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alarm bell
1.Have CE certificate
2.can be customized in diffient volt and color
3professional in this field for 17years

warning bell
1) We have electric fire bells in a series of different specifications

2)  Voice in the form of vibrato

3)with intermittent. Resistance to work long hours, no electromagnetic interference. Electrical service life

4)can be based on customer requirements, customized products with different voltage
5) Welcome to E-mail us for further information


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Q:Where are hydrants located?
The corridor needs to be protected
Q:How to calculate the diameter and velocity of fire hydrant system?
The fire hydrant should be placed in the corridor or hall of public space, usually in the space inside the wall, no matter what kind of decoration on the requirements of the eye-catching label (marked "fire hydrant"), and shall not set up obstacles in its front, to avoid the effects of opening the door of the fire hydrant.
Q:What are the units of fire hydrants?
Fire hydrant mainly for fire engines from the municipal water supply network or outdoor fire water network to implement fire fighting, can also be directly connected to the hose, water gun fire extinguishing. Therefore, indoor and outdoor fire hydrant system is also one of the important fire fighting facilities.
Q:What is the thickness of the fire hydrant box thicker than that of the wall?
Well, don't worry about it. It's straight behind. But it's impossible to leave behind, and consult with Party A
Q:Fire hydrant and fire hydrant can room?
The common room for fire hydrant, evacuation door, can also be used for indoor fire hydrant, but need to the fire department, and agreed to by the fire department.
Q:How is the enriched water column defined by a fire hydrant?
26~38cm water column (Full 75%~90%) refers to the water cannon in the round section of the diameter, containing all the water volume of the dense water column length, called the length of the enriched column. Represented by Hm.
Q:Can fire water test system and fire hydrant be combined with water?
Fire hydrant fire pump can be started by fire hydrant button or multi line control, and the spray pump is to start the spray pump according to the pressure switch action.The two are independent of each other. Not to be jointly managed.
Q:Fire hydrant pump button
If embedded, a junction box can be used without the tube
Q:Proper connection of fire hose with indoor hydrant and water gun
Use of fire hose. When using the fire hose, the high pressure hose should be placed close to the water pump. The water hose after the water filling should be prevented from twisting or bending suddenly, and the collision of the water hose interface shall be prevented
Q:What is the distance between fire hydrant and road?
Outdoor fire hydrant should be evenly arranged along the high-rise building, fire hydrant from the high-rise building exterior wall should not be less than 5.00m, and should not be greater than 40m; distance from the roadside should not be greater than 2.00m. The municipal fire hydrant within this range can be counted into the quantity of outdoor fire hydrants.

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