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1. Materials: carbon steel, stainlesssteel, low-alloy steel and non-ferrous metals: titanium, copper,etc.

2.Medium type:chemical
3.Design Tem.:as per design
4.Design P. :as per design

5.Design service: provided

6.After-sales service: provided
7.Manufacture standard

8.ApplicationDistillation, Absorption, Extraction, Adsorption

9.Applicable Industries:petrochemical, coal chemical, precision chemical, nuclear power, metallurgical,pharmaceutical, machinery, food, pesticide, rubber, aerospace, marine, dye, newpower equipment and so on.

10. Service lifefifteen to twenty years


   reliable quality, considerate service and great price.


  Our company have professionaldesign qualification, and we can design & manufacture all kinds of equipment according to the requests of customers.

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Q:Cleaner production machinery parts what kind of chemicals and equipment?
Carburetor cleaner production equipment by liquid filling machine, sealing machine, aerator, booster pump, mesa, frame and pneumatic components. Detailed equipment accessories have the following: 1) bolts (2) high pressure oil pipe (3) check valve inlet end 4. Aerosol propellant inlet end 5. The signal valve 6. Source sanlian pieces 7. Hand slide valve 8 signal valve on 9. 10. Single pneumatic directional valve downward gas inlet end joint 11. 12. Power cylinder upward gas inlet end joint 13. 14. Aerosol propellant cylinder aerosol propellant inlet end 15. Aerosol propellant gas side.
Q:Chemical precipitation gas phase synthesis of nanometer fiber what kind of equipment
At least you need a set of CVD equipment, used to complete your needs
Q:Pure water equipment, reverse osmosis membrane clean general how long?
Clean normally 3 ~ 12 months, if have to wash once a month, suggesting that should improve the pretreatment system, adjust the operating parameters. If need to wash a 1 ~ 3 months, you will need to improve equipment operation level, more difficult to judge whether to need to improve the pretreatment system.
Q:Chemical equipment and machinery for the girl learn
One's deceased father grind good teaching, university teacher is very popular now. No one's deceased father grind only to high school or junior high school
Q:Why can't use chemical scrubbing machine equipment and electrical equipment
The definition of dangerous chemicals in factory is either low flash point, either strong corrosive or toxic. What is the dangerous chemicals. Such as white electric oil is often used to screen, UV car wash water is often used to wash the ink stick. These are dangerous chemicals
Q:A question about chemical apparatus, what kind of reaction temperature control equipment can be
The pressure vessel High pressure boiler | | atmospheric boiler tank class | | points cylinder deaerator Blowdown expander accessories | | | hydrophobic expanding vessel pressure vessel reaction kettle Refrigeration equipment Refrigeration compressor | | for cooling refrigerator machine | | ice cold water machine
Q:Instruments and equipment commonly used chemical enterprise development jobs
Organic synthesis knowledge and synthesis experiment, many commonly used organic laboratory apparatus, and it is best to go to practice it
Q:Power plant chemical equipment operation task to do
Purify water, remove dirt and corrosion resistance
Q:Chemical specialty laboratory what kind of equipment?
In general: meteorological chromatography, liquid chromatography, high performance liquid, gas blowing nitrogen, thermal desorption instrument, microscope, enzyme standard instrument, washing machine, gc, mass spectrometer, grinder, homogenizer, trace oscillator, mixer, super living wave cleaner, spectrophotometer, etc. Include the chemistry lab.
Q:Chemical explosion-proof cabinet needs grounding and ventilation equipment
Explosion-proof GuiZhu if prevent explosion brought by the fire, the fire is ruthless, so learn to guard against, explosion-proof tank is one of the important measures to effectively guard against fire. Nanyang huatong explosion-proof cabinet advantage: a, all kinds of different sizes of dangerous chemicals to provide a safe explosion-proof cabinet for your storage, packaging, and classification management; Second, the small size of chemical storage tank, can put in your workplace to store flammable items and organic agent, save you the trouble in dangerous goods storage. Even in places where small working space, small explosion-proof cabinet can offer safe storage for flammable liquids and chemicals. Nanyang huatong explosion-proof products meet the national safety standards, are widely used in the COC inspection, chemical plant, factory and so on various factories, safe to store hazardous, appropriate to reduce the risk of injuries from the fire.

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