Digital Mug Heat Press Transfer Machine

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Detailed Product Description

220V,110V Digital Mug Heat Press Transfer Machine

1.0-399 temperature range,0-999 Sec timing Range

2.One year warranty & CE

220V,110V Digital Mug Heat Press Transfer Machine

I. Mug Heat Press Transfer Machine Parameter :

  1. Diameter 7.5~9.5cm or 5.0-7.0cm
  2. Volume: 410*380*300mm
  3. Weight: 9KG
  4. Voltage:220V/110V
  5. Power:450W
  6. Temperature Range 0-399
  7. Timing Range 0-999 Sec.

II. Mug Heat Press Transfer Machine technology:

  1. No limit on height of mug,could turn left and right,choose the most suitable place to print
  2. Be able to bear high temperature with silica gel,press equal,220°Ccould bear
  3. Light weight and portable, for use at malls, flea markets, shows, and more.
  4. Fully digital temperature control
  5. The heating mat could be heated if no mug in the machine
  6. Easy pressure adjustment ,Solid steel welded framework
  7. An amazing 3-Year/3,000-mug warranty on the heating parts
  8. Soft heater liner for accommodating inconsistent mugs
  9. Temperature readout accuracy +-1C
  10. User able end-of-cycle alarms

III. How to make a photo mug:

Step1: Place the print face down on the mug and secure it with thermally resistant tape. Place the tape on opposite ends of the print.

Step2: Slide the mug the mug press and apply pressure. Fifteen to twenty seconds later after the temperature reaches 180°C, remove the mug from the mug press.

Step3: Allow the mug to air cool at room temperature. Remove the tape when the mug is cool.

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Q:About the elevator parts, up and down through, how this part of the heat load calculation
When the internal energy, kinetic energy and potential energy variation can be ignored and no shaft work, heat input system and should leave the system heat balance, heat balance equations for heat transfer device which can be concluded as follows: Q1, Q2 and Q3 Q4 = + Q5 + Q6 Type in Q1 - material into equipment heat, kJ. Q2 - heating agent or by the coolant to the equipment and processing materials of heat, kJ. Q3 - heat effect of the process, kJ. Q4 - material out of the equipment of heat, kJ. Q5 - heating or cooling equipment consume the amount of heat or cold, kJ. Q6 - equipment dissipating heat to the environment, kJ. Should be paid attention to in the type, in addition to Q4 and Q1, other Q values are positive and negative two cases. For example, when the reaction heat, the "+" in Q3, On the other hand, when the reaction heat, Q3 "?" , it is the opposite of the stipulation of the thermodynamics. By type (5-1) and Q2, the heat load of the equipment. If Q2 is positive, indicating that need to provide by the equipment and processing of materials with heat, namely to be heated; On the other hand, suggests that need from removing heat by the equipment and processing of materials, which need to be cooling. In addition, for intermittent operation, due to the different period of operating conditions may be different, therefore, should be according to the different period of Q2 was calculated, and take the maximum as the equipment and the design principle of the heat load. For Q2, must seek out other the caloric value of the type
Q:The types of heat exchangers have?
A, according to the principle of classification: 1, direct contact heat exchanger The main working principle of this kind of heat exchanger are two medium by contact and mutual transmit heat, heat transfer, contact area directly affect the heat transfer, this kind of heat exchanger is usually a medium is gas, another is liquid, mainly tower equipment as the main body of the heat transfer equipment, but usually involves the mass transfer, so it is difficult to distinguish the relationship with columns, usually under centralized for tower equipment, power plant with cooling tower is the most typical direct contact heat exchanger. 2, energy storage heat exchanger (hereinafter referred to as the accumulator, the dosage is very few, this kind of heat exchanger is hot medium by heating a solid substance first after reaching a certain temperature, cold medium through solid matter is heated, to reach the purpose of the heat transfer. 3, recuperative heat exchanger Dosage is very large, this kind of heat exchanger accounted for more than 99% of the total, the principle is the hot medium of heat transfer over a metal or non-metal cooling medium, we usually referred to as this kind of heat exchanger tube and shell or plate, plate type, fin type heat exchanger.
Q:Refrigeration equipment of the evaporator
Evaporator is also called heat absorber, which is by the boiling vaporization of liquid refrigerant load cooling or cooling heat transfer device object to be cooled. Evaporator can be divided into two kinds: one kind is the cooling liquid type, used for cooling liquid refrigerant, tube shell type evaporator and flooded evaporator (such as vertical pipe, spiral pipe, coil type).
Q:Thermal conductive materials used in electrical and electronic equipment that is the best?
Strongly recommend you to look all kinds of thermal conductive materials, our company bought their products to use on the LED product light, the more effect surpassed Japan letter. In general electric and electronic equipment need more potting glue, thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity is silica gel and thermal conductive silicone, silicone pad, thermal conductivity in the LED display with the thermal conductive double-sided tape also has a lot of places. What kind of material is best, or to the specific environment, right?
Q:When IGBT coating thermal conductive silicone, how did the general daub the ideal
The building Lord thermal conductive silicone with machine water can be erased. Times can suggest use silk screen printing, silk screen, scraper hardness 70 with 80 net cloth, Angle of 45 degrees, silk screen material with a PET or NYLON.
Q:Why heater before operation will be into the air in the device?
The first, air expansion coefficient is big, the residual air is heated in the airtight container is in danger of explosion overpressure. Second, low thermal conductivity, air pipes in air part of can not get effective cooling during heating, may cause damage of partial wall overtemperature. Third, in line with air may form the "water hammer", a strong shock.
Q:What are the causes of failure of plate heat exchanger?
Scale will lower the heat transfer coefficient of plate heat exchanger, serious blocking plate channel. Plate heat exchanger plate design of contact with a lot of support, is easy to gather solid impurities or fibers, easy to make the fluid to form local retention and scaling. Ca2 +, in addition, the medium magnesium 2 + can precipitate solid form scale, fouling and plugging formation is different, but the impact is the same. Precautions: 1, the plate heat exchanger should not be used in a dirty or easy scaling of the environment. 2, made of not soften water medium, operating temperature should be controlled under 50 ℃.
Q:High heat conduction oil equipment slot can discharge of oil pipeline from oil and gas separator directly below a line
You said the row tubing is the overflow tube or tubes? Oil and gas separator are system hot oil inside, no matter which is not desirable. Overflow is leads to the low trough, hot oil into the tank is low low trough deterioration of oil product.
Q:What iscalled cooler closed?Is used in cooling water temperature and adding vacuum pump work in the refrigeration system
Rod baffle heat exchanger is a new type of high efficient heat transfer equipment, has strong vibration resistance, small flow resistance, not easy to scale, the advantages of good heat transfer performance and the surface temperature uniformity. It is different from the commonly used vertical bow plate heat exchanger, the heat exchange tube of baffle rod baffle ring group support, in the up and down or so four directions to fix the pipe, the shell side fluid for axial flow, eliminating the fluid induced vibration generated in repeated horizontally through the tube bundle; Shell side flow resistance is small, the velocity increases, the degree of turbulence increases, thus strengthening the heat transfer
Q:Why do you say modern cooking heating equipment is a combination of three kinds of heat transfer?
Heat from the surface of the pot to the inner surface, the surface or solid food by pan soup heating, heat from the solid ingredients appearance to the internal, is heat conduction; High temperature flue gas (flame) for vessels that is heated by radiation heat transfer at the same time.
As a leading manufacturer, all Microtec products are fully assembled by our state of the art manufacturing facility prior to shipment and released only after extensive testing and inspection by our qualified technicians, maintaining the strictest quality control procedures.Our mission is to be a world supplier of Heat Transfer Products and Consumables. We are committed to the principal of satisfying customer and market demands, pursing scientific administration and superior quality by using the latest technology grounded in a thorough understanding of the end-user's needs.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 2007
Annual Output Value
Main Markets 7.69% North America
7.69% South America
7.69% Eastern Europe
7.69% Southeast Asia
7.69% Africa
7.69% Oceania
7.69% Eastern Asia
7.69% Western Europe
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7.69% South Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008;SGS; CE

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3. Manufacturer Capability

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Nearest Port Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Zhuhai
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 11-20 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
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