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Light stripping: Comfortable handle Whole heat treatment: Precision grinding

Product Description:








AWG 20-18/16-14/12-10          

256.319.068.213  6.5/8.1/1.72/5.41MM

043 068 100 137 213 255   1.09 1.72 2.54 .348 5.41 6.48MM



 Key specification:

1.cut any cleanly strips electrical wire from 10 to 22 gauge

Insert tip of wire into marked holes to determine the size of the wire to be stripped 

Squeeze the handle to strip easily and without nicking the wire

2.crimps both insulated and non-insulated ignition terminals

3.tool has black oxide finish for rust resistance

4.Vinyl clad cushion grip handles insulate as well as provide comfort of use



Using the method of the wire stripping pliers

All by hand if the wire stripping pliers groove is then a simple select wire size cut a pull on the line. If and oblique mouth clamp like it by hand, clip to a certain strength, a pull on the line.



Key points:

 according to the diameter of the wire, the wire stripper blade aperture


1.According to the thickness of the cable type, select the corresponding stripping knife

2.The cable will be ready in the middle stripping tool blade, to choose a good length of wire stripping

3.Hold the stripping tool handle, cable clip, cable force slowly slowly peeling off the outer skin


4.Loosen the tool handle, then remove the cable, cable metal neatly exposed outside, the rest of the plastic insulation intact.



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Q:Is the nose pliers the same as the water jet pliers?
Not the same, the nozzle blade is thin, relatively sharp, can only cut thin copper wire and plastic, rubber and other materials, cut the copper wire after the incision is flat.
Q:How to use a multimeter
At the same time as the two into the ring clamp meter, ammeter display is the current third wire. The three are placed in the table at the same value as zero (according to Gil Hof's law, flowing in or out).
Q:Why is not available at the same time around the two wire clamp ammeters
If two lines are clamped at the same time, the meter is read as a vector and current through the two lines, not a line of current.
Q:Voltage clamp principle and operation
The design principle is that the transmembrane ion current (I) is formed when the ion moves across the membrane. The permeability is the degree of resistance of the ion passing through the membrane, and the reciprocal of the membrane resistance (R), that is, the membrane conductance (G). As a result, the membrane resistance becomes smaller when the membrane permeability increases, i.e., the conductance of the membrane to the ion increases. According to Ohm's law V=IR, namely I=V/R=VG, so, as long as the fixed on both sides of the membrane potential difference (V), transmembrane current measured (I) changes, can be used as a measure of membrane conductance changes, changes of membrane permeability can be understood.
Q:So many varieties of pliers, where to buy the most complete?
Pliers are usually made of carbon structural steel, which is forged and rolled into the shape of the clamp embryo, and then processed by grinding, milling, polishing and so on. Finally, the heat treatment is carried out. The handle of the pliers is designed as a straight handle, a bent handle and a bow handle in the form of a handle3 styles. The clamp is often used for contact with an electrified conductor such as an electric wire, so the handle is usually provided with a protective tube made of insulating materials such as polyvinyl chloride to ensure the safety of the operator.
Q:Note the clamp meter
Clamp meter is clamped in the wire, cut off the circuit state, current detection convenient testing instrument (also known as nondestructive measurement).Analog pointer multimeter and digital multimeter is current detection circuit is cut off, and the clamp meter just caught in the electric wire sheath, current can be detected. The operation is simple, do not need to test large current circuit can be directly connected to safety.Clamp meter, multimeter and insulation resistance meter are analogue and digital two.Standard range of detection: AC, DC are in the 2A to 200A or 400A or so, there are products that can detect 2000A high current;Another can detect the number of mA small current leakage detection products, and can detect transformer power, switching power supply sine wave other than the true value of sine wave (True, RMS) products. 1: detection objectAccording to different detection objects, alternating current, DC current, or leakage current, to choose the type of aircraft;
Q:How are the external clamps defined in the drilling?
Internal fitter1) responsible for the operation of liquid gas tongs, do the next single preparation, drilling wellhead inspection tools and observation, put on the single number.2) inspection and control of turntable, winch, transmission equipment, brake system and safety protection facilities, equipment maintenance, lubrication for the floor, fill in equipment operation record.3) responsible for the liquid gas tongs, roller kelly bushing, mousehole pliers, wellhead tools inspection, management and use, achieve complete, clean, location display.
Q:What brand of pliers is good for use and durable?
CIMA electrical line clamp, Bao line clamp, development tools, crimping pliers, lodda crimping pliers, Kraft's tool crimping pliers, crimping pliers, STANLEY, Kawasaki Yasai crimping pliers RUBICON crimping pliers, ELECALL crimping pliers, yingzhiyin crimping pliers
Q:What is the brake caliper of the car?
Inside the tire, there is a brake disc, generally can see the brake disc, and CD-ROM about the size.The brake caliper is used to hold the brake disc and is used for braking
Q:How to check short circuit fault with pliers
Also, you can hit the meter in the resistance file. If it is short circuited, there will be a resistance value jumping out of it. If there is no short circuit, it will show 1.Clamp meter is composed of a current transformer and current meter assembly.

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