Surgical Gown And Surgical Drape

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Product Description:


High Quality Disposable Sugical Drape and Gown 


Details of disposable surgical drapes and surgical gowns: 


.Materials : SMS ,SMMS , PE coated with absorbent materials or as customer's request.

.Disposable,breathable,soft and strong adsorption ablitity,sanitary,non-toxi,comfortable

.Style:with ties or velcro at neck, and ties on the waist,elastic or knit cuff
.Various size ,weight,color and style are available


 Application of disposable surgical drapes and surgical gowns: 


.Can be used in hospital, salon,  etc


surgical drapessurgical drapessurgical drapes

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Q:What kind of fabric is polyester fiber with spandex?
Polyester fiber plus spandex is spandex.
Q:How to wash silk fabrics will not fade
It's better to wash by hand. Do not use the washing machine, otherwise prone to "silk", "turn the silk" and so on. When washing, pay attention to the force of soft, do not rub hard, the best uniform force. The same color clothes can be washed together, if the color is different, must be washed separately, because silk fabric is easy to fade, if the stain is difficult to remove.
Q:What kind of fabrics are shirts and blouses?
Belongs to the cotton quality, but has the ingredient difference, the shirt generally is not the real significance cotton.
Q:What is the nylon taffeta fabric
Now many derivatives are called nylon taffeta, nylon taffeta, satin, twill, jacquard lattice, etc.. Generally according to the weight per square meter, can be divided into medium thickness (80g/m2) and thin (40g/m2). The whitening, dyeing, printing, calendering, embossing nylon spinning, fabric formation of fine silk, surface smooth, soft, thin and strong wear resistance, bright color, easy to wash and quick drying. Mainly used as clothing materials for men and women. Coated nylon shioze windtight, waterproof, and anti down, can be used as a ski jacket, raincoat, sleeping bags, mountaineering clothes and fabrics
Q:What are high count high yarn fabrics?
High count cotton is cotton texture, no cotton, no chemical fiber cloth, is generally 30, 40 and 60. If 30 78*65 stands for 1 square centimeters, the longitude and latitude density is 143 (78+65). 40 110*90 stands for 1 square centimeters, and the warp and weft density is 200 (110+90). Bedding, such as wool quilt, DUVET QUILT, etc., are usually made of 40 133*72 fabric to prevent drilling and running.
Q:How to clean oil stains on silk clothes?
If it is cooked oil soiled clothes, soaked with warm salt water, and then rub soap, rinse can be removed.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of Lesel fiber?
Which is the international fiber artificial and synthetic fiber Standard Bureau of collectively by organic solvent spun cellulose fiber, only a few countries in the world to master this new fiber production technology, the global annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons but, there is no domestic industrial production. Shanghai Textile Holding Group and the Donghua University after 6 years of cooperative research, has passed the experimental production plant 100 tons of "Lyocell fiber," the popular products on the market reserve. Soon, the first domestic annual output of 2000 tons which fiber industrial production line in Shanghai Textile Holding Group construction. On this basis, its annual capacity will be gradually increased to 20 thousand - 30 thousand tons.
Q:What are the advantages of polyester fabric?
Polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber clothing fabric used in daily life. Its biggest advantage is good wrinkle resistance and good shape, so it is suitable for clothing. It has the following characteristics: 1.. It has high strength and resilience. Therefore, it is strong and durable, anti crease.
Q:Chiffon fabric can prevent bask in it?
Silk should be good for sun protection because its smooth surface refracts light, and light colors should be better than dark ones.
Q:What are the benefits of wool fabric. For example, what are the benefits of wool suit. Why do the wool wool suit, what is the main synthesis such as
Characteristic:1. sets the advantages of wool and polyester.2. thin texture, good wrinkle resistance, wrinkle lasting, stable size, easy to wash, quick drying, strong and durable.3. not insects, but not feel silky wool

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