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fire proof helmet
fire proof helmet with reflective
fire proof helmet impact resistance
fire proof helmet flame resistance

Fire Proof Helmet
Material:High fire-proof ability reinforced plastic.
Characteristics: impact resistance, anti-penetration, flame resistance, adjustable wearing harness.
Also with the high ability of antisepsis,anti-edge impact,anti heat radialization, reflective and isolation.
Can be with waterproof flashlight.

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Q:What are the general components of hydrant water supply system?
Indoor hydrant water supply system usually consists of the following parts,1 fire fighting water supply equipment. Including: automatic water supply equipment - fire water tank; the main water supply equipment - fire pump; temporary water supply equipment - pump adapter.2. Indoor fire water supply network. Including: the level of the water inlet pipe, dry pipe, fire standpipe etc..
Q:Why is the fire hydrant drain valve leaking?
Valve leakage water leakage and leakage, internal leakage is the main valve closed in place, sealing surface of a foreign case, damage to the sealing surface.Leakage is due to valve, hand wheel, filler or flange cushion broken, lack of bolt tension caused by leakage.
Q:What does the four button of the fire hydrant button mean?
Wire system: fire hydrant button and fire alarm controller signal two bus connection, if you need to achieve direct pump control, you need to fire hydrant button and pump control box using two wire connection;
Q:What's the difference between an indoor fire hydrant and an outdoor hydrant?
Outdoor fire water supply pipeline with high pressure, temporary high pressure and low pressure pipelines, towns, residential areas, enterprises and institutions of the outdoor fire water supply, generally uses the low pressure water supply system, often with life and production water supply pipeline with.
Q:What is a dry hydrant?
Dry fire hydrant, usually indoor fire hydrant, because the conditions are limited, can not guarantee water in the fire hydrant, dry. This set of fire hydrant, fire, fire by car or motor fire pump can pump adapter to provide fire protection water dry standpipe.
Q:Can fire hydrant decoration be packed with material?
1, the fire hydrant should be placed in the corridor or hall of public space, usually in the space inside the wall, no matter what kind of decoration on the requirements of the eye-catching label (marked "fire hydrant"), and shall not set up obstacles in its front, to avoid the impact of open fire hydrant door.2, fire hydrants in the room (such as box), does not meet the fire regulations, but also against the timely rescue of firefighters.
Q:How do hydrants protect against frost?
Do a good job of antisepsis. Fire hydrant with epoxy zinc rich paints excellent anticorrosive property, strong adhesion, fast drying, high zinc content in the films, with cathodic protection, waterproof anti rust is excellent, the fire hydrant is more resistant to aging, improve the service life of the fire hydrant.
Q:What's the difference between the manual alarm button and the fire hydrant button?
The difference between the fire hydrant button and the manual fire alarm button is that one alarm is used and the other is used for starting the equipment.
Q:Standard for fire extinguishers in the hotel with fire hydrants
The room should be equipped with escape masks and escape ropes. The corridor is equipped with a fire extinguisher
Q:How is the temporary water pipe line arranged on the construction site, and how is the fire hose line arranged? How big is the diameter?
The temporary water pipe diameter of the construction site is determined according to the number of people and the construction water consumption, and the pipeline can be temporarily connected and laid. If the outdoor fire hydrant is connected to the municipal water supply pipe, it can be combined with a living water supply pipe.

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