American Style Heavy Duty Combination Plier

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Item specifice:

Spec.: 6 Material: Carbon steel Model.No: 201126

Product Description:

American style heavy duty combination plier

1.Material :Carbon steel American style heavy duty combination plier

2.Color:green handle American style heavy duty combination plier



5.Sample:Samples free if customer bear the courier cost.

6.Production capacity:10000pcs per month



1. Samples free if customer bear the courier cost.

2. Samples time: please check with service person if you need samples.


Advantage and Innovation:

1. Made of high quality carbon steel 

2. comfortable handle when you use it

American Style Heavy Duty Combination Plier

American Style Heavy Duty Combination Plier

American Style Heavy Duty Combination Plier

this is our workshop,professional pipeline,professional worker,we also a big warehouse for stock,so whether you want to buy 1 pc or 100pcs ,we can delivery to you soon.


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Q:What is the difference between a disc brake and a stationary float?
Suspension type generally refers to pliers floating, and the single side piston pushes the friction plate to drive the pliers to slide to clamp the brake disc;
Q:How do I use hydraulic clamps to connect the cables to the middle?
If the specifications are suitable, the specific steps are as follows:The cable core has been opened and stripped, no big size deviation, etc., and the connecting pipe is sheathed to ensure that both ends of the connecting pipe have been resisted.Use the appropriate die, the connecting pipe sleeve of hydraulic pliers, careful not to damage the cable in the process of insulation, crimping begins before the guarantee is a straight line that is on both sides of the cable cable on both sides of 1~2 meters in length in the horizontal and vertical plane are straight.
Q:The novice asks for help. How does the pliers pinch the current?
After normal operation, the line current is 3 times the square root of the current phase. But you always measure the line current.
Q:In real life, what can an old vise do?
Cut export can be used to cut the metal wire wire, wire and other hard; insulating plastic pipe pressure 500V above the pliers, it can be charged to shear wire. Used of nails or nails and wire
Q:Can you carry the appliances in the nail clippers by plane?
In accordance with the announcement issued by the General Administration of civil aviation of china:Passengers who take domestic flights are prohibited from carrying liquid goods, but they can be checked in. The packages shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the civil aviation transportation.Passengers carrying a small amount of travel cosmetics, each with a limit of cosmetics, its container volume of not more than 100 milliliters, and should be placed in an independent bag, subject to open bottle inspection.
Q:Wire clamp and clamp what role
Wire cutters are used for clamping or bending thin, cylindrical metal parts and cutting wires. The side edges of the wire cutters can also be used for cutting thin metal wires. Note: the use of pliers pliers used to do, can not use overload.
Q:What lever does nail clippers belong to?
The force of the lever ABC is analyzed and a schematic diagram is drawn: from the diagram it can be seen that the power arm is larger than the resistance arm, so the lever ABC is a labor-saving lever;
Q:How can I get a crystal head without a cable clamp?
The crystal head is made of copper on the map, squeezed through the wire clamp and pierced through the wire sheath, touching the copper wire.
Q:Six types of RJ45 crystal head, is it necessary to use a dedicated six types of line clamp?
The RJ45 consists of plugs and sockets, and the connectors of the two components are connected between the wires to achieve electrical continuity of the wires. The core of the RJ45 module is the modular jack. A gold-plated wire or socket hole can maintain stable and reliable electrical connections between modular sockets and shrapnel.
Q:How to use a clamp meter right? Use should pay attention to what matters?
1. before measuring, should first check whether intact core rubber insulated clamp. The jaw should be clean and free of rust, and there is no obvious gap after closure.2 when measuring, the current should be measured and the proper range should be chosen. If you can't estimate, you can select a larger number of courses, then reduce the number of files to the appropriate gear. When converting the range gear, it must be done in the case of no electricity or under the opening of the jaw so as not to damage the meter.3 measurement, the measured wire should be placed in the middle of the jaw with jaw, face such as noise, should be re opening and closing time, still have the noise, should handle the joint surface, in order to make accurate readings. In addition, not at the same time around the two wires.4 measurement of the electric current is less than 5A, to get more accurate readings, when conditions permit, the wire around a few more laps, into the jaw measurement, the actual current value should be put into the meter reading divided by the number of jaw root wire.5 before and after each measurement, the switch of regulating current range should be placed in the most advanced position, so as not to damage the meter when measuring the frequency range without selecting the next time.

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