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1. Materials: carbon steel, stainlesssteel, low-alloy steel and non-ferrous metals: titanium, copper,etc.

2.Medium type:chemical
3.Design Tem.:as per design
4.Design P. :as per design

5.Design service: provided

6.After-sales service: provided
7.Manufacture standard

8.ApplicationDistillation, Absorption, Extraction, Adsorption

9.Applicable Industries:petrochemical, coal chemical, precision chemical, nuclear power, metallurgical,pharmaceutical, machinery, food, pesticide, rubber, aerospace, marine, dye, newpower equipment and so on.

10. Service lifefifteen to twenty years


   reliable quality, considerate service and great price.


  Our company have professionaldesign qualification, and we can design & manufacture all kinds of equipment according to the requests of customers.

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Q:Chemical geothermal cleaning works
The fake equipment specific circumstances: 1. The device USES the pump jet pump is: "Leo" XKJ - 1104 - s injection pump, check the instruction and found the pump is not resistant to acid and alkali. Products use three days later, found that the jet pump is acid corrosion leakage. 2. The device without product manuals, only one page of A4 paper, explain the ambiguity. 3. This equipment has no heating function. 4. For special geothermal cleaning equipment, the seller did not mention what it can use of acidic or alkaline cleaning agents.
Q:Consult power plant chemical water treatment system of main equipment and its working principle
Wright ryder tertiary treatment is for you to the depth of the water treatment, it will be through secondary processing water denitrification and dephosphorization process, using activated carbon adsorption and reverse osmosis method to remove the residual pollutants in the water, using ozone or chlorine disinfection kill bacteria and viruses, then treated water into ZhongShuiDao, pour out as flush toilets, spraying streets, green belts, industrial water and fire water source.
Q:Anion can purify the chemical smell
Normally, each small particles with a positive charge. So, the effect of negative ions in addition to the smoke is immediate. The taste is different Main ingredients are organic macromolecular material. Negative ions in the process of degradation of organic matter is relatively slow, The degradation of macromolecular substances naturally more slowly. After degradation, basically all is converted into carbon dioxide and water
Q:Chemical water fine treatment equipment to calculate pressure vessel
Chemistry is a based on the experiment of natural science. At the molecular and atomic level research material composition, properties, structure and the change rule; Create a new material science. World consists of matter, chemistry is the human to know and transform the physical world is one of the main methods and means.
Q:How to make a cup of water without refrigeration equipment in a chemical reaction can also be frozen
Then use some entropy great reaction to achieve. Such as ammonium carbonate/ammonium nitrate under the condition of alkaline dissolution, just so that thermal efficiency is not high.
Q:Chemical precipitation gas phase synthesis of nanometer fiber what kind of equipment
At least you need a set of CVD equipment, used to complete your needs
Q:Chemical room equipment management methods
Total is 1. The chemical experiment center of all instruments and equipment by the director of the center for devices and deputy director of the center of equipment officer is responsible for the overall management of assets, the lab equipment used by the lab director is responsible for the specific management. 2. Instruments and equipment to establish a laboratory experiment center general ledger and accounts, the administrator and check each lab account every year. 3. The fixed assets to do zhang, content and room number, and database completely. 4. The new equipment to the center assets administrator timely credit registration, enter the database. 5. The experiment center equipment generally are not allowed to borrow, borrowed each other's each lab to register. 6. Positioning for instruments and equipment and accessories, must not shift. 7. Equipment registration, acceptance, submit all needs to director, deputy director of the laboratory experiment center, center assets equipment manager signature. 8. Instruments and equipment if there are any damage or loss to write a report, the reasons, process, distinguish responsibility, and by the lab director signed, report to administrator center equipment facilities. Losses caused by the illegal, to compensation according to relevant provisions. 9. Illustrations of the instruments and equipment by the lab director, lend to register and return on time.
Q:Chemical instrument simple apparatus
Thermometer is used for measuring the temperature of the instrument. It is a lot of more phyletic, digital thermometer, temperature sensitive thermometer, etc. Is commonly used in the laboratory of glass liquid thermometer. Thermometer according to use and measuring precision is divided into 2 class standard and practical thermometer thermometer, standards for the high precision of the thermometer, it is mainly used for calibrating other thermometer. Utility refers to the thermometer thermometer for actual temperature measurement, mainly in experimental thermometer, thermometers, weather thermometer, clinical thermometer, etc. Middle school rod type commonly used industrial thermometer. One of the alcohol thermometer range of 100 ℃, mercury thermometer with 200 ℃ and 360 ℃ range specifications.
Q:The safety of the hazardous chemical warehouse are the facilities and equipment
The safety of the hazardous chemical warehouse facilities and equipment have the fire hydrant, fire pump, foam fire station, fire extinguishers, fire blanket, fire fighting pool Wells, sand pool, flood control facilities, static elimination, lightning rod, lightning protection, earthing device and lighting, all kinds of explosion-proof electrical appliances, air conditioning, spray cooling equipment facilities, prevent bask in the tent, wall, wall, blast walls, safety nets, security cordon, warning signs, deceleration zone, no thoroughfare, anti-collision facilities, cofferdam, leakage pool, diversion ditches and other seepage prevention facilities, combustible gas alarm, monitor, security facilities and so on.
Q:Power plant chemical equipment operation task to do
Purify water, remove dirt and corrosion resistance

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