BS1387 /ASTM A53 Galvanized Pipe/G.I.PIPE

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Product Description:

Quick Details

· Thickness: 0.75 - 8 mm

· Section Shape: Square

· Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

· Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary

· Application: Oil Pipe

· Technique: Cold Drawn

· Certification: API

· Surface Treatment: Galvanized

· Alloy Or Not: Non-alloy

· Surface Treatment: Galvanized

· Length: 3m-13.5m

· Application: liquid /structure/construction/chemical

· Brand Name: CNBM-CMAX

· Outer Diameter: 21.3 - 273.1 mm,1/2''-10''(21.3mm-273.3mm)

· Certification: ISO

· Welding Line Type: ERW

· Model Number: ASTM A53,BS1387/1985,EN39

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Packing Term: 1) In bundle with steel strips; 2) First packing by plastic bag then strips; Details packing please see the picture in the detial description. 3) In bulk 4)Client' requirements Delivery Term: 1) Container: 25 tons/container for pipe with usual outer diameter. For 20' container the max length is 5.85m; For 40" container the max length is 11.8m. 2) Bulk carrier: It is no requirements to the length of the pipe. But its booking space time is long.

Delivery Detail:

acco. to actual weight


Galvanized Pipe/G.I. Pipe
Zinc coating: 60-500g/m2

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Q:What are metric tubes and British tubes? What's the difference between them? How do you choose flanges?
It's just a different unit. English is expressed in inches of steel pipe size metric is in meters that steel tube: Imperial size in inches, is an international pipe size series, commonly known as "big diameter series" metric tube: the unit is mm, is a series of pipe size is widely used for decades of domestic chemical industry and other industrial sectors the Department, commonly known as "small diameter series" inch thick wall series uses the pipe schedule number Sch.XX; while the wall thickness metric tube from 2mm, interval 0.5mm, 10mm interval is 1mm. The difference between metric and inch tube tube is the largest pipe diameter is not the same. Like DN50, metric tube diameter is 57, 60.1 inch diameter flange type connection structure: the pipe flanges and pipe is divided into the following six basic types: flat welding, butt welding, socket welding, loose screw flange and integral flange. The seal type flange sealing surface of a table, the entire plane, convex concave convex surface, groove, ring groove five.
Q:What's the DN100 flange?
Flanges (Flange), also called flanges, flanges, or flanges. A flange is a part that is connected between the pipe and the pipe, used for the connection between the ends of the pipe. It is also used for the flange on the entrance and exit of the equipment. It is used for the connection between the two devices, such as the reducer flange.
Q:What does the 6 11/4 mark on the flange face mean?
This is the American Standard. "6" means "DN150 11/4", which refers to "DN32", "11/2", "DN40", "" and "DN80"
Q:What are the standards of the Australian standard flange?
You download it and see it, and American Standard Astm B16,9 standard JIS B2220-2004 European standard EN 1092-1-2005 set is basically the same, butt welding, welding, blind plate has more flat out. Just without thread and socket flange.
Q:Magic Baby, where is the entrance to the North Garden of flange city?
Find the coordinates of the flowers you want, then collect them.
Q:How to go from the city to the flange Akailufacun?
One is to go to Gelaer City, not on the wrong boat,And then into the Akailufa channel (cost 500MB), and other crew tips what time come from the ship, the ship and crew to speak for 5 minutes, then go to the Akailufa port ship right away to go to the central area, if you want to Akailufa to have a mission to settle out
Q:Taiwan version Ma flange effect, okay?
For Asians is certainly some version of the Taiwan version of bede. The Chinese version of Taiwan is called wake. However, it is difficult to buy this medicine at home.
Q:What do you mean by flange?
1. flange flange connection flange (flange) connection is an important connection pipeline construction. Flange connection is the two pipes, fittings or equipment, each first fixed on a flange on the flange between the two, and flange pad, fastened together with bolts, completed some fittings and connected. Equipment have built flange, flange connection also belongs. Sub threaded flange connection (wire) flange and welding flange. Low voltage and small diameter wire flange, high pressure and low pressure are the use of large diameter welded flange, different pressure flange thickness and bolt diameter and the number is different according to different levels of pressure. The flange pad also has a variety of materials, from the low pressure and high pressure asbestos asbestos pad pad to the metal pads are flanged. Easy to use, able to withstand greater pressure. In the industrial pipeline, flange connection is very wide Pan. Within the family, the small diameter of the pipe and low pressure, see flange connection. If a boiler room or a production site, everywhere is the flange connection of pipes and equipment. Also called flange or flange. The pipe and pipe interconnected parts. The holes are connected to the pipe end. Flange wear, bolt, so that the two flange abuts. The flange gasket seal. Flanged fittings (flanged pipe fittings) with a flange (flanged or disk) pipe. It can be cast into a (figure not available), may also be threaded or welded flange connection (flange,. Joint) composed of a pair of flanges, a gasket and a plurality of bolts and nuts. Gasket on the flange sealing surface between the two, tighten the nut, the gasket on the surface pressure reaches a certain value after the deformation, and fill uneven sealing surface, so that does not leak tight connection. The flange connection is a removable contact Answer.
Q:Flange "WN100 (B) -16RF S=6" and "SO50 (B) -16RF", "PL200 (B) -16RF" represent what kind of flange,
According to your model, it should be the chemical department HG20592-2009, this is the latest version of the implementation standards, you first look for it
Q:The soul of darkness, how about the souls on the slopes beside the cursed frogs outside 3 flanges?
Extinguish the flames of the 3 towers; open the doors; there is a way to go there

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