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fire proof helmet
fire proof helmet with reflective
fire proof helmet impact resistance
fire proof helmet flame resistance

Fire Proof Helmet
Material:High fire-proof ability reinforced plastic.
Characteristics: impact resistance, anti-penetration, flame resistance, adjustable wearing harness.
Also with the high ability of antisepsis,anti-edge impact,anti heat radialization, reflective and isolation.
Can be with waterproof flashlight.

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Q:Are there any rules for the distance between fire hydrants and fire hoses?
In principle, the fire box should be placed in the fire hydrant near, the best is 10 meters, because the best time of fire fighting is 3 to 5 minutes, until the fire spread, fire extinguishing effect is obvious, the fire box is provided to facilitate water intake, but also the sun and rain prevention function.
Q:What is a dry hydrant?
Dry fire hydrant, usually indoor fire hydrant, because the conditions are limited, can not guarantee water in the fire hydrant, dry. This set of fire hydrant, fire, fire by car or motor fire pump can pump adapter to provide fire protection water dry standpipe.
Q:Is the hand button the same as the hydrant button?
Normally, when the fire alarm button is reported manually, the probability of fire is much larger than that of the fire detector, and there is almost no possibility of false alarm. Because the manual fire alarm button alarm, the starting condition is to manually press the button to start.
Q:How do hydrants protect against frost?
Empty the drain. When the fire hydrant valve closed, automatic drain valve in the hydrant body residual water hydrant body, avoid fire hydrant bolt body;
Q:What's the disc on the valve that opens the water on the hydrant?
Fire hydrant (fire hydrant) on the tap water on the disc, called hand wheel, usually black, fire hydrant (fire hydrant main body is red).
Q:Rent a shop and make a restaurant. But must the fire hydrant be in the passage? Can you put it in the box?
When you decorate, you can consider the fire hydrant box embedded in the wall, it does not affect the appearance.
Q:What is the safe distance of the fire hydrant in the factory?
Keep a safe distance is mainly to prevent the accident can not take timely use of fire extinguishing equipment;"Fire hydrant safety management pilot measures," stipulates: "fire hydrants around ten meters prohibited piles, fifteen meters within the parking.".The provisions of the "Regulations" People's Republic of China road traffic management: "bus station and tram station, first-aid station, fire hydrant or fire brigade, gas station (station) in front of the door and the distance between the location within thirty meters of road, in addition to the use of these facilities, vehicles, other vehicles are not allowed to stop
Q:How to use fire hydrants
First of all, 2-3 people need to cooperate to complete, 1 people boiled water valve, two people clenched the gun head. Of course, one person can do it in an emergency, but other accidents may occur and the fire fighting time is delayed.The first step: open the fire hydrant box door, press the manual warning button (if any), press the button at the same time, will start the fire pump to increase the water pressure;The second step: the fire hose with one end connected to the fire hydrant water outlet hose ran to the fire quickly pulled out, and the other end of the hose connected to a gun head, a gun head at the fire;The third step: the other person turns the valve handle counterclockwise and opens the hydrant valve to extinguish the fire.
Q:What are the locations of fire hydrants on the road?
Spacing should not be greater than 120m, distance from the road edge should not exceed 2m, away from the building wall should not be less than 5m, from the outer walls of high-rise buildings should not be greater than 40m, the distance from the general building exterior wall should not be greater than 150m.
Q:The difference between single hydrant and double hydrant
Indoor fire hydrant arrangement is to ensure that two water guns (single plug) of the full water column at the same time to reach any part of the room. Fire regulations: highrise building and elevated warehouse, a and B plants, indoor fire hydrant spacing should not be more than 30 meters distance; other single-layer and multi-layer building fire hydrant should not exceed 50 meters (above refers to a single bolt). That is to say, in some occasions, it is not appropriate to set fire hydrant (Dan Shuan) within 30 meters or 50 meters distance, that is, only increasing the spacing to set up double bolts

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