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pipe ends of the concrete pump, weld-on collars.

Forging Concrete Pump Pipe Weld-on Collar
2.40CR(ASTM 5140)
4. High quality and long lifetime

1. Sizes : DN125,DN 150,DN175.
2. Types :SK fangle, ZX flange, DH Flange,Twin Wall Flange

3. Material :ST52, 20# etc.

4. Usage : Welded on pipe and elbow, they are widely used on Sany,PM,Schwing, IHI,  Junjin , KCP , Everdigm concrete pum pipe, elbow.

5.Certificate :ISO9001-2000


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Q:WN, SO, American Standard flange BL, TH, LJ, SW all said what 10
The 1 floor is written in English, but the translation is not professionalThese abbreviations refer mainly to the welding structures of flanges, necks and tubes or nozzlesWN [neck welding flange]Is [SO] hubbed flangeBL is [flange], also known as "blind plate.""
Q:What's the difference between RF flange and RJ flange?
The difference between the RF flange and the RJ flange is that the seal is different.RF flange is a face seal surfaceRJ flange is ring connection sealing surface
Q:Hole is a through hole on the flange surface?
Flange connection or flange connection, is defined by the flange, gasket and bolt connection between the three sealing structure of the detachable connection as a combination of group pipe flange refers to the pipeline installation of piping flange, used in equipment refers to equipment import and export flange.
Q:Shandong 03 fixed ventilation pipe flange production, installation, how to take charge?
There are five chapters in the consumption quota of installation engineering in Shandong Province, including 1, 9, 10, 11 and 12 chapters. The corresponding categories are thin steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, plastic and glass fiber reinforced plastic. Following, in accordance with the instructions in order, followed by instructions.The first chapter of the production and installation of steel sheet gout pipelineFirst, this chapter includes galvanized steel duct, ordinary steel duct, galvanized steel pipe (no flange connection), fan coil bracket accessories, connecting pipe, ventilation pipe production installation and flexible hose installation, a total of seven 30 items.
Q:What is the meaning of flange PL50-16RF
Flange, nominal diameter 50mm, voltage 1.6MPa, convex seal type.Flange generally referred to as flat, also called a welding flange. Connecting flange and pipe is the first tube inserted into the flange hole to a proper position, then take welding.
Q:What is the SO flange?
SEO hubbed flange see below: welding flange diameter steel tube inserted in. The part of the weld where the flange protrudes. Here is the sealing surface
Q:What is a stone flange?
Anti leakage: stitching seamless, smooth and smooth interface. Easy renewal: any serious damage such as burn marks, stains and cutting marks can also be restored by grinding procedures, so that the surface is as smooth as new. Yi Qingjie: solid, surface, wood, pores, dirt can be cleaned with soap, water or detergent. Sturdy and durable: professional quality guarantee, high temperature and shock resistance, high temperature resistance, the more polishing the brighter. Colorful: a variety of colors for you to choose, and your living space in harmony and unity. Widely used: kitchen and toilet countertops, sinks, window sills, handrails and so on. Penetration of Italy traditional craft adhering to the popular European life concept of flame retardant waterproof and easy to clean everywhere highlight the noble temperament natural charm fusion hundred years process Art beats nature. century products distributed everywhere more health non-toxic antibacterial natural wind random bending does not change the characteristics of the ultimate quality demanding perfect stable color fresh everywhere condensed professional exquisite decoration trend has always been leading the Home Furnishing reflect their personality out of the ordinary resilient material rich colors everywhere individuality style (two) Living Colors - color feeling stylish and colorful stone flange to make your kitchen and bathroom wall Peng Hui students, permeated with elegant and soft.
Q:Flange WN50 (B) -25 RF S=6 specific points
WN indicates that butt welding 50 means nominal diameter DN (B means B series diameter is 57) - 25 is pressure, new standard is 25 kg pressure, old standard is 250 kg pressure RF, sealing surface protrusion S=6 flange diameter thickness is pipe thickness
Q:What are the advantages of a flanged plunger valve?
Advantages of flanged plunger valves:In 1, the flange valve in the plunger and the seal ring used between the interference fit, by adjusting the gland in the flange bolts, the lateral force and the valve body sealing ring compression product in cylindrical hole surface and the plunger seal, thus ensuring the sealing performance of the valve, to prevent the internal leakage, and valve opening moments small, can realize the rapid opening and closing the valve;2, because the sealing ring adopts the strong rebound resistance and the abrasion resistance of the non-toxic new sealing material, has a long-term high temperature, high pressure without losing elasticity, so the sealing performance is reliable and durable.Extension of knowledge point:Flange plunger valve by the valve body, valve cover, stem, plunger, hole frame, ring, hand wheel and other components. When the hand wheel rotates, the plunger is driven to move up and down in the middle of the hole frame through the valve stem to complete the opening and closing function of the valve. Currently, flanged valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical, gas, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, HVAC and general industries
Q:What is the waterline of flanges?
Its function is to form labyrinth seals when flanges are connected to reduce leakage of gas or liquid!Prepare a chart, but not.

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