Door Making CNC Router Machine

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CNC Router engraving Machine

1.Adsorb power:4.5kw

2.Working size:1300*2500*200mm

3.Spindle rotating speed :24000rp

CNC Router Engraving Machine 

Model: XK45MT-3B   Feature: 

1. The whole lathe is thicking,scientific welded,so it will not be become distorted.

2. Two rows and four lines_rolling block devices that ensure it is high loading capacity .

3. has a power outage continued carving ,power failure recovery,processing time prediction function ,the real humanism design come true. has good compatibility and is compatible with several design software such as type 3/artcam/castmate/weitai and variety of CAD/CAM design software generate code which is processing.Ensure that the design  barrier_free.


Specification: XK45MT-3B






Table size  




X Y Z  axis working  area 




X-Y movement


Rack and pinion ,gear drive


Z  movement


Ball screw drive




Liner 20 square /Taiwan


Max speed   




Max working speed




Repeat positioning accuracy










4.5kw   Air-cooled


Spindle speed


0- 24000rpm/min


Working Voltage 


AC380/50-60Hz 3-phase


Command code   


G code


Drive motors








Computer interface


USB 2.0




Type3 ,Artcam ,Ucancam




DSP0501(digital signal processor)


Packing dimensions


2200mm*3200mm*1850mm 1400kg


Equipment available


a,Vacuum hold down


b,Auto cut adjusting device


c,Oil lubrication system


d.Clamps and vacuum fitting

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Q:How do we deal with the die thimble?
Replace the point thimble directly
Q:CPU the thimble is rotten. What shall I do?
Generally speaking, the piece of CPU is not repaired if there is no tool
Q:How do you design the placement point of the thimble in EMX4.1?
In the need to increase the location of the top, increase the reference point, define the rod to the benchmark!
Q:How can the thimble be fitted with bearings?
The structure of the utility model is an upper and a lower thimble structures, wherein the shaft is fixed in the vertical direction and is directly pressed into the rotor by the direct acting force.Thimble:Thimble (English: Die thimble) is a plastic mold parts, used in plastic mold. The thimble can also be called a putter, a pin, a needle, a needle, etc. sometimes the center of a lathe is also called a thimble.(1) in the plastic mold, the product is separated from the mold, is also the most commonly used;(2) hard alloy such as tungsten steel thimble thimble, can be used to pass long thin hole;(3) it is also called the top thimble assembly in a lathe or grinding machine, used to support the workpiece and workpiece to rotate around the head of the conical metal rods, but with plastic mould parts of the thimble is completely different things;(4) plastic mold thimble can also be used in the mold inside, it can play a stabilizing role, is called inserted needle.The types of plastic die thimble are: dome needle, needle, standard thimble, non-standard thimble, and so onPlastic mold thimble materials are SKH51, SKD61, SKD11, 65Mn and so onSKH51 thimble better toughness than SKD61; SKD61 can be 1600 degrees high temperature resistant thimble, thimble SKD61 surface nitriding can be very good to improve the wear resistance of the thimble, the thimble 65Mn because of its poor quality, the quality is brittle and easily broken, most of the plastic mold is not assembling and using 65Mn material thimble.
Q:Do you have UG drawing out of the die? How do you mean the thimble cylinder?
The thimble, the cylinder, the pillar, the simple square plate, such as (oblique top plate) can be standardized, semi-automatic drawing, point a few buttons, drawings on the OK. Check print
Q:Where is the die thimble in the best position?
Halo. Of course, hidden places, if the product surface requirements, we must avoid those places, because after the top will leave a small flying edge. And see, not at the weak. So as not to damage the plastic parts. There is, when the chute smoke side column not to interfere.Also, don't locate it just below the gate. Plastic parts by inviting in balance, the boss and the size, but also pay attention to exhaust problems. It's best to make it exhaust, that's where it's hard to exhaust.
Q:What's the use of the two thimble of the BlackBerry Z10 rear shell?
The contact point of the back cover NFC at that time. Oh, thanks. Oh, thanks.
Q:The Apple phone's thimble is not available. Can you open it??
Yes! A clip can do anything..
Q:Die casting die thimble often broken, who knows what a good way to solve it?
Breaking the needle shows that the resistance is too great when the top is pulled out, the hardware is checked and there is no strain in the deformation, so the slope of the die is properly improved.Die casting die is a method of casting liquid die forging, a process in a special die casting die forging machine. Its basic process is: first cavity liquid metal in low speed or high speed casting filling into the mold, mold cavity surface activity, it is with the metal liquid cooling process pressure forging, can eliminate the blank of shrinkage cavity shrinkage, also make the blank internal organization of forging state of crushing grain. The comprehensive mechanical properties of rough parts have been remarkably improved.
Q:Structure of resetting mechanism for ejector pin of injection moulding machine
In general case, the ejector and ejector plate of the injection molding machine are not connected together, and if they are connected together, the disassembly and assembly of the die will be very difficult. In fact, most die is reset by spring resetting mechanism. After the ejector plate is pushed out by the push rod, the push rod retracts and the spring rebound makes the thimble plate reset. The spring is installed on the guide post of the ejector plate. In a few cases, unable to install the spring to die, to connect the pusher and ejector plate, by putting back the thimble plate reset, then need a push rod extension rod (threaded at both ends, one end is rotation, reverse rotation, end) in the mold fixed before, first installed the long rod, the the push rod and the ejector plate are connected into a whole by the thread, the structure installed more trouble, so in most cases are the spring return. Some are not installed at the end of the reset mechanism, directly push out, by the closing of the die on the thimble plate reset, of course, this need to adjust the die pressure, otherwise, the mold will crash
Our products are widely applied in the wood engraving,mould making and drilling and non-metal engraving fields. Our company covers an area of 2,000 m2 with 15 assembling lines,and has more than 30 experienced workers,well trained R&D and after-sales staffs.Each year,1000 sets of machines and excellent service are provided for different demands.

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