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*Safe & Fire Resistant
*Environmentally Friendly
*Weather Resistant &Anti-pollution
*Process Ability

anti fire material is a new high security wall decorative fireproof  material, use noncombustible inorganic material as the core ,the outer layer is alloying aluminum. Face fluorocarbon resin coating for the protective film made of a new type of metal composite material.    

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Q:How much is a fire hydrant glass? Ask God to answer
Measure the length and width. (pay attention to the amount of the inner frame), go to the glass shop and cut a piece. Three thick glass. Install. Probably about 20 yuan. Then go to the fire shop and buy a fire extinguisher. Use the method of labeling. Just two to three yuan.
Q:What's the difference between the manual alarm button and the fire hydrant button?
The difference between the fire hydrant button and the manual fire alarm button is that one alarm is used and the other is used for starting the equipment.
Q:What's the fire hydrant interface?
You ask is not detailed, I guess you might ask is the three interface size of the outdoor fire hydrant above is not the same, the reasons are as follows: the most common outdoor fire hydrant ground hydrant has three interfaces, two 65MM diameter, a 100MM diameter, 65MM diameter corresponding to the water interface, usually a bayonet 100MM, the corresponding caliber fire truck water pipe, usually thread, to explain the end.
Q:What is the function of a fire hydrant?
It is generally believed that as soon as the fire engine arrives at the fire, water can be immediately put out and the fire put out. In fact, in the fire brigade equipped with fire engines, a considerable part of the water is not, such as lifting fire engines, rescue vehicles, fire lighting vehicles, etc., they must be used in conjunction with fire extinguishing fire engines. While some fire engines are limited in their carrying capacity, they are also in urgent need of water sources when they are extinguishing the fire. At this point, the fire hydrant will play a huge water supply function.
Q:Fire hydrant valve, hydrant hose, gun head for two places, what does this sentence mean?
Hydrants are mainly fire engines from the municipal water supply network or outdoor fire water supply network to implement fire fighting, but also can directly connect hoses, water cannons, fire extinguishing.
Q:Can outdoor fire control network and indoor fire hydrant use the same pipe network?
This type of multi-storey building and 2 kinds of multi-storey buildings, the following can be shared.
Q:The difference between the pump adapter and outdoor fire hydrant
In brief, there is water in the outdoor hydrant, which can be used for outdoor fire fighting.
Q:The principle of automatic opening of fire hydrant button
13 years after the implementation of the new police regulations, the fire hydrant alarm button is not directly connected to the pump line, only the signal bus, press the alarm button, the alarm host through the field control module to pump
Q:What is the difference between the straight line of fire pump and the straight line of hydrant?
Straight up is the switch control cabinet, 380V directly pumping. Fire hydrant is connected to 24V, fire control center is connected with control cabinet and pump is renewed
Q:Production workshop, in general, several fire hydrants
The fire hydrant set an important place in general 30 meters set a fire hydrant water bag, because the general 25 meters long. This set is designed to ensure the fire hydrant water bag, two can arrive at a place of fire. Less important places can be set at 60 meters.

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