ec & ccs Solas Axe with wooden handle series a

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fireproof axe with wooden handle series
Material: CrV or Carbon steel.

Axe with wooden handle

1.Axe head material:high carbon steel

2.handle material:wood

3.weight:2.5  3.5lb


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Q:How to solve the problem of unreasonable fire hydrant location?
I helped you check some fire codes, and generally only specify the requirements of fire fighting facilities, without considering the relationship with other building facilities, distance and so on. But under normal circumstances, the construction facilities should not affect each other, especially security issues, absolutely rectification. You have to worry about the arrangement of the door and the trunk.
Q:What is hydrant?
Fire hydrants are separated from the rooms (such as boxes), which are not in accordance with fire regulations, and are not conducive to the timely rescue of firefighters.
Q:What is the distance between fire hydrant and standpipe?
Cold storage in the fire hydrant should be set at room temperature in the hall or staircases, to prevent freezing damage. With the fire hydrant buildings such as flat roof, should set the test for testing and inspection of fire hydrant on the flat roof, to protect buildings operation and check the fire protection system against fire spread of adjacent buildings.
Q:Can the test hydrant of single building be used for fire fighting simultaneously?
Fire hydrants from any building can be used concurrently for fire fighting.
Q:Why should fire hydrants not be more than 2m on the side of the road?
In order to facilitate fire water directly from the fire hydrant, fire hydrant distance from the roadside should not be greater than 2 m;
Q:What is the function of a fire hydrant?
It is generally believed that as soon as the fire engine arrives at the fire, water can be immediately put out and the fire put out. In fact, in the fire brigade equipped with fire engines, a considerable part of the water is not, such as lifting fire engines, rescue vehicles, fire lighting vehicles, etc., they must be used in conjunction with fire extinguishing fire engines. While some fire engines are limited in their carrying capacity, they are also in urgent need of water sources when they are extinguishing the fire. At this point, the fire hydrant will play a huge water supply function.
Q:What are the locations of fire hydrants on the road?
Paved along the road, the road width of more than 60m, should be set on both sides, and should be close to the crossroads.
Q:Can the fire hydrant box be installed under the window sill? The bottom of the sill is enough to be packed away
Indoor fire hydrant should be installed in the position of obvious and easy to operate parts. The bolt should be at the height of 1.1m from the ground or the operating base surface, and the direction of the water outlet shall be downward or 90 degrees to the wall of the fire hydrant. The distance between the bolt and the edge of the fire hydrant box shall not affect the connection of the fire hose;
Q:Hydrant hydrant water leakage is not tight, can repair it or change the plug?
Can be repaired, as long as the plug head of the rubber pad on it
Q:How to distinguish between fire pump adapter and outdoor fire hydrant from the appearance
See is rough old heavy outdoor fire hydrant from the appearance, is usually a single layout, fire pump adapter is slim, pass. In addition from the interface from the judgment: the fire pump adapter with 2 DN65 interface; the outdoor fire hydrant has 2 DN65 ports and 1 DN100 ports.

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