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Q:Who knows, the difference between plate flange and hubbed flange in the application.
Hubbed flange is imported from abroad, used for gas valves, gas pipelines etc.. Because of a short neck, flange stiffness can be improved and bearing capacity improved.
Q:PROE flat sheet metal design whole wall and the flange wall what is the difference?
General flat wall more, but both are useful, if a sheet folded 8 bend, flange 8 bending murals in the shape of a stretched out, but with a flat wall is painted 8 times,
Q:What's the thickness tolerance of neck flange?
Technical specification for GB/T15530.8-1995 copper alloy and composite flangesDifferent standards require different tolerances. You can choose what standards you want
Q:What's the meaning of the middle flange? What's the difference between the flange and the flange?
Fran: it's an exotic language. English Name: flange, flange is to make the two cavities connected to the protruding parts or components.
Q:What is the SO flange?
Hubbed flange. The other can query HG20592-2009, there are inside.
Q:In the fire fighting pipeline, how is the flange piece quantity calculated?
1, the fire pipe flange to vice as a unit, apply eighth copies of the corresponding items.2, flange (Flange), also known as flange or flange. The flange is the part that connects the pipe to the pipe and is connected to the end of the pipe. There is a bolt hole on the flange which bolts the two flanges tightly together. Flanges are usually sealed with gaskets (flanges, gaskets).3, fire pipes, as the name suggests, is for the establishment of fire pipe system, due to special needs, fire pipes thickness and material have special requirements, and spray red paint, fire water transmission.
Q:What is the silk flange?
Generally refers to the pipe, pipe connections, the commonly used way is divided into: silk and flange two. The screw thread is a screw thread connection; the flange is to weld the two end of the connecting pipe on the convex ring, drill a few holes, and penetrate the bolt in the hole to connect."Wire flange" is the combination of two ways, is a separate connection, that is, pipe flange thread connection, the flange is not welded to the pipe end, but threaded with the pipe end connection.
Q:Flange specification PL20 (B)
PL slip on plate 20 is DN (B) is a series of B with diameter of 25 steel which belongs to the national standard or Western Europe
Q:What do butt welding flanges WN300-150, RF, Sch40 mean?
WN said neck flange; 300 said flange nominal diameter DN300 welding diameter of 325MM, the 150 refers to the nominal pressure flange is 150LB (pounds) system will usually only America in pounds nominal pressure; RF said flange sealing surface for ordinary raised face seal, SCH40 said steel tube wall thickness, the thickness is 10.31MM general welding neck flange with ring loose flange complete specifications are required to fill in the pipe wall thickness.
Q:What is the waterline of flanges?
Its function is to form labyrinth seals when flanges are connected to reduce leakage of gas or liquid!Prepare a chart, but not.

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