different styles of Rome columns/pillars

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Fujian China (Mainland)
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loma stone
Model Number:
Column marble -09
Pillar Type:
Roman Pillar
any color available

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rome column marble
1.good design and good quality
2.natural material
3.reasonable price and serive

Product Description

Different styles of rome column , rome column marble, artificial white marble column

Product Name:

Different styles of rome column , rome column marble, artificial white marble column


Granite, Marble ,Artificial stone.


250*20cm high*Diameter, As per customer's requirement.

Available Colors:

White, black, yellow, red etc.


Bush-hammered, flamed, honed, polished etc.


cast iron fireplace.

Main Market:

Europe, America, Russia, Australia and the Middle East.


classical, modern, America, Europe style bio fireplace .


Inner box, Strong seaworthy and fumigated wooden crates.


T/T (30%deposit, 70%balance payment against the B/L copy);L/C at sight.


Around 20days after receiving the deposit.



Our Advantage:

Strict quality control.

Good team work.

Experienced in export

Timely delivery


Different styles of rome column , rome column marble, artificial white marble column

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Q:Meaning immediately sealed the first stone in the period of time
At that time the rock paintings or stone creation, it appeared in the form of totem. And then experienced the Shang and Zhou bronzes, the Qin and Han Dynasties portrait stone, portrait brick, the Sui and Tang Dynasties stone, the Song and Yuan Dynasties flowers and birds painting, the Ming and Qing Dynasties weaving embroidery, porcelain and other aspects, this art form more and more mature. It is a long history, rich in content, good pray and good chant, for the people loved, showing the vitality of vitality, is a treasure trove of traditional Chinese art.
Q:Shop name Liu Ji stone carving, small stone carvings to buy landscape sculpture credible do you
Landscape sculpture is different from the ornaments of the ornament, mainly the shape is relatively large, aesthetic requirements are more biased towards public aesthetics, material has a stronger weatherproof, anti-UV requirements, mainly to take copper, stainless steel, glass steel resin, natural stone
Q:What is the difference between the stone carvings of the Han Dynasty and the terracotta warriors and horses of the Qinling Mountains in the artistic style?
Q:Nanputuo Temple cliff stone carving origin and art?
South Putuo Temple incumbent abbot is enlightenment monk, born in 1974, Zhejiang Ryan people, graduated from the South Fujian Buddhist College. In the Nanputuo Temple Main Hall of the pillars of a pair of couplets, couplet is written: "from the beginning of the Tang Dynasty and Kaiyuan and ancient, Puguang was the island of Tai Wu to Zenghui", which clearly shows that the South Putuo Temple Built in the Tang Dynasty, has been more than 1,200 years of history. It is said that the first by the Tang Dynasty to Xiamen Island on the development of the golden clan of the clan, in the Wulaofeng mountain Tian Shi fifty-two acres as a temple site built and built. The monastery is nestled among the lush five temples, facing the vast sea and the lush southern Wudan Mountain. Five generations of time, Nanputuo Temple known as Sizhou hospital. The early Song Dynasty called the endless rock. To the rule of the year, that is, AD 1064 years, to Puzhao Temple, according to the hospital. Was wasted in the Yuan Dynasty in 1341. 1368 Ming Hongwu years, by the monks feel light to build, unfortunately the end of the Ming Dynasty was destroyed by the war. Qing Emperor Kangxi twenty-three years, that is, AD 1684, Jinghai Hou Shi Lang unified Taiwan, returned to Xiamen to rebuild the temple. This monastery enshrines the Goddess of Mercy, but also in the original set of Goddess of Mercy - Zhejiang Putuo Mountain south, so called Nanputuo Temple. This is the origin of the South Temple, the history of evolution and revival.
Q:What is Buddha Buddha?
Stone carving Manjusri Buddha intelligence, debated first, for the first of the Buddha, is a symbol of Buddha Buddha, called "great wisdom." In Mahayana Buddhism, Manjusri has a high status. He is the first of all bodhisattvas, considered to be the son of the "king of law", so he is often called "the prince". He is the incarnation of wisdom, often in conjunction with Buddhism. In the "Vimalakirti", he also represented Sakyamuni, led the disciples to visit the disease in the Vimalakirti, and Vimalakirti repeatedly discussed Mahayana Buddhist doctrine, declared Mahayana Buddhism mysterious.
Q:There is a pair of Ming Dynasty Xuande years of stone zodiac, do not know how much money?
With a hard thing to get to know about a lot of gum now
Q:The relationship between the disease and the stone carving
The main body of this monument group is - horse riding Huns stone. In this high-168 cm theme carving, the author uses the moral means to a device of the imposing, proudly Zhuo Li's horses to symbolize the hussars general; with the horses to the invaders trampled on the ground to the typical plot to praise the hussars The generals in the fight against the Huns in the war to create the odds; that superego loser, holding the bow and arrow in the hands, has not yet put down the weapons, this is not to tell the people must not relax vigilance. The outline of this work, carved extremely accurate and powerful, horse head to the horse part, made a big ups and downs of the deal, the image is very eye-catching. In short, horse riding Huns stone is a combination of ideological and artistic perfect unity, is the Western Han Dynasty monument sculpture made epoch-making achievements of the mark.
Q:Stone works is one of China's sculptures
You said the stone carving works should be: "Horse riding Huns", is the body of the whole group of works, but also the theme of these sculptures Acura. Sculpture, the author of the use of the meaning of the way, with a magnificent anguish, proudly standing war horse to symbolize the young general. It is tall, vigorous, standing in the posture of the victor, there is a sacred and inviolable momentum; and another symbol of the Huns armed bow and arrow samurai is on his back, was mercilessly at the foot, looked so small, ugly, curled up The body is dying.
Q:How many squares of stone sculptures
Looking for stone carving factory asked this area is very large material artificial
Q:Confucius stone carving like the installation of what is the argument
The fifth: by the Shaolin Temple of the sea lights Master again and again the disciples of the three lines of the master for the elephant - 1, prickly cocks blood. 2, stained cinnabar. 3, open eyes, view of the Quartet near the distant far. 4, open the mouth light, teach no tired to teach no class 5, slap in the face, listen to eight square repair Qi Ping. 6, open nose light, smell for the fragrance of the Qing Dynasty. 7, start light, holding the holy volume; to the Guangxi Oriental Foreign Language Vocational College new school. Is willing to holy first division of the spirit, cross the crane to return, to see Guangxi Oriental Foreign Language Vocational College Zhuang Rong! Sunrise in the sky The sixth item: by the director Lee to assist the master for the iconic flower;         By the director of Lee to assist the master for the elephant ornaments;         By the master for the holy spree holy water blessing. Common blessing: willing to heaven and earth to Ning, may the world clean, may be prosperous, willing to Valley of the gods, may like the image of the full, Qi Fu, God bless and harmony; willing all things all over the world can be happy and auspicious harmony!        Ritual perfect, 100 industry by the blessing! The ceremony is over, thank you and the ladies!

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