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fire proof helmet
fire proof helmet with reflective
fire proof helmet impact resistance
fire proof helmet flame resistance

Fire Proof Helmet
Material:High fire-proof ability reinforced plastic.
Characteristics: impact resistance, anti-penetration, flame resistance, adjustable wearing harness.
Also with the high ability of antisepsis,anti-edge impact,anti heat radialization, reflective and isolation.
Can be with waterproof flashlight.

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Q:What is the diameter of the temporary fire hydrant in the construction area?
The construction area is divided into indoor and outdoor temporary fire hydrant, and the diameter of pipe is below:The diameter of fire hydrant in construction area is 100mm, and the outlet is 65mm;
Q:How can the vertical fire hydrant be properly closed?
When the vertical fire hydrant is closed, unless the at least one discharge valve is slightly opened, the executing parts are damaged, and the shutoff valve of the vertical fire hydrant is completely damaged.
Q:How much does it cost to move the fire hydrant?
There is also a possibility of demolition! In the space after the wall is removed, the two bolts can be satisfied, and then it can be removed directly! Attention should also be paid to the distance!
Q:What is the safe distance of the fire hydrant in the factory?
Indoor fire hydrant: fire hydrant should be installed in the position of obvious and easy to operate parts. Plug the mouth from the ground or the operation base height is 1.1 meters, the water outlet direction are advised to set fire hydrant wall or with a 90 degree angle downward; and the nozzle hydrant box edge distance should not affect the layout of the room connected to the fire hose, fire hydrant model to consider.
Q:1000 square meters of work with a fire hydrant. Fire extinguisher. Also need to spray system?
He is as a training school that kind of, the overall frame structure, the partition all uses the light steel keel, the plasterboard to do the partition wall. The 3 fire hydrants are evenly distributed in three positions. Without the kitchen.
Q:What is the distance between fire hydrants?
In other single and multi storey buildings, the spacing of fire hydrants shall not be greater than 50m. Minimum spacing shall not be less than 5m.Outdoor fire hydrant spacing shall not exceed 150m.
Q:Buy a house, the door of fire hydrants (fire extinguishers) good, or at the entrance to the distribution box (radiation)?
It's better to have a fire extinguisher in comparison. No radiation.
Q:The difference between the pump adapter and outdoor fire hydrant
The pump adapter is actually an interface, is the need to bring water to the inside of the pump adapter connected place is the fire pipe inside the building, you go from the outside of the water interface, indoor fire control facilities (such as indoor fire hydrant, a water nozzle) with.
Q:What is the difference between the straight line of fire pump and the straight line of hydrant?
Straight up is the switch control cabinet, 380V directly pumping. Fire hydrant is connected to 24V, fire control center is connected with control cabinet and pump is renewed
Q:What's the exact size of the hydrant?
1. size: 800*650*240, the box includes an indoor fire hydrant, a fire water gun, a fire waterproof belt, a plate thickness of 1.0mm;2. size 1200*700*240, the box includes indoor fire hydrant one or two, fire water gun one or two, fire waterproof belt one or two plates, iron plate thickness is 1.0mm;

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