Factory Wholesale 1.4 HDMI Cable Type A Male To Male Gold Plated

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1. wholesae V1.4  gold plated type A HDMI cable 19 pin male to male
3.24 K Gold plated connector 
4.FCC,CE,ROHS Compliance 
5 Supports Full 1080P,3D,4K

6.with two ferrite cores(optional)

  •  HDMI cable v1.4

  • V 1.4 high speed HDMI cable

  • 19-pin male to male

  • Moulded (double color)with PVC Jacket

  • Inside conductor of cable: pure oxgen-free copper

  • Connector: 24K gold-plated

  • Cable compatible: 30AWG, 28AWG, 26AWG, and  24AWG

  • Length: available from 0.5 to 20m

  • Compatible with HDMI 1.2a, 1.3b, 1.3c,1.4, HDCP, and FCC,CE&RoHS ,REACH

  • Supports full 1,080p,1440P,1600P

  • Supports 3D,4Kx2K compatibility,ARC(Audio Return Channel)


Festures and structure of HDMI cable 1.4 :

Center conductor :high quality digital signal delivered by oxygn-free copper

Insulation:Using foamed PE as the insulation,ensure image quality and transmit image signal with stability.

Inner shield:100% Aluminum/Mylar foil shield,prevent high frequency noises and interference

Outer shield:95% copper braid shield,prevents most low frenquency noises and interference.

HDMI cable is suitable for HDTV,home themter,DVD player,projector,PS3,XBOX 360 and other HDMI devices.

High density triple shielding for maximum rejection of EMI and RFI

Transfer speed of 10.5Gbps



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