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Product Description:



1. Materials: carbon steel, stainlesssteel, low-alloy steel and non-ferrous metals: titanium, copper,etc.

2.Medium type:chemical
3.Design Tem.:as per design
4.Design P. :as per design

5.Design service: provided

6.After-sales service: provided
7.Manufacture standard

8.ApplicationDistillation, Absorption, Extraction, Adsorption

9.Applicable Industries:petrochemical, coal chemical, precision chemical, nuclear power, metallurgical,pharmaceutical, machinery, food, pesticide, rubber, aerospace, marine, dye, newpower equipment and so on.

10. Service lifefifteen to twenty years


   reliable quality, considerate service and great price.


  Our company have professionaldesign qualification, and we can design & manufacture all kinds of equipment according to the requests of customers.

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Q:Chemical instrument simple apparatus
Thermometer is used for measuring the temperature of the instrument. It is a lot of more phyletic, digital thermometer, temperature sensitive thermometer, etc. Is commonly used in the laboratory of glass liquid thermometer. Thermometer according to use and measuring precision is divided into 2 class standard and practical thermometer thermometer, standards for the high precision of the thermometer, it is mainly used for calibrating other thermometer. Utility refers to the thermometer thermometer for actual temperature measurement, mainly in experimental thermometer, thermometers, weather thermometer, clinical thermometer, etc. Middle school rod type commonly used industrial thermometer. One of the alcohol thermometer range of 100 ℃, mercury thermometer with 200 ℃ and 360 ℃ range specifications.
Q:Consult power plant chemical water treatment system of main equipment and its working principle
Wright ryder tertiary treatment is for you to the depth of the water treatment, it will be through secondary processing water denitrification and dephosphorization process, using activated carbon adsorption and reverse osmosis method to remove the residual pollutants in the water, using ozone or chlorine disinfection kill bacteria and viruses, then treated water into ZhongShuiDao, pour out as flush toilets, spraying streets, green belts, industrial water and fire water source.
Q:Chemical explosion-proof cabinet needs grounding and ventilation equipment
Explosion-proof GuiZhu if prevent explosion brought by the fire, the fire is ruthless, so learn to guard against, explosion-proof tank is one of the important measures to effectively guard against fire. Nanyang huatong explosion-proof cabinet advantage: a, all kinds of different sizes of dangerous chemicals to provide a safe explosion-proof cabinet for your storage, packaging, and classification management; Second, the small size of chemical storage tank, can put in your workplace to store flammable items and organic agent, save you the trouble in dangerous goods storage. Even in places where small working space, small explosion-proof cabinet can offer safe storage for flammable liquids and chemicals. Nanyang huatong explosion-proof products meet the national safety standards, are widely used in the COC inspection, chemical plant, factory and so on various factories, safe to store hazardous, appropriate to reduce the risk of injuries from the fire.
Q:Chemical water fine treatment equipment to calculate pressure vessel
Chemistry "is a word, if only from the literal interpretation is the science of" change ". Chemistry of natural sciences like physics are basic science.
Q:Cleaner production machinery parts what kind of chemicals and equipment?
Carburetor cleaner production equipment by liquid filling machine, sealing machine, aerator, booster pump, mesa, frame and pneumatic components. Detailed equipment accessories have the following: 1) bolts (2) high pressure oil pipe (3) check valve inlet end 4. Aerosol propellant inlet end 5. The signal valve 6. Source sanlian pieces 7. Hand slide valve 8 signal valve on 9. 10. Single pneumatic directional valve downward gas inlet end joint 11. 12. Power cylinder upward gas inlet end joint 13. 14. Aerosol propellant cylinder aerosol propellant inlet end 15. Aerosol propellant gas side.
Q:Why should the new boiler for chemical cleaning?
Chemical cleaning of boiler is one of the important measures to ensure the safe operation of the boiler
Q:How to set the battery without professional equipment to minimize pollution
There is no this kind of method you need to ask an expert to come over guidance
Q:What is a pressure vessel, chemical machinery,
Good, the so-called container, it is a closed device, and pressure vessel, is carrying certain pressure airtight device, the device of the pressure, can from liquid, can also come from the pressure of the gas. And chemical machinery, is in the process of chemical industry production and manufacturing, the use of all machinery and equipment, such as chemical machinery, chemical equipment, chemical components and so on all belongs to the chemical machinery.
Q:Mechanical polishing a minimum of how many finish
Mechanical processing grinding surface roughness can reach 0.8, electrolytic polishing are not clear
Q:High school chemistry lab equipment need?
This simple, brother go to school to have a closer look at, you know

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