steel vessel

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Product Description:

Product Description:

steel vessel

Our factory supplies manufacturing various stainless steel tanks with orwithout jacket, agitation etc.


1)Materials: SUS304, SUS316.

2) Design Tem: asper design

3)Design P: as perdesign

4)Capacity:as per design
5)Manufacture standard: ASME  GB/T

6)Design service:provided

7)After-salesservice: provided

8)Service lifefifteen years

2. Our products contain 5 assortments :


2) food assortments,

3) dairy assortments,

4) pharmaceutical assortments,

5) beverage assortments.

3. Here is the main products of stainless steel tanks:

1) Water tank,

2)storage tank,

3)prcoess tank,

4)beer tank,

5)dairy tank,

6)reactor tank,

7)fermenting tank,

8)vacuum tank,

9)any style of tank made of stainless steel ,platform,worktable,goodsshelf,wheel car,tank car,whatever made of stainless steel products.

If you have any interested in our products please contact me feel free.

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Q:Is a high-pressure switch tank a pressure vessel
You give too little, you control yourself, if you do, the pressure vessel.
Q:Pressure vessel pressure gauge due how to test
Looking for a man the certificate of quality supervision department to go in your unit he'll help you get everything
Q:What is the minimum distance required for the hole in the cylinder of the pressure vessel?
As far as possible to avoid barrel longitudinal seam opening, if is really no way to avoid, should be to increase the inspection ratio (by 1.5 times the diameter of the cylinder hole radius, within the scope of this circular weld, should be 100% RT inspection) of two adjacent hole center distance (to surface spacing in terms of arc length) shall not be less than twice of the sum of the two hole diameter and the minimum distance should be not less than 50 mm -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the rules from the "GB150-1998 steel pressure vessel" standard, now changed to "pressure vessel GB150-2011", "the TSG R0004-2009 fixed pressure vessel safety technology and supervision code", please consult, thank you.
Q:What is a simple pressure vessel?
(a) container by cylinder head peace, convex head (not including QiuGuanXing head), Or is composed of two convex head; (2) of the cylinder head and take over the main pressure parts such as the material is carbon steel, Austenitic stainless steel; (3) the design pressure is less than or equal to 1.6 MPa; (4) volume less than or equal to 1000 l. (5) the product of working pressure and volume greater than or equal to 2.5 MPa, L, and Less than or equal to 1000 mpa l.; (6) media as air, nitrogen and medical distilled water evaporation of water vapor; (7) design temperature is greater than or equal to - 20 ℃, the highest working temperature is less than or Is equal to 150 ℃; (8) the flame welding container directly.
Q:Does the pressure vessel need to be reinforced after the reinforcement
The reinforcing ring is the most widely used structure, with simple structure, easy manufacturing and easy material The advantages of solving (general taking and being made with reinforced shell and material, the thickness), safe and reliable etc. But there are also questions Topic: 1. The strengthening area is too fragmented, and the reinforcement efficiency is not high. There is a static air gap between the reinforcing ring and the shell, and the heat transfer effect is poor. The stiffness in this area is enlarged by the welding of the casing, and the cooling of the fillet weld is larger It is easy to crack at the seams; After using the reinforcement loop, although the peak stress at the corner is reduced, due to the variation in the shape size, On the periphery of the reinforcing loop causes discontinuous stress, which causes the new stress concentration, which makes it easy to open on the toes Crack; The structure of this structure, due to its failure to form a whole with the shell or the receiver, is of poor fatigue performance and fatigue life Life was reduced by about 30% when the hole was opened, and the overall reinforcement structure decreased (10 ~ 15%). For these reasons, the limits of the use of the reinforcing circle should be restricted.
Q:Pressure vessel production standards
After adding water not leak, not leak after gas, pressure after the explosion, not hurt after the explosion
Q:The fixed pressure vessel USES the registration to register how often to check
The pressure vessel safety check will be inspected at least once a month, and another annual check. The annual inspection shall be carried out by the unit of use, and the unit may also be commissioned by the inspection agency, and the pressure vessel shall be inspected for the first time in three years after the commissioning. The next inspection cycle shall be determined by the inspection authority according to the safety status of the pressure vessel
Q:What are the measures to prevent the burning of flammable media in pressure vessels
Intense combustion occurs in a limited space where there is an explosion, there are three factors, combustible, sufficient oxygen, limited airtight space, so your problem doesn't necessarily explode.
Q:Where is the pressure vessel generally high in weld
Source: JGJ18-2012 rebar welding and acceptance procedures Benefits: the effect of insulation and cooling on the whole welder is very important for reducing the grain and reducing the welding stress. Bad: it causes the device to form a shape mutation here, causing a local stress concentration. In AWS D1.1, the weld seam should not exceed 3mm. The term "yu gao" refers to the metal used in the part of the surface of the drum or the part of the end of the end of the arc welding.
Q:What is the classification of pressure vessel specific basis?
You also sent a volume, the diameter of a container two aspects, the main is dangerous degree, said from the Angle of mechanics, the larger the diameter, the smaller the bearing capacity.

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