American Style Heavy Duty Combination Plier

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Item specifice:

Spec.: 6 Material: Carbon steel Model.No: 201126

Product Description:

American style heavy duty combination plier

1.Material :Carbon steel American style heavy duty combination plier

2.Color:green handle American style heavy duty combination plier



5.Sample:Samples free if customer bear the courier cost.

6.Production capacity:10000pcs per month



1. Samples free if customer bear the courier cost.

2. Samples time: please check with service person if you need samples.


Advantage and Innovation:

1. Made of high quality carbon steel 

2. comfortable handle when you use it

American Style Heavy Duty Combination Plier

American Style Heavy Duty Combination Plier

American Style Heavy Duty Combination Plier

this is our workshop,professional pipeline,professional worker,we also a big warehouse for stock,so whether you want to buy 1 pc or 100pcs ,we can delivery to you soon.


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Q:What is the DC clamp meter measuring principle
Alternating current magnetic field can obtain the induced voltage as long as the coil is used, and the fixed magnetic field produced by the DC must be obtained with a magnetic sensor (Holzer component).
Q:Lift progressive safety pliers concept
Progressive anti falling safetydevice action to the final stop for a short distance, the braking force increased gradually (to eventually stop action finally stopped falling a distance not greater than 1.4 meters). Progressive; anti falling safetydevice buffering performance, impact load generated by braking is small, less adverse effects on the structure and the transmission system, the crew produced small physiological and psychological effects, so as to be manned the construction elevator equipment must be installed progressive anti falling safetydevice.Personal recommendations: the use of progressive anti falling safety device, I remember a name: Kim Erhui brand is good, the price is also possible!
Q:How do you cut the wire with pliers?
Put the wire on the inside edge of the pliers, and the clamp is broken
Q:How do I add hydraulic oil to the hydraulic crimping pliers?
Crimping pliers from the fuel tank, a power mechanism, a reversing valve, pressure relief valve, pump oil pump oil mechanism. The mechanism is composed of a pump body, high and low pressure oil hole, eccentric shaft, bearing and a driven gear and a pair of high pressure oil pump and a low pressure oil pump, oil pump body suspended solid in oil tank. High and low pressure oil hole is arranged in the pump body, the pressure relief valve and the circuit connection, the eccentric shaft is longitudinally arranged, the central upper end is pivoted on the pump body is fixed at the lower end is provided with an eccentric bearing, the driven gear is fixed on the top of the eccentric shaft, connecting with the power mechanism, high and low pressure oil pump suspended solid in the pump body. A unique and eccentric bearing contact actuator, pump cavity of high and low pressure pump respectively with high and low pressure oil holes.
Q:Elevator safety rod pull rod action principle?
The safety tongs are only useful for falling down, and the overspeed will only operate the speed limiter switch. Down speeding will first action speed limiter switch, the safety circuit of the elevator outage when the car stop, but also because of inertia continue to glide down, pull the card machinery overspeed governor rope which makes the safeties. For overspeed protection, the rope clamp is used and the speed limiter switch circuit is used.
Q:Using the method of stripping pliers?
By hand if stripping pliers groove is then a simple select wire size a pull on the line. If and oblique mouth pliers like, it depends on the handle, clip to a certain degree of strength, a pull on the line.
Q:What's the difference between a ratchet wire cutter and an ordinary wire cutter?
Basically, there is no difference, that is, there is a gear in the middle of the ratchet screen pliers, and the habit of using the gear feels that the gear can be stuck when you press the crystal head
Q:What's the difference between the brake caliper and the brake disc? What's the usage?
They are all parts of disc brakes. The brake disc is a rotating element and is disk shaped.
Q:Why is not available at the same time around the two wire clamp ammeters
If a fire is a zero line, two lines of the magnetic field generated by the opposite offset, no magnetic field through the clamp meter,
Q:Principles of application of instantaneous and progressive safety tongs for elevators
If the car is fitted with a number of safety guards, they shall be all progressive.

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