Disposable Suit Bag

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Product Description:


Disposable Suit Bag


Details of Disposable Suit Bag:


Material: 70-120gsm nonwoven fabric
-1st layer is a transparent CPP film, available to print company's logo or advertising information
-2nd layer is a breathable nonwoven fabric of anti-bacterial, insect free and shine up treatment
Size:60*100cm or customized
Color: Customized
Print pattern/logo: Customized


Usage of Disposable Suit Bag:


-professional fashion protective bag
-clothes storage bag
-suit bag
-laundry suit bag


 Disposable Suit Bag  Disposable Suit Bag

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Q:What's good about linen?
Linen fabric with temperature, anti allergic, anti-static, antibacterial function, the hygroscopicity of flax, can absorb the equivalent of 20 times its weight in water, so the linen fabric feels dry, now, wrinkle, linen and blended the birth of iron products, make flax products in the market to further expand.
Q:Will mulberry silk shrink if it is washed?
Silk material shrinks.However, before generally do clothes are made with shrink, so most buy garments are not shrink, unless you buy a silk cloth for tailor, it must first put the cloth over the water to make clothes, generally not shrink too much.Between the silk fabric fiber mutual consolidation is not strong, so it is relatively easy to shrink, so the general silk fabrics in clothing made will be washed again, but in order to prevent the event, a large number of recommendations should be selected in the purchase when the silk clothing.
Q:What is pure cotton fabric? What are chemical fiber fabrics?
Chemical fiber can be divided into regenerated fiber and synthetic fiber according to different sources of raw materials.(I) regenerated fibresRecycled fiber production was inspired by silkworm silk, with cellulose and protein and other natural polymers as raw material, made of concentrated polymer solution by chemical processing, after spinning and postprocessing for textile fiber.(two) synthetic fiberSynthetic fiber is made of synthetic polymer compound, synthetic fiber, nylon and polyester are commonly used acrylic, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl alcohol, spandex etc..
Q:Wool fabric is what
DuPont Lycra cross-section is circular, a number of 10-15d/ root; Korea Zhang root cross-section is circular, a number of 10-15d/ root; available 100 times the magnifying glass inspection resolution.Characteristics: Lycra is used in combination with other fibers and other yarns or cloth, with its characteristics of high scalability. Restoring force. Keeping ability, make the fabric straight. The extension and quick reply form.Usage: it is widely used. It can be used as a swimming suit because of its strong elasticity. It can be used as underwear and coat because of its strong restoring force. It can be used as tight underwear and even tights. It can be used as a coat and so on.
Q:What fabric is T/R?
Characteristics and scouring characteristics of T/R fabrics:1., synthetic fiber, synthetic fiber, polyester viscose blended fabric, cotton type, wool type, etc.;2., flat, bright, bright colors, feel good flexibility, good moisture absorption, strong anti wrinkle, scale stability;3. good air permeability and anti penetration hole, reducing fabric fuzzing and pilling and electrostatic representation, but poor dp.
Q:What fabric is polyester fiber?
Has the advantages of strong wear resistance, a crisp sense, easy washing, easy to dry, color fastness is good, do not fade not shrink. 80s is the popular Dacron blended polyester fabric. Not afraid of disadvantage, Mars, air permeability, water will become transparent, fabric friction parts will be the light, poor thermal performance etc..
Q:Excuse me, chemical fiber, blending and polyester is not very different, if you choose these two kinds of clothes as the main fabric, which is good?
For example, polyester / cotton blended fabric is made of polyester fiber. It is made of 65%-67% polyester and 33%-35% cotton blended yarn. The polyester cotton fabric, commonly called cotton, is really cool. Features: not only highlights the polyester and cotton fabric style strengths in dry and wet conditions and better flexibility and abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, small shrinkage, with tall and straight, not easy to fold, easy to wash, dry, not with high iron and soaked in boiling water.
Q:Basic features and advantages and disadvantages of linen fabric
Hemp is the plant's cortical fiber, its function is similar to human skin, there is to protect the body, regulate the temperature and other natural properties. Linen clothing than other clothing materials can reduce the body's sweating, water absorption speed than silk, silk, and even faster than cotton cloth, contact with the skin that is capillary phenomenon, is the extension of the skin. The natural permeability, moisture absorption, refreshing and moisture removing of hemp makes it a free breathing textile. Under normal temperature, it can reduce the temperature of the room temperature by 4 - 8 DEG C, which is called "natural air conditioning"".
Q:What kind of fabric is the quality of washing cloth and nylon cloth better?
Nylon, of course. Now most of the products are used. Nylon has good toughness, abrasion resistance and easy to wash. Nylon cloth features more than washing cloth, the price well, hard to say. But from my point of view, I suggest you choose nylon, because I have a wallet, nylon, 5 years, and now can still use, believe the new same.
Q:What's the meaning of pH value in fabric? How do you test it?
Fabric pH test is usually in the formal authority of the testing center to do, and then issued a report will be useful. For example, SGS, ITS and so on, the domestic inspection departments can also.

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