Encrypted Mobile Credit Card Reader For Android And ios Operating System Reading Track1 and 2 Supply SDK Software Development

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Encrypted Mobile Credit Card Reader For Android And ios Operating System Reading Track1 and 2 Supply SDK Software Development


1) Products Description

This products is an innovative device of mobile POS with slim size, low cost, high security, high reliablility and high compatibility. It can settle the payment transaction through swipping bank card or credit card through the samrt phones, MID at anytime and anywhere.


1. Slim size: light and slim size for high portability.

2.Reduce investment:The user may use own mobile phone to complete the transaction. No need to invest for theheavier POS or ePOS.

3.High Security: Date is encrypted before transmitted to the mobile phone. Avoid the possibility of being stolen by Trojan horses.

4.High reliablility:Embedded professional decoder IC speed up the decoding. High swiping performance.

5.Ultra low power consumption:Power up by button cell.Peak operating current<1MA, which could be the lowest power consumption in the similar products.

6.High compatility:Support bidrectional communication between phone and device.Compatible for domestic and imported mobile phones. Cn support 90% or above smart phones.


 3) Parameters







Power source

power up by button cell,(depend on customer:can be powered up by audio jack of mobilephone)
connecting wayconnect by 4pin 3.5mm earphone of cellphone,no need cable
reading cards typemagnetic strip card,such as debit card,credit card,membership cards
Decode typeBuilt in hardware decoder
magnetic strip encrypting wayhardware encryption,built in special magnetic strip encryption chip,enhances encryption succeed rate
battery life 20,000times for normal swiping 
battery standby time5years
swiping speed3IPS to 70IPS
swiping directionsbidirectional 
encryptionswiped data encrypted before sent to mobilephone 
encrypting methodsupport 3DES(TDES) or AES for option,support FIXED or DUKPT secret key management algorithm
encrypting speedless than 200ms(complete datas encryption from all tracks)
support cellphone systemiOS,Android system
CompatibilityHardware:iPhone series   iPad, iTouch  Android
software:SDK Driver
peak currentless than 1mA
EnvironmentalOperating Temperature: 0 centigradeCto 55 centigrade   enon-condensing Storage Temperature: -30 centigrade  to70 centigrade  non-condensing Humidity: Maximum 95% non-condensing, dry storage
dimensions and weight41.7mm*30mm*13.7mm,18g


3, Other Information 


1) MOQ:5pcs(you can also buy some sample for testing first)


2) Lead Time:samples(1-3days),large order(3-15days) 


3)Support reading track1 and track2,with button cell in it 



these are general delivery time,exact arrive time are also influenced by customs declaration


situation and customers’ cooperation!


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Q:What is the difference between a charger and a power adapter?
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Q:What are the main features of the electric card reader?
1. High-performance embedded, non-contact IC card high-speed read and write modules;
Q:What are the card reader problems?
The reader has a semiconductor and USB slot connected to the site but because of the card reader repeatedly caused by the connection parts of the wear and tear caused by poor contact! So sometimes you can read the card! But the probability is very low! For example, multi-function
Q:What is the reason why the function is incorrect when the card reader is plugged in?
3. The USB interface is locked.
Q:How is the card reader used?
3. After confirming that the built-in card reader of the notebook supports the memory card on hand, find the correct card reader slot and insert the memory card (with the metal node facing down), the memory card can only be inserted in the correct direction,
Q:What are the disadvantages of the card reader?
External is less this problem, but to take up a USB socket.
Q:What happens when the card reader is plugged in?
1, boot press F8 into the safe mode after the exit, select the restart or shutdown at boot, you can enter the normal mode (repair the registry).
Q:What is the use of the reader?
4. If the memory card is not the type of notebook computer reader support, then you can buy a USB interface, multi-function card reader.
Q:What are the advantages of the card reader?
And file access is not restricted by file type.
Q:Charger output current is not enough to affect the battery Mody
There are two ways to charge nickel and nickel-metal hydride batteries, that is, we all know "fast charge" and "slow charge."

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