, to become their dealers is not easy, you can choose agents domestic products start, and so on, to find out the industry, and then expand the scaleIt is the first domestic diamond brand, but also have many limitations to the dealer, the landlord can give advice under the Limited by Share Ltd Heyuan Fuma cemented carbide products, they are cemented carbide production base in Guangdong province. The product price is quite good. You can see on their website:
Q:What are the main causes of wear of high speed steel cutting tools and carbide cutting tools?
There are two reasons1. The tool itself quality problems of our factory has been recommended 3-turn Kuwait this brand2. Just the material, good hardness of material, speed, feed, reduce the point properly, can protect the tool wear well
Q:Zhuzhou Hard Alloy Co. Ltd., Xiamen Jiangxi copper and tungsten, which is better,
As a Zhuzhou person, I recommend the Zhuzhou cemented carbide to you, not only because the units are good, but also the city of Zhuzhou is very good. You must have lived here since you worked here. House prices are much lower than in many second tier cities. The standard of living is also good, the large supermarkets are complete, Fantawild is the Southwest's largest amusement park.... Wait
Q:What are the carbide inserts on the turning tool welded to the handle?
The first copper burned in the post, and then the borax fell on the top, then put on top of the alloy blade, borax fell on the alloy blade above the flame cutting with money. Be careful not to use the high pressure oxygen valve. Wait until the copper water flows out evenly. Let him cool naturally,

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