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It is a kind of light steel structure prefab house with the EPS color steel sandwich panel, rock wool, PU for the insulation. It can maximize customer require and satisfaction for the cost and quality. All the house parts are knock-down as flat package before loading container. We can provide the service of installation, supervision and training by extra.

Regarding to the house details, please check as follows:

House Size:

1) Length is free as your requirement

2) Width: single-span beam less than 12m

3) Height: single floor less than 4m, for two and three floors height less than 3.5m

4) Roof pitch: slope is 1:10~1:3

5) Floors: max is three storeies

House Body:

1) Door: outside door as SIP door, aluminium alloy door or security door. inside door as SIP door, aluminium alloy door or Compound wooden door

2) Window: PVC material or aluminium alloy with window screen

3) Ground channel: U type, galvanized, thick is 0.8mm

4) Square column: painted, with color steel compression decorative parts

5) Wall beam: C type with paint

6) Roof beam: with paint

7) Purline: C type with paint

8) Compression decorative parts: made of 0.4mm thick color steel sheet

9) PVC ceiling or aluminium panel for bathroom and kitchen, mineral wool acoustic panel for the other area

10) Wall board: EPS color steel sandwich panel ,rock wool, PU for the insulation

11) Roof board: EPS color steel sandwich panel ,rock wool, PU for the insulation

House Accessaries:

1) Elevation floor: design as client's detailed requirement

2) Watering system: custom made design and construction or as chinese national standard

3) Wiring system: custom made design and construction or as chinese national standard

4) Sanitary appliance: source china market for your needs

5) Furniture: source china market for your need

Design technical data:

1) Wind load:0.6KN/sqm

2) Roof dead load:0.35KN/ sqm

3) Roof live load: 0.5KN/ sqm

4) Earthquake intensity: 8 grade

5) Location temperature:-25ºC to 45ºC

Installation efficiency:

Four skilled labors can assemble 40sqm house body in 8 hours.

Container transportation:

Every 40ft sea container may load 150-180sqm house body stuff.

Packaging & Shipping
1,Intention: to avoid goods impacting,friction to bring expense during packing,loading and unloading
2,Range of application:international company logistics department
3,It should be arranged in order to be stacked regularly, to avoid damage.

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Q:What type of steel is most bullet resistant?
any amount of steel, you can find a bullet or cannon big enough to go through it. The WWII battleships had 12 inches of steel, but a torpedo would still put a hole in that. Any bullet, on the other hand, and you can find a thick enough steel to stop it. It's just that the steel may be too heavy to be useful. .
rust is oxidation . remove contact with O2 , it wont rust . you can place it in a oxygen free atmosphere , you could plate it with zinc or chrome , you can use a lead based paint .
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Q:Consider an experiment in which an aluminum soft drink can and a steel soup can are left outside for a few da?
I'd expect appearance of reddish dots or stains of rust on steel, while aluminium should stay virtually unchanged. Explanation: Both materials oxidize in natural environment because of atmospheric moist, but in very different ways. As for steel, oxidation begins as reddish dots of rust which grow and become stains. Oxidation then progresses in depth causing decay of material, compromising its strength and structural integrity.
Q:Steel vs. Dark Pokemon?
Dark Steel Pokemon
Q:does this density are same for all type of steel? re : 7850kg/cu.m?
90% of the steels used today are plain mild carbon steels consisting of iron with less than 1% carbon content and as such have a density of about 7750 kg/cubic meter. Some special steels which have a significant percentage of alloying elements such as chrome or manganese or other elements will have greater density bringing the steel up to about 8000 kg / cubic meter. There are a greater many factors influencing the exact density of a steel. Even for steels of exactly the same content of iron , carbon and other alloying elements, there may be a difference ( very small mind you ) in density due to work hardening. The difference in this case is due to movement of dislocations which become locked in the grain boundaries and this forms a more dense crystal structure. For this same reason, the theoretical density of steel (which does not take into account dislocations) is greater than the measured density of steel.
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Stainless steel should be non-magnetic.
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Q:why use steel-reinforced concrete?
Steel is strong in both tension and compression. No Steel is strong in tension. Under compression it will bend. Example. Take a steel cable. stretch it (Ok you cant) Now compress it. it bends. Bridges generally need support from below. So you need something thats strong under compression. IE concrete. However concrete can fail if it gets a tension - so pre-tensioned steel rods are cast into it to take any such tension (stretching or bending) forces.

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