steel vessel

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Product Description:

Product Description:

steel vessel

Our factory supplies manufacturing various stainless steel tanks with orwithout jacket, agitation etc.


1)Materials: SUS304, SUS316.

2) Design Tem: asper design

3)Design P: as perdesign

4)Capacity:as per design
5)Manufacture standard: ASME  GB/T

6)Design service:provided

7)After-salesservice: provided

8)Service lifefifteen years

2. Our products contain 5 assortments :


2) food assortments,

3) dairy assortments,

4) pharmaceutical assortments,

5) beverage assortments.

3. Here is the main products of stainless steel tanks:

1) Water tank,

2)storage tank,

3)prcoess tank,

4)beer tank,

5)dairy tank,

6)reactor tank,

7)fermenting tank,

8)vacuum tank,

9)any style of tank made of stainless steel ,platform,worktable,goodsshelf,wheel car,tank car,whatever made of stainless steel products.

If you have any interested in our products please contact me feel free.

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Q:About the definition of pressure vessel?
1. Don't belong to. 2. Do not conform to the pressure vessel under the jurisdiction of the medium of the three essential conditions of, you this two kinds of medium within the scope of work is not gas or exceed the standard boiling point. 3. Its stress conditions, making it still must follow GB150 and GB151 to create, so in principle must be qualified pressure container manufacturing units to make a quality product. But the capacity gauge tube, means that the actual law don't tube, by consciously.
Q:Pressure container A1. What does it mean to have a single layer?
The A1 aptitude includes single-layer containers and multi-layer packing containers. If you only have a single layer of manufacturing license, you can only make single-layer containers, and you can't manufacture multiple layers of packing containers.
Q:The galvanized bucket belongs to the pressure vessel
There are anti-drop tests like galvanized barrels, for example Fall test: drop 1.5-1.8 m, no break, no leakage; Stacking test: the stacking height is calculated by 3m, the stacking weights 1049Kg, the stacking test 24h, and the samples are not collapsed; Hydraulic test: test pressure 100kpa, 5min test time, no leakage of sample. Air-tight test: test pressure 20kpa, 5min test time, no leakage in sample.
Q:Is the heat exchanger a pressure vessel
Both the tube and the shell of the heat exchanger are likely to be pressure vessels, as long as they are required to meet the requirements.
Q:Is central air conditioning host (special finger evaporator/condenser) a special pressure vessel?
not The condenser and evaporator are both a temperature exchanger Inside he was a copper tube test that was typically around 20 The utility is usually below 15
Q:What is a hot sleeve pressure vessel
Type of pressure vessel structure 1, press the pressure cavity: single cavity, double cavity (pipe shell type, clip type), multicavity According to the shape: cylinder, rectangle, ball 3, according to the manufacturing method: A) A single layer Single layer welding, single layer forging, single layer forging, single layer cast iron B) multilayer Multi-layer bandage, multi-layer integral bandage, multi-layer hot, multi-layer tape 4, installation, horizontal vertical
Q:Does the pressure vessel need to be reinforced after the reinforcement
The reinforcing ring is the most widely used structure, with simple structure, easy manufacturing and easy material The advantages of solving (general taking and being made with reinforced shell and material, the thickness), safe and reliable etc. But there are also questions Topic: 1. The strengthening area is too fragmented, and the reinforcement efficiency is not high. There is a static air gap between the reinforcing ring and the shell, and the heat transfer effect is poor. The stiffness in this area is enlarged by the welding of the casing, and the cooling of the fillet weld is larger It is easy to crack at the seams; After using the reinforcement loop, although the peak stress at the corner is reduced, due to the variation in the shape size, On the periphery of the reinforcing loop causes discontinuous stress, which causes the new stress concentration, which makes it easy to open on the toes Crack; The structure of this structure, due to its failure to form a whole with the shell or the receiver, is of poor fatigue performance and fatigue life Life was reduced by about 30% when the hole was opened, and the overall reinforcement structure decreased (10 ~ 15%). For these reasons, the limits of the use of the reinforcing circle should be restricted.
Q:Does PVC medical oxygen tank belong to the pressure vessel
PVC medical oxygen tank is a pressure vessel. PVC medical oxygen tank satisfies pressure vessel condition. Conditions for pressure vessels: (1) the container is sealed by the cylinder, and the head of the convex search (not including the spherical head), Or consists of two convex heads; (2) the material of the main compression elements, such as barrel, head, and takeover, is carbon steel, Austenitic stainless steel; (3) design pressure is less than or equal to 1.6 MPa; (4) the volume is less than or equal to 1000L; (5) the product of work pressure and volume is greater than or equal to 2.5 MPa Less than or equal to 1000MPa. (6) the vapor that evaporates into the air, the nitrogen and the medicinal distilled water; (7) design temperature is greater than or equal to - 20 ℃, the highest working temperature is less than or Is equal to 150 ℃; (eight) indirect flame welding containers. Medical plastics industry with its high value-added, high growth and has broad market potential and high-profile, through the adoption of new type of plastic material, can make medical equipment safer, more environmentally friendly. Over the past 15 years, the international medical plastic products market has grown at an average annual rate of 1518%, ranking among the annual growth rates of all kinds of medical device products.
Q:Does the starting pressure of the pressure vessel relief valve be equal to the design pressure of the container?
Under normal circumstances, according to the working pressure container, determine the relief valve setting pressure (pressure jump), generally take the setting pressure is equal to the working pressure (1.05 ~ 1.1), and then take the design of the container pressure is equal to or slightly greater than the setting. In addition, it is important to note that the pressurized pressure of the relief valve is 90 percent of the total pressure, which is greater than the pressure of work. The relief valve setting pressure deviation should not exceed the larger value of plus or minus 0.015 MPa. In conclusion, the relationship between design pressure, work pressure and the whole set of pressure is to be combined.
Q:What is the difference between a cylinder and a pressure vessel? Where is the special place
1, the design of the pressure vessel should be designed, and the design qualification seal shall be on the drawing. The design of cylinders shall be subject to the approval of the relevant regulations, and the design shall have the approval mark. The pressure vessel does not do type test, the cylinder is to do the explosion test. The color of the cylinder should be defined by the mandatory national standards. Other details please check: boiler pressure vessel manufacturing supervision boiler method

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