PP SS Nonwoven Fabric

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Product Description:


SS Polypropylene Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric 

The raw material of our product is polypropylene, Acid alkaline, non-toxic,strength ; Breathable, waterproof performance is good; liquid coloring, do not fade.


Specification of PP SS nonwoven fabric: 

Weight: 12-250GSM

Embossing pattern: Cross, Diamond and Oval.


Characteristics of PP SS nonwoven fabric: 

flame resistance, Anti-stabic, anti-aging , anti-mildews, anti-bacterial, hydrophilic, PE compound, printing, etc.


Application of PP SS nonwoven fabric: 

Medical and health: Operation suit , exposure ,cap respirator, massage cloth, adhesive tape.

Agricultural fied:Cover for plant to anti-frost , insect-frost, insect-resistant sunshades , awning clothes, packing bags for crops, etc.

Industrial field: Interior decoration for car, train and ship ; back fabric for man-made carpets , etc.

Packing and lining: Bags for business ,shopping and parents packet, dust cover, sleeping bag for children, wardrobe ,car and household decoration, water shield, filtering material ,fabric for roadbed and dam, etc.


PP SS Nonwoven FabricPP SS Nonwoven Fabric

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Q:Will the clothes of polyester fabrics fade?
And 3.5 dark polyester fabric products, the first cleaning, there will be more serious discoloration
Q:What are sheep Beijing fabrics?
Do not use shoe polish ah, have dedicated frosted powder, general frosted shoes are khaki, brown,There are also black ones with different shades of powder. But I don't know where to sell. Look at the shoe store in the big mall.No shoes, no problem with water brush, raising, you brush down brush down.Then let the shoes rest for a while. Don't stare at a pair of shoes. It's also an important way to extend the life of your shoes.
Q:Washing method of mulberry silk fabric
Silk alkali resistance is poor, stained with sweat should be promptly washed. Silk has a natural sheen. We should use neutral detergent or detergent, advanced, dark clothing should rinse, use soap flakes or washing powder soap stains meaning prone to fading or flooding. Silk washing should be carried out in cold water or warm water, do not soak a long time, with the dip with the wash, try to shorten the washing time. You have to remember that the fabric is not to use the washing machine, to knead gently with the hand, can not use washing powder, soap, cleaning method, cleaning agent to wash the silk fabric with special ingredients, silk protein, acid washing powder, soap containing alkali, they will destroy the eggs white matter, silk fabric will become hard and yellow.
Q:What's the difference between nylon and Dacron?
Also known as POLYESTER, the characteristics of good permeability and moisture removal. There are strong acid, alkaline, UV resistance. Multiple general 75D cloth for polyester, such as 75D, 150D, 300D, 600D, 1200D, 1800D are polyester, nylon fabric appearance than dark, rough.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of pure cotton fabrics?
1, comfort: moisture balance. Pure cotton fiber can absorb moisture in the surrounding atmosphere. Its moisture content is 8-10%, and it feels soft and not stiff when touching the skin. If the humidity increases, the ambient temperature is higher, the water content in the fiber will be completely evaporated, dispersed, so that the fabric to maintain water balance, make people feel comfortable.2, warmth: cotton fiber heat, conductivity coefficient is very low, the fiber itself porous, high elasticity, the gap between the fibers can store large amounts of air (air is hot and electrical poor conductor), high heat retention.
Q:What's the difference between cashmere wool fabric and cashmere fabric?
Sheep do fabrics and woolen fabrics, the main difference is the composition, general clothes which will have a label, has a specific ratio above sheep wool fabric; ratio is generally 3, such as 60% +35% +5% nylon or polyester viscose woolWoollen fabric; generally slightly less than the ratio. Also common is wool.
Q:Cloth with static how to do?
To deal with static electricity, we can take "anti" and "put" two hands. "Prevention", we should try to use pure cotton products as clothing and home accessories fabrics, as far as possible to avoid using chemical fiber carpet and plastic surface materials for furniture, to prevent friction electrification. Keep away from electrical appliances such as TV sets, refrigerators and so on to prevent electricity from being induced. "Put", that is, to increase humidity, so that the local static electricity easily released. When you turn off the TV and leave the computer, you should wash your hands and face immediately and release the static charge on the surface of the skin in the water. In winter, we should try to use high moisturizing cosmetics. Common humidifier. Some people like to keep fish and daffodils indoors. It's also a good way to regulate the humidity inside the house.
Q:What are the natural fabrics?
Silk is a kind of silk fabric made of silk as raw material. Like cotton, it has many varieties and different personalities. It can be used to make all kinds of clothing, especially for women's clothing. It has the advantages of thin, soft, smooth, fit, breathable, brilliant color, rich luster, elegant, comfortable to wear. Its deficiency is easy to wrinkle, easy to suck, not strong enough, fast fading.
Q:What is the difference between fabric and fabric? What does fabric mean?. What do you mean by material?
In clothing washing mark, fabric is worn on the outside of the layer, lining is close to the layer, if it is down jacket, down the 1-2 layers called gall cloth, of course, the market down jacket has 2,3,4 several practices.
Q:Features of wool fabrics
Blended fabric of wool and chemical fiber:Texture features between pure wool fabric and chemical fiber wool like fabric, and according to the proportion of blending and the degree of imitation wool processing, there is a corresponding difference.Wool blended with polyester fabric, lack luster soft feeling, feeling between the pure wool fabric and between polyester wool fabrics, crisp, drape, some body stiff, and with the increase of polyester content and obvious. Wrinkle resistance is better than pure wool fabric; wool and acrylic blended fabric has a good wool shape, full surface and soft texture. Wrinkle resistance is general, not enough drape; wool and nylon blended fabric, feel some hard board, crease resistance is better. Wool type is not as good as wool nitrile fabric; wool and viscose blend fabric, luster is dim, rebound is not good enough, easy to wrinkle. Worsted has a soft feel like cotton. Soft woolen powder, not crisp.
LONG,specializing in the production and sales of PET,PLA nonwoven fabric,is famous group corporation with different products. Since the establishment of our company, we devoted ourselves providing good product and satisfying service, not only for the domestic customers, but also for the customer abroad.So far, we have wide range of customers, such as Europe,American,Middle East and Asia etc, with export percentage 40%.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets Mid East,Europe,The America,Southeast Asia
Africa ,Oceania ,Mid East
Company Certifications ISO 9001

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Ningbo,Shanghai
Export Percentage 1% - 10%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 15 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above200,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 20
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High;Average