European style fine polished long nose plier

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Item specifice:

handle: rubber handle size: 6",8" color: yellow&green

Product Description:

European style fine polished long nose plier

1.Material :High quality carbon steel

2.Color:green & yellow



5.Sample:Samples free if customer bear the courier cost.

6.Production capacity:10000pcs per month



1. Samples free if customer bear the courier cost.

2. Samples time: please check with service person if you need samples.


Advantage and Innovation:

1. Made of high quality carbon steel 

2. comfortable handle when you use it

3.fine polished

4.Multi-functional long nose plier with 2-color plastic  handle

European style fine polished long nose plier

European style fine polished long nose plier


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Q:How do you cut the wire with pliers?
Pliers is a kind of hand tool used for clamping, fixing workpieces, or twisting, bending and cutting metal wires. The shape of the pliers is V shaped and usually consists of three parts: the handle, the tongs, the gill and the forceps.
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You are talking about high voltage clamps, mainly insulated and insulated. When using the voltage level depends on the correct use, generally used in live for high-voltage fuse what
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The utility is generally used for clamping and rotating steel tools, pipe tools manufacturing Emerson pipes are widely used in oil pipelines and piping installation. You can make it through the pipe clamp clamp rotation to complete the connection, the working principle is to clamp force into the torque in the twisting direction more force also can be more tightly pipe clamp.
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Q:What's the name of the pipe on the pliers table?
Named pipe [material] drop forged or cast steel. [introduction] pipe fitting is used to connect the fastening or loosening tool. The utility model comprises a clamp handle and a chain hinged at one end with the clamp handle, and the front end of the pliers handle is provided with teeth which are meshed with the chain.
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Electromagnetic type, with a Holzer cell clamp meter, can measure DC current and AC current with power supply

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