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Light stripping: Comfortable handle Whole heat treatment: Precision grinding

Product Description:









 Key specification:

1.cut any cleanly strips electrical wire from 10 to 22 gauge

Insert tip of wire into marked holes to determine the size of the wire to be stripped 

Squeeze the handle to strip easily and without nicking the wire

2.crimps both insulated and non-insulated ignition terminals

3.tool has black oxide finish for rust resistance

4.Vinyl clad cushion grip handles insulate as well as provide comfort of use



Using the method of the wire stripping pliers


Key points:

 according to the diameter of the wire, the wire stripper blade aperture


1.According to the thickness of the cable type, select the corresponding stripping knife

2.The cable will be ready in the middle stripping tool blade, to choose a good length of wire stripping

3.Hold the stripping tool handle, cable clip, cable force slowly slowly peeling off the outer skin


4.Loosen the tool handle, then remove the cable, cable metal neatly exposed outside, the rest of the plastic insulation intact.




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Q:What brand of pliers is good for use and durable?
European imports of more durable products, domestic cost-effective, it is best to choose a professional dealer or manufacturer, to ensure the quality and life of crimping.
Q:The working principle of elevator safety tongs
The guide shoe fixed on the car can move up and down along the fixed guide rail mounted on the wall of the building hoistway to prevent the car from skewing or swinging during operation. Normally closed block brake in the motor work, loose brake, so that the elevator running, in the case of power failure braking, so that the car stopped lifting, and at the designated level station to maintain its static state, for personnel and cargo access.
Q:How to use a measurement of three phase current
Clamp type table close to the closed jaw during measurement, after the closure of such as noise, can open a jaw full weight, if still can not eliminate noise, should check the magnetic circuit the jointing surface is smooth, with dirt to wipe clean.
Q:How do you use the C4 tool Tong? What do you feel about what you've used? What's the effect?
When you buy the C4 tool holder, you will be in automatic use. When you bomb or missile when the progress bar less than others section, that is to say you possibly finish faster. It's useful for defenders, because there's always a lack of time to dismantle them.
Q:How to use the package parts automatic stripping pliers?
It's measured in length. There is a fixed screw, fixed on the side of the bevel, and then adjust the position of that piece. When the wire stripping from the other side into this position, the length of each line to the same.
Q:Six types of RJ45 crystal head, is it necessary to use a dedicated six types of line clamp?
It is better to use six kinds of wire pressing pliers. If you press less, there are no six kinds of wire pressing pliers, and more than five kinds of crimping pliers can also be used.
Q:What does "cut in" mean?
From the object of application, the embedded system is a complex of software and hardware, and can also cover the accessory devices such as machinery. The generally accepted definition of embedded system is application centric, based on computer technology, hardware and software can be cut, to adapt to the special computer system application system, strict requirement of function, reliability, cost, volume and power consumption.
Q:So many varieties of pliers, where to buy the most complete?
A lot of jaws in the form of a common flat flat mouth, mouth, nose, mouth, mouth bent round style, can meet the needs of different shapes on the workpiece. According to the main function and the nature of the use, the pliers can be divided into clamping pliers, pliers, stripping pliers, pipe pliers etc..
Q:The current connection with triangle three-phase motor clamp meter measured the phase current and line current
General with the alternating current wires are respectively connected to two different phase line, clamp meter from the root voltage of 380V wire on the measured phase current, wire line end is the other side is the wire clamp ammeters from the voltage of 220V wires measured for the line current.
Q:The structure and technical analysis of the use of Web jaws pliers, the more detailed the better, thank you!
Note clamp clamping workpiece:(1) the machined surface of the workpiece must be higher than the jaw; otherwise, the workpiece should be padded with a parallel pad.(2) in order to hold the clamp firmly and prevent the workpiece from loosing during the planing, the flat surface must be put on the pad and jaw. To make the workpiece tightly on the pad iron, should side clamping, with a hand hammer to tap workpiece sub surface, smooth plane with copper to prevent knock knock to smooth surface.(3) in order not to damage the jaw and maintain the machined surface, the copper is pressed at the jaw at the time of clamping the workpiece.D, hand move the iron pad to check the clamping degree, such as loose, between the workpiece and the pad iron don't fit well, should loosen the clamp to clamp(4) lack of rigidity: the workpiece needs to be clamped so as to avoid clamping force to deform the workpiece.

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