weld-on collars

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pipe ends of the concrete pump, weld-on collars.

Forging Concrete Pump Pipe Weld-on Collar
2.40CR(ASTM 5140)
4. High quality and long lifetime

1. Sizes : DN125,DN 150,DN175.
2. Types :SK fangle, ZX flange, DH Flange,Twin Wall Flange

3. Material :ST52, 20# etc.

4. Usage : Welded on pipe and elbow, they are widely used on Sany,PM,Schwing, IHI,  Junjin , KCP , Everdigm concrete pum pipe, elbow.

5.Certificate :ISO9001-2000


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Q:Who can tell me what "DN" and "PN" mean in flanges, and what does PN16 stand for?
DN----- through the flange -- such as pressure DN15. with Phi 18 DN25.
Q:I am learning machinery, there is a book in the book, LAN type,
Flange typeFlange connection is an important connection way for pipeline constructionFlange connection is the two pipes, fittings or equipment, each first fixed on a flange on the flange between the two, and flange pad, fastened together with bolts to complete the connection. Some fittings and equipment have built flange, flange connection also belongs.
Q:How much is a bottle of Ma Falan produced in Switzerland?
Melphalan not produced in Switzerland, is a British GlaxoSmithKline Co (GlaxoSmithKline), referred to as GSK production, currently in the Hongkong market sales from Germany, Turkey India Taiwan (wake tumor) prices are more than HK $1000
Q:Is the forged flange and cast flange raw material slab similar? Five
Forged flanges and cast flanges use different levels of stress, and forged flanges can be used in high and low pressure pipelines,Casting flanges can only be used for non pressure lines, otherwise leakage is very easy.Hebei bend flange, my name is Liu Jiangong.Flange production using continuous casting does not mean that the flange is casting, can only say that raw materials are not up to standard. Let's pay for the goods. High pressure pipe, as far as possible the use of round steel material.
Q:What does the flange 20592-MFM stand for?
MFM refers to the upper and lower flange of the matching structure of the sealing surface, is the concave convex surface of the matching: M is convex, FM is concave.
Q:Are couplers and flanges the same thing for optical fiber? Five
For a waveguide type fiber coupler, it is generally a component with Y - type branching, and the optical signal input by one optical fiber can be divided into equal parts. When the opening angle of the coupler branch increases, the leakage of light to the cladding will increase, resulting in excessive loss, so the opening angle is generally within 30 degrees, so the length of the waveguide type fiber coupler can not be too short.
Q:What are the advantages of a flanged plunger valve?
Shanghai Guardian valve believes that the design and manufacture of flanged plunger valve is to solve the defects of the common stop valve.The general cut-off valve seal with blank root filling, cannot eliminate leakage and seal from the valve flap and valve channel or plane angle seal (metal seal), the sealing surface caused by abrasion between the metal leakage and maintenance difficulties.
Q:The Ministry of chemical industry hubbed flange size PN10 and PN16 are basically the same,
PN is the pressure grade, PN10 indicates pressure of 10 kg, and PN16 indicates 16 kg of pressure.No, you can use PN16 as PN10 instead of PN10 as PN16You write very clearly,
Q:How high is the flange flange?
Generally, this size is not fixed, should be depending on the actual use of the occasion, it seems to have an empirical formula to
Q:RJ what flange is the sealing surface?
RJ is a form of flange sealing surface

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