White Stitchbond Polyester Mesh Roof fabric Sheet Rpet Waterproofing Membrane

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Product Name: Poliester Mesh Material: 100% polyester / Rpet Gram Weight: 55gsm-110gsm
Recommend gsm: 60gsm 75gsm 80gsm 90gsm 100gsm Needle Gauge: 14 Needles Width: 16
Setting: Heat Setting Application: Waterproofing, Roof Coating Reinforcement Origin: Jiangsu China(mainland)
Origin: Jiangsu China(mainland)

Product Description:

Rpet Stitchbond Polyester Mesh, Acrylics and Asphalt for Roof Waterproofing Systems 

 Polyester Roofing Fabric
1.65g/m2,75g/m2,14 needles
2.Roll size:1.1m100m,2100 rolls/40HQ
3.Colourful lines
4.OEM is available

  • Consistent 60 mil product thickness

  • Excellent tensile, elongation, and permeance characteristics

  • Rubberized asphalt (SBS modified) sheet and polymer surfacing provide excellent waterproofing protection

  • Treated release film for easier installation and handling

  • Available in factory pre-cut widths of 6”, 9”, 12”, 18” and 39-3/8” rolls

  • High temperature resistance up to 240ºF.

Our Polyester Roofing Fabric is a stitch-bonded, high performance fabric for use in cold applied built-up roofing and roof maintenance systems using either water-based asphalt or acrylic emulsions,  or solvent type coatings or mastics.  It will readily conform to irregular surfaces and standing seam metal roof decks, and is much easier to handle and apply than other soft polyester sheets. Polyester Fabric is white to off white with lay lines for one and two ply roof systems.

Our Polyester roofing fabric series is a 1.9-3.5 once soft or firm polyester roofing fabrics with high temperature finished made in China.

Our Polyester roofing fabric with good property allows for good strength and lay straighter and smoother with fewer wrinkles during application. diverse quality,competitive ability,best survice.

Uses:An high temperature capable, extra-soft stitch-bonded heat set polyester fabric fabric. Excellent compliance for rougher surfaces. Used with hot and solvent based asphalt roof coatings. Also with water-based emulsion coatings, cold applied built-up roofing, elastomeric roof coatings and most general roof maintenance and restoration systems.

One of the strongest yet flexible fabrics available for adding reinforcement to seams, panel overlaps, splits, joints, cracks, protrusions, and flashings.

The soft grade of fabric is vary pliable and designed to conform to irregular and dissimilar surfaces, yet lay flat.

Marking / Alignment Line is available.


* Water based coatings

* Acrylic elastomeric roof coatings and emulsions

* Asphalt coatings and emulsions

* Solvent based coatings

* All roof repair mastics, cements, wet patch materials, etc


Tensile Strength: 57-74 lbs (ASTM D-1682)

Trapezoidal Tear Strength (16 lbs ASTM D-1117)

Elongation: 61-63% (ASTM D-1682)

Mullen Burst (Ball) 176 lbs (ASTM D-3786)

Weight of Fabric: 3 oz. / sq yard

Thread Count/Gauge: 13 threads per inch (commonly called 14 gauge)

Color: White to off-white with printed alignment stripe.




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Q:What is the sanding fabric?
There are many types such as ordinary sanding, sanding, water hair, carbon and water brush, a rubber sanding sanding, such as the common market a few full polyester suede, velvet, cotton velvet, Italy, such as Laikala sanding steel thorn frame fabric, warp knitting various sanding cloth. "Hair" is grinding out with rubber. The whole process is this: impregnating raising agent, drying stentering after sanding machine on the special sanding finishing, sanding machine in Italy, Germany is better, sanding machine has six sand roller, depending on the fabric bag on the different routes of rubber, and rubber cloth in roll speed on and to a certain degree of tension, slowly after rubbing the cloth six sand roller, there is a dense pile fabric. Sanding fabric is cotton fabric by friction sanding machine and diamond rubber, a qualitative change only in the appearance of the species formed. That is to say, while retaining the fabric of the original performance at the same time, the formation of a layer with a downy layer feeling in the fabric surface, gives the fabric a new style at the same time, which not only reduces the thermal conductivity of sanding fabric, added warmth and softness, its color eye-catching, soft, nice outlook. The relative technology of sanding fabric printing fabric is much more complex, after dyeing and finishing, the exquisite sanding process, unique style of odd. A new flower in the textile industry. It feels soft, comfortable, rich in texture, strong sense of drape, easy to care and rich in suede features. It attracts the consumers, and it can be close to each other during use. There is a warm and soft feeling, and the color is as long as new. Due to unique technology, sanding product that will not fade, pilling phenomenon than cotton fabric quality, and weight than the general heavy cotton material.
Q:What's good about linen?
Linen fabric with temperature, anti allergic, anti-static, antibacterial function, the hygroscopicity of flax, can absorb the equivalent of 20 times its weight in water, so the linen fabric feels dry, now, wrinkle, linen and blended the birth of iron products, make flax products in the market to further expand.
Q:What's the difference between polyester fiber and chiffon?
Therefore, the two are not coordinate relations, is a subordinate relationship. Chiffon is made of polyester and polyester is the raw material of chiffon.
Q:Commonly used clothing fabric name?
Soft fabric, soft fabric generally thinner, good drape, sleek lines, natural contours of clothing stretch. Soft fabrics include fabric structure of the evacuation of knitted fabrics and silk fabrics and soft thin yarn fabric, etc.. The soft knitting fabric in the clothing design succinct modelling using linear often reflect the body beautiful curve; silk yarn, fabric is more loose and pleated effect shape, fabric line flow sense of performance.
Q:What is tr fabric?
TR refers to polyester viscose fabric. TC is polyester cotton fabric. TR is suitable for suits, trousers. TC can make shirts. Burn TC and smell the nose, TR doesn't smell like nose, and TR has fine Mars when it burns. TC doesn't have it
Q:The specific kind of acrylic fabrics, what is its advantage?
Acrylic fabric hygroscopicity is poor, easy to stain, wearing a fuggy feeling, but its size is stable.
Q:How to wash silk fabrics will not fade
Washing clothes, but also pay special attention to drying work. Silk clothes are different from other clothes. They should not be exposed directly to the sun. It should be dried naturally in the shade and turn over inside the clothes. Because silk clothing is easy to fade, the sun exposure of clothing fabrics, color damage greatly.
Q:Fabric and nylon taffeta polyester spinning which is better.
The polyester fiber is polyester filament weaving, bright appearance, smooth, also known as Tav, taffeta for jackets, coats, umbrellas, car covers, sportswear, handbags, bags, tents, sleeping bags, artificial flowersTaffeta, shower curtains, tablecloths, coverings and a variety of high-end clothing lining.
Q:What material is the brushed fabric
Napped fabrics include brushed fabric body, which is characterized in that the surface of the body has a layer of fluff brushed fabric, fluff layer comprises a pattern area and non pattern area, villus direction pattern area and non pattern areas on the contrary.
Q:What are the ingredients of PL?
It is a pure terephthalic acid (PTA) or terephthalic acid methyl ester two (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG) as a fiber polymer, polyethylene terephthalate as raw materials by esterification or transesterification and polycondensation prepared (PET), the spinning and postprocessing fibers.

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