cool antifire matieral

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*Safe & Fire Resistant
*Environmentally Friendly
*Weather Resistant &Anti-pollution
*Process Ability

anti fire material is a new high security wall decorative fireproof  material, use noncombustible inorganic material as the core ,the outer layer is alloying aluminum. Face fluorocarbon resin coating for the protective film made of a new type of metal composite material.    

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Q:What are the general components of hydrant water supply system?
Indoor hydrant water supply system usually consists of the following parts,1 fire fighting water supply equipment. Including: automatic water supply equipment - fire water tank; the main water supply equipment - fire pump; temporary water supply equipment - pump adapter.2. Indoor fire water supply network. Including: the level of the water inlet pipe, dry pipe, fire standpipe etc..
Q:Is the water in the hydrant tap water or middle water?
The water in the hydrant is the water left in the water tower on the top floor, and also the tap water. But the water in the fire pipe is useless for a long time, so it can not be drunk. The fire hydrant water is also tap water, clean, but generally not allowed to use.
Q:Difference between starting button and alarm button of fire hydrant box
General fire hydrant button placed on the fire hydrant box, its surface is provided with a press piece, when the fire happens can directly press the red button to start the fire hydrant, the indicator light, through some external circuit connection can be realized to start the fire pump function.
Q:How can the vertical fire hydrant be properly closed?
Most vertical fire hydrants sold today are closed inside, and the cone closes from the bottom to the top. During the closing process, the cone is pulled from below into a cylindrical seal region to close the hydrant by initial radial compression. If the upper drain valve is accidentally closed before the fire hydrant is closed, the top of the hydrant will be filled with water. If the cone is pushed to the seal area when closed, the water at the upper part of the hydrant will not be removed until the hydrant is closed. When the closed cone moves up and closes the hydrant, it will squeeze the existing water.
Q:How many fire hydrants should there be in the city?
The outdoor fire hydrant (DN100) protection radius of 150 meters, however, high-rise buildings, the radius of protection by blocking, set or several adapters should each building along the street. At present, there is no index according to the urban area allocation.
Q:How can I see if the fire box is left or right?
If the fire box is on the right target main body building fire, then the fire box should be left to open the door, door in the left.
Q:What is the function of indoor fire hydrant?
Indoor fire hydrant is indoor pipe to fire water, with a valve interface, as factories, warehouses, high-rise buildings, public buildings and ships and other indoor fixed fire facility, usually installed in the fire hydrant box, fire hose and water use and auxiliary equipment etc..
Q:What is outdoor hydrant water supply system?
Outdoor fire hydrant water supply system is arranged on the outside of a building fire water supply pipe network of water supply facilities, mainly for fire engines from the municipal water supply pipe network or outdoor fire water supply network implementation of fire water, can also be directly connected with a hose and a water gun fire water, fire fighting is one of the important fire control facilities.
Q:Why is the fire hydrant red?
The sun is made up of seven colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and violet, each with its own wavelengths and anglesUnlike sunlight, which is applied to objects, different objects absorb and reflect different wavelengths of lightVarious colors are formed
Q:What's the exact size of the hydrant?
1. size: 800*650*240, the box includes an indoor fire hydrant, a fire water gun, a fire waterproof belt, a plate thickness of 1.0mm;2. size 1200*700*240, the box includes indoor fire hydrant one or two, fire water gun one or two, fire waterproof belt one or two plates, iron plate thickness is 1.0mm;

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