BHGH threaded hub flange flange stainless steel

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Product Description:

· Size: DN1000

· Material: Carbon Steel

· Standard: GOST

· Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

· Model Number: GOST,DIN,ASME,GB

· Brand Name: CNBM-CMAX

· use: for valve and connection

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wooden case and pallet

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shorter time


2.material: CT.20.12X13.10X17H13M2T
3.size: DN15-1800

we can produce flange GOST12820,12821.

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Q:Is the forged flange and cast flange raw material slab similar? Five
Casting and forging flange flange is not the same, is the use of steel or steel forged flange through blanking - heating - forging - lathe - - - - type oil packing factory etc.,Casting flange is the use of iron, iron grinding electric furnace melts, the molten iron is poured into a mold, cooling, processing, and some extra processing procedures, is that, molten iron is poured into a mold, molding after heating in forging a processing form.
Q:PROE flat sheet metal design whole wall and the flange wall what is the difference?
General flat wall more, but both are useful, if a sheet folded 8 bend, flange 8 bending murals in the shape of a stretched out, but with a flat wall is painted 8 times,
Q:What's the difference between RF flange and RJ flange?
The difference between the RF flange and the RJ flange is that the seal is different.RF flange is a face seal surfaceRJ flange is ring connection sealing surface
Q:Where is the difference between the double flange limit expansion joint and the double flange transmission joint?
From the model:Double flange limit expansion joint is VSSJA-2, referred to as B2F; double flange transmission joint is VSSJAF, referred to as C2FFunctionally:Double flange limited telescopic joint is mainly used in the allowable displacement range absorb axial displacement and axial pressure pipeline thrust, loose connection is especially suitable for the pipeline vibration or have a certain inclination and turning in. It can prevent the pipeline due to excessive displacement caused leakage and damage compensation joint.
Q:What is the flange? What are its application areas and principles?
The flange is used for connecting and sealing the head of the container and the cylinder. The container can be disassembled from flange and convenient for maintenance.
Q:How much is a bottle of Ma Falan produced in Switzerland?
Melphalan not produced in Switzerland, is a British GlaxoSmithKline Co (GlaxoSmithKline), referred to as GSK production, currently in the Hongkong market sales from Germany, Turkey India Taiwan (wake tumor) prices are more than HK $1000
Q:Flange diameter 190, diameter 80 is a few inches of 5
How do you calculate the size of the flange?,This is not we can calculate and design, flange design and production is standard. China's standards are mainly petrochemical standards (SH) and the original Ministry of chemical industry standards (HG), in addition to the national standard (GB). In addition, countries have different standards, and a country may have several standards.How many inches do you calculate?The inch should be in inches, inches in size, 2.54 centimeters in =1 inchesThe flange diameter is 190 and the inside diameter is 80 inchesIt's 3 inches.What's the inside diameter or what?Diameter refers to nominal diameter. Nominal diameter can only indicate the size of the pipe and can not indicate the exact size of the pipe.The same nominal diameter of the pipe according to the pressure level, purpose, material, and its internal and external diameter is not the same (this means the same standard).A simple example is to the market to buy our house water, when you go to the market to buy, businesses will say "4" (read: 4) "this is the nominal diameter, then people will ask you to be thick or thin, this is the same nominal diameter under different tube.
Q:About flange 5
Should mark "DN", is the nominal diameter of the code.Is the nominal diameter size after the roundness of the numerical repair to the mantissa, in order to simplify the mark.Germany, China ISO, nominal diameter are DN.
Q:Flange specification PL20 (B)
This is American Standard flange welding plate flange American Standard 20 pounds
Q:Flange PL40 (B)What does PL40 mean in flange PL40 (B) -1.6RF304HG20593-97?
RF refers to the sealing surface of the flange for the projection type; 1.6 is nominal pressure 1.6MPa; 304 is the flange material. The latest standard is HG/T 20592-2009, steel pipe flanges, gaskets and solid parts, instead of HG20592~20635-1997.

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