Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings With Open Ends CJW

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100 set
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100000 set/month

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:1. industry packing: industry paper or tube + carton+ pallet 2. individual packing: single colour box+ carton+ pallet 3. based on the customers' requirement
Delivery Detail:1. within 5 days for stock 2. 18-25 days for big quantity


Q:  I have a urgent order , and want to find a good supplier in short time ,what should i do ?

A: Please send your inquiry to me ,and tell me ,the model ,quantity ,material ,package ,precision ,you need ,i will give you a quick response.


Q:  How can i get a price with a discount ?

A:  Discount according to orders .Bigger order ,less money every bearing will cost ,then discount will be bigger . 


Q:  I have a trial order ,the quantity is little ,could you manufacturing it for me ?

A:  Please contact me ,i will tell you the MOQ.If you also need we design the single box for you ,we could make it for you ,and the extra cost of the order will return you by next official order.


Q:  I don’t know your factory before ,could you tell me which company you are cooperating now ? I want to get to know your factory?

A:  Sorry ,this is our company regulation :we should not let the information of our customer out ,in the same time ,we also keep your information confidential.If you want to know more information ,you could get some free sample from our factory or visit factory if you have the time .


Q:  Does your company could accept D/P or D/A payment terms?

A:  The payment terms of our company is :30% deposit by T/T or West Union ,70 % balance against the copy of B/L.


Q:Now i have a important order ,the quality must be good ,and my customer will test the goods when receive it ,the quality must be good ,can i trust you ?

A:Our manufacturing factory was founded in 1988, with so many years professional experience,if you need some certificate to show for your customer ,please inform us ,we believe could help you to enlarge your market!


Our Advantages:

1. Excellent and high quality control

2. Prompt delivery

3. Competitive price

4. Small order accepted 

5. Customers' drawing or samples accepted

6. OEM service


1.Industry package: Plastic paper+Kraft paper,10pcs or 5pcs/roll

2.Plastic tube: 10pcs/tube or 5pcs/tube

3.Single box: plastic bag+single box, OEM supply

4.Single wooden box: plastic bag+single wooden box

5.Carton: or as your need.

6.Pallet: Wooden



Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings With Open Ends CJW

Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings With Open Ends CJW


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Q:Do cars have wheel barrens or wheel bearings?
I've never heard of wheel barrens except for my son in-law's terrible Long Island English who might pronounce bearings as barrens. Every one else is correct it's wheel bearings.
Q:What size bearings do my phil wood bicycle hubs take?
Phil okorder.com/
Q:f-250 changing front wheel bearings?
Well, what's the problem? Do you need to know how to do it? How much it cost? What are wheel bearings? You have tapered bearings. When they go bad you change the inner and outer bearing plus wheel grease seals then get them repacked. Sometimes you can just have them tightened and that fixes it
Q:Can you soak bearings in canola oil??
no they wont they will be well oiled that's all and it wont stick to them long it's to thin
Q:Speed up my skate wheels/bearings?
Probably not. Water tends to ruin bearings. Once rust starts, it can='t be stopped without damaging the bearings. Get new ones. Try Bones Reds. 2 boxes for recreational skates, one for aggressive.
Q:what solvents are good for cleaning skateboard bearings?
Honestly... unless you have very good bearings, the best thing youc an do is toss them and get a new set. Most bearings are inexpensive and rather cheaply made. If you are using something like bones swiss, then take care of them and they can last for years. What do I use to clear my swisses? Gasoline. Its dangerous, but nothing works better. Honestly, just get a new set if you are riding cheap bearings.
Q:what are the best bearings to put on a stereo vinyl cruiser (skateboard)?
If you got money for $80 dollar bearings than Bones Red Ceramics are some of the most fast best quality bearings. The fact you gonna use just cruise makes it better,cause the material ceramic is not made to resist impact well. So if you simply gonna cruise than they should last a long time. But if thats to expensive than Bones offer other bearings.. They are all quality and perform well. Some regular Bones Reds are good and fast they go for like $ 20bucks. Any bearings made by Bones are good. And Black panthers are another good quality bearing brand.. To me those 2 brands are some of the fastest ,best quality bearings .
Q:How do Bones Reds Skate Bearings compare to the ABEC Rating?
ABEC is a label.. and if you look into it the ABEC rating system you will see it is intended for industrial bearings for things such as machines in factories.. when your building something like a dumptruck or a machin that creates alluminum cans ABEC ratings matter because u dont want to have to change ur bearings for sumthing so complex so the rating system works great.. but for skateboards ABEC really means nothing because if u have ABEC rated bearings with a rating of 3 or 7 it doesnt matter because if you ollie a 8 set the shock from landing on the bearing is exactly the same. so wether u pay 30$ or 20$ for the 7 or 3 rated ABEC bearings theyr both going to break in the same amount of time. go with REDS becuase reds are cheap and theyr made by the best bearing company on the market (for skateboards)./// cheap is good
Q:Ball Bearings for pulley?
Ball bearings manufacturers give detailed procedure on how to calculate and arrive to the proper selection. I advise to contact them and obtain their catalogues.
Q:how hard is it to change front end bearings?
Very simple...On 4x4 models this is not just bearings...It is sold as a hub and bearing assembly,just get the correct torque specs from the dealer,when putting on the new nut...The new nut is sold only at the dealership,they are $14 each,DO NOT REUSE THE OLD ONES---VERY DANGEROUS. Remove tire and brake caliper hold down bracket. Remove old nut from hub. pull off old hub replaced hub with new replace old nut with new torque to dealer secs. replace caliper hold down bracket replace rim DONE!! 4x2 models are easier then this,they are just a inner and outer bearing...Make sure to replaced the bearing race also. Same steeps as above accept with a inner and outer bearing.

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