Electric Impact Wrench 1 Inch 1050W Professional Quality

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Item specifice:

Type: Impact Wrench Warranty: 12 Months Origin: Zhejiang, China
Power Supply Type: AC Power

Product Description:

1 Inch 1000N.m 1050W Electric Impact Wrench
1. Product Characteristics of Electric Impact Wrench:

Electric Impact Wrench 1 Inch 1050W Professional Quality

This rugged electric impact wrench delivers plenty of power without the need for a compressor. Built with a cast aluminum nose for durability the lightweight, high impact housing on this electric impact wrench means less user fatigue. This electric impact wrench has a rocker switch for one hand forward/reverse toggle.
A. Powerful torque for heavy duty applications.
B. Rocker type reversing switch for easy one handed forward or reverse operation.
C. Externally accessible carbon brushes for easy maintenance.
D. 1000N.m. of max torque
E. 12 months warranty
F. Double Insulation

2. Technical Specifications of Electric Impact Wrench:

Product Name: Electric Impact Wrench
Model No: PT0203001
Rated Input Power: 1050W
No-load Speed: 1400rpm
Max Torque: 1000N.m
Suitable Bolt Size: M24-M36
Square Drive Anvil: 1 Inch(25.4mm*25.4mm)
Net Weight: 16.6kgs
Packing With: BMC Carrying Case
Warranty: 12 Months

3. Standard Accessories for Electric Impact Wrench:

---1 Pair of extra carbon brush
---1 Pc of user manual
---1 Pc of socket

4. Our Factory View:

Electric Impact Wrench 1 Inch 1050W Professional QualityElectric Impact Wrench 1 Inch 1050W Professional Quality

1 Inch 1000N.m 1050W Electric Impact Wrench

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Q:Are there specific specifications or detailed calibration methods for the calibration of high strength bolts and wrenches before and after the shift?
Class before and after class calibration is to control the torque value, such as today's first screw, pre class calibration value of 450N.m, then class calibration should be 450N.m.Specific torque values must be calculated.
Q:How to measure the torque of the electric wrench?
There is no national standard for torque detection of impact electric wrench and there is no good method in the world.
Q:How to choose an electric wrench?
For the main purpose, the torque, torsion shear type and impact type are generally determined.
Q:Great art electric wrench 42V charger
Imports do not say, say something made in china. To communicate with the line to buy Shanghai tigers, they are AC electric wrench.
Q:Dongmenzi electric impact wrench how much money
Final tightening, torsion and shear type high strength bolts must be made of torsion shear type electric wrenches. Because of the ultimate strength of torsional shear type high strength bolts, they must be interrupted by the plum blossom heads, and only the torsional shear type electric spanner can be used.
Q:How to buy electric wrench, the company used a M10 of the six corners, and M19 is the outer six corners. Torque is relatively large.
The key is the torque accuracy requirements and speed requirements.High precision torque electric wrench with selected torque.High impact speed selective impact type electric wrench.Fixed torque electric wrench, with torque sensors and current control.Fixed torque electric wrench must also consider the problem of reaction force to overcome.
Q:How about an electric wrench?
The exhaust valve base of some batteries can be unscrewed, and the exhaust valve base can be unscrewed without opening the rubber exhaust valve. Some of the battery's rubber cap also has some padding around it. Open the lid, with a flashlight to see if there is a dry hole inside the case, that is whether the battery loss of water. The polar plates of the battery are wrapped in white fiberglass, and should be wet.
Q:Construction of high strength bolts, the use of fixed torque (adjustable) electric wrench construction
There are many kinds of fixed torque electric wrench, but the inertia has an influence on the final screw value. This is just like the distance of the automobile brake on the braking accuracy. Ordinary electric fixed torque wrench adopts series motor, which has the advantages of low price, easy start and soft characteristic. But it has high speed, big inertia, and adopts current control. The control accuracy is easily affected by the initial value. Digital torque wrench with torque sensor can be a little better. The best is to use AC servo motor with torque sensor fixed torque electric wrench, motor brake, less affected by the initial screw, but the price is expensive.
Q:What are the maintenance items of electric wrenches?
Collective:1., pay attention to check the access voltage, if the voltage is unstable, you need to add voltage regulator.2., pay attention to check the wrench power cord, can not be damaged.3., pay attention to the appearance of fastening screws are loose.4. double insulated tools do not need earthing, and non double insulation tools are connected with earth leakage protector.5. single-phase series motor, pay attention to carbon brush wear, change in time.
Q:About electric torque wrench problems, ace!
Application of fixed torque electric wrench:Electric wrench is mainly used in the steel structure installation industry, specially installed steel structure high-strength bolt, high strength bolt is used to connect the steel structure contact, usually with bolt group way.High strength bolts can be divided into torshear type and the big six angle two GB, torshear type high strength bolt for M16, M20, M22, M24 four, now has a non national standard M27, M30 two; six GB angle high strength bolt for several M16, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30 etc.. General for high strength bolts fastening must first end tight and tight, and each need to have strict requirements of torque. Fixed torque wrenches must be used for the initial tightening and final tightening of large six angle high strength bolts.

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