steel vessel

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Product Description:

Product Description:

steel vessel

Our factory supplies manufacturing various stainless steel tanks with orwithout jacket, agitation etc.


1)Materials: SUS304, SUS316.

2) Design Tem: asper design

3)Design P: as perdesign

4)Capacity:as per design
5)Manufacture standard: ASME  GB/T

6)Design service:provided

7)After-salesservice: provided

8)Service lifefifteen years

2. Our products contain 5 assortments :


2) food assortments,

3) dairy assortments,

4) pharmaceutical assortments,

5) beverage assortments.

3. Here is the main products of stainless steel tanks:

1) Water tank,

2)storage tank,

3)prcoess tank,

4)beer tank,

5)dairy tank,

6)reactor tank,

7)fermenting tank,

8)vacuum tank,

9)any style of tank made of stainless steel ,platform,worktable,goodsshelf,wheel car,tank car,whatever made of stainless steel products.

If you have any interested in our products please contact me feel free.

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Q:Is an air pressure vessel a pressure vessel
The whole machine is not a pressure vessel
Q:What are the requirements for pressure vessel acceptance
The quality technical supervision bureau shall be responsible for the inspection and acceptance
Q:When the pressure vessel is under water pressure test, the pressure gauge will be good on top or below
The answer is: absolutely not the same!! Because there is a density p in all the media, and the pressure vessel has a position up and down, and there is a height difference in the upper and lower position, which is given by the density formula So the two readings are inconsistent, but the pressure is greater and the height difference is negligible
Q:What are the safety accessories for mobile pressure containers
1. The relief valve of the relief valve is used when the pressure inside the device automatically when open in excess of the prescribed requirements, release of over pressure, make the equipment return to normal operating pressure. When the pressure is normal, the relief valve automatically shuts down. After the safety valve is checked, it is strictly forbidden to improve the safety of the relief valve by increasing the pressure of the relief valve or the valve. Pressure gauge: the gauge of the pressure gauge should be adjusted to the pressure of the equipment, usually 1.5 to 3 times the pressure of the work, the best is 2 times, the dial diameter should not be less than 100mm. A red line should be drawn on the gauge plate indicating the pressure of work, indicating the maximum allowable working pressure. The connection pipe of the pressure gauge should not be leaky or leak, otherwise the pressure gauge will be lowered. Blasting device 3, 4, table 5 thermometer thermometer, liquid level meter, pressure reducing valve 7, 6 emergency cut-off device, its effect is when the pipe and its accessories fracture and wrong operation or tank car near a fire accident, emergency shut down valve can be quickly cut off the gas source, prevent accident spread. Fast open door pressure vessel safety interlock device.
Q:The design pressure of the blasting piece must be less than or equal to the design pressure of the pressure vessel
Hello, this is the rule: Blasting pressure of 8.3.3 shot Blasting device mounted on the pressure vessel, the design of blasting piece burst pressure generally shall not be greater than the design pressure of the container, and the minimum burst pressure blasting piece shall not be less than the working pressure of the container. When the design drawings or nameplate on maximum allowable working pressure, burst pressure of blasting design pressure vessel shall not be greater than the maximum allowable working pressure. See: "Fixed pressure vessel safety technology monitoring procedure" TSGR0004-2009
Q:How to just calculate pressure vessel
The solid volume gauge TSG R0004-2009 shall be specified scope of pressure vessel ~ and level classification of pressure vessel.
Q:How is the thickness of the pressure vessel steel plate determined
Pressure vessel steel thickness = calculate thickness + corrosion allowance + plate negative deviation + round value The calculation thickness meets the need for strength; The quantity of corrosion allowance for the use of life; The negative deviation of the steel plate meets the material standards; The above three items add up to the thickness of the nominal thickness of the equipment, which is the thickness of the drawing.
Q:Why is the safety issue of pressure vessels important?
Look for the textbook that is designed by the pressure vessel. The introduction or introduction is the answer! A good back back!
Q:What are the methods of the stress container test?
A pressure vessel is an airtight device that is a gas or liquid that carries a certain amount of pressure. The method of testing the pressure vessel is: 1, VT appearance check. Size check. Hardness check for the required weld and heat affected areas. Non-destructive testing: RT, UT, MT, PT. Pressure test, water pressure, air pressure, mixed pressure test. Leakage test, gas tight, ammonia leakage, helium leak detection. Iron ion pollution detection.
Q:Is this a pressure vessel?
work pressure is greater than or equal to 0.1 MPa (2) the product of job pressure and volume is greater than or equal to 2.5 MPa (3) the maximum working temperature of the medium for gas, liquefied gases, and medium is above or equal to the liquid at its standard boiling point Whether or not the container first needs to satisfy the above three conditions. It's clear how much pressure you're going to have, as long as the pressure is greater than 2.5 MPa, which is the pressure vessel. The reverse is not. If you belong to let gauge 1.4.1 a special terms and conditions of the equipment, the volume is small because of you, only 18 l, no more than 25 l, whether to belong to the simple pressure vessels, if belong to this, as long as meet the design, manufacture, and let the general requirements of rules. But anyway, as long as it's a container, the manufacturing license must be applied.

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