Write ISO 7816 Smart Card Reader-58

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This is a new product which is a smart card reader used for reading cards to make you more convenient from the ATM/bank.The CHIP support EMV2000 level 1 certification .Through the computer you can use this smart card to read the information of bank card/Credit card /ID card card and so on.The best for your choice!




Power voltage


Power consumption


Connecting Interface

USB 2.0(full speed) 12Mbps

IC card communication speed

Up to 115,200 bps


Operation temperature:0~45 

Storage temperature:-35~70




Compliant IC card standard

Memory card:Synchronous 2-line,

3-line and I2C Interface

CPU card:Comply with IS07816-1,2,3 T=1 and T=0 proprietary

Driver support

Win7/Vista/Win XP/2000/ME/98/NT4.0/CE;Linux;Mac OS X

SDK(software library)

PC/SC compliant,CT-API;Proprietary API

Bundle software

SIM/UIM Card editing software

Support driver standard

CCID,PC/SC standard,WHQL


ISO7816 Comply,EMV2000 L1 certified


N99:W85*H72*D17mm   N68:W61.8*H68.3*D16.5mm 




Approx 120g

Housing material



IC card:200,000

Card acceptor type

User card: Friction type

Cable length(cm)

USB A 120cm


2 LED indicators: green,blur &red


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Q:how can i put a video on my cellphone using mobile card reader?
u need to have an separate card reader or an in biult card reader in ur laptop.insert the memory card into the card reader hen transfer ur videos normally like u do it with ur pen drive.e.g. copy and paste the videos into the videos folder in ur card
Q:I have an Apple PC. Just purchased a Dynex memory card reader plug n play usb 2.0. Nothing is happening. What?
From their manual: Question 2: How do I set up my card reader on a Mac? 1. Plug the small end of the included USB cable into the card reader and the other end into an available USB port on your Mac. 2. Insert a card into the appropriate slot. The green LED lights and a new icon appears on the desktop. Caution: Cards must be inserted into the correct slot and label side up; otherwise, you may damage the card and/or the slot. 3. Double-click the new icon to access the data on the memory card.
Q:How can I get PayPal Here Card Reader without giving up my social security number?
Paypal has a legal obligation to verify and identify their users and providing your SSN is what is required for them to know that you are who ou say you are. This is prevent people using PayPal with fake names and addresses to launder money from illegal activites and or fund terrorism. There isn't a way around it sorry to say. You don't have to do anything you don't want ie give out information, but PayPal will not allow you to continue to use their facilities.
Q:What does it mean when a card reader tells you: You are going to die within 17 days?
A card reader or fortune teller who tells you you are going to die soon is a charlatan and out to try to frighten you. take no notice. Death in a dream signifies the death of an era or happening in your life and the start of something new - sometimes it signifies a birth in the family. Again there is nothing for you to be afraid of.
Q:Restart computer to use card reader??
in this removable disk miss the device. try that : right click with my computer -properties - hardware -device manager - double click with disk drives (there is usb -cf ,ms ,sd , sm reader) - right click with usb cf reader -update driver -no, not this time - next -install from a list or specific location( advanced) -next - don't search i will . - next - click show compatible hardware - click in this hardware (to make blue) - next (continue anyway) .and that is for all (ms,sd ,sm) . if still don't work try to install from your computer cd that device . good luck !
Q:Memory Card Reader? Please help?
You need not to worry. You can have a Memory Card Reader USB device. Just insert your card in that device and plug in the device in your PC USB. Then you can easily transfer your files to PC just copy paste
Q:What is a USB Card Reader? I know they deal with memory cards information, please?
A usb card reader is just a internal (inside) or external (outside) device that connects to your computer by a cable, more than likely a usb cable, which connects to your usb port on the computer! All it really does is provide you with a place to put in your memory card so you can view whatever is on your card on your computer! And once you see it on your computer, you can copy it to your computer, delete it from your card, or do whatever manipulation to the files that you want. Thats mainly what its used for just to allow your computer to see whats on your memory card.
Q:USB card reader not working right?
To recover your files you can download a flash recovery program. I think your partition file was overwritten. Then reformat with a flash format program. Just search flash format free demo.
Q:I can't get my memory stick pro duo out of my card reader?
you will want the adapter to maintain on with the cardboard in any gadget that takes the favored memory stick. if uncertain there is so little improve in cost to get one with an adapter lined then you definitely extremely've it in case you opt for it.
Q:What good GSM SIM card reader applications are there?
Viber is the my favourite program for chats and free calls over the internet. Here is a good link to download it j.mp/1pkphQ9

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