different styles of Rome columns/pillars

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Fujian China (Mainland)
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loma stone
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Column marble -09
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Roman Pillar
any color available

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rome column marble
1.good design and good quality
2.natural material
3.reasonable price and serive

Product Description

Different styles of rome column , rome column marble, artificial white marble column

Product Name:

Different styles of rome column , rome column marble, artificial white marble column


Granite, Marble ,Artificial stone.


250*20cm high*Diameter, As per customer's requirement.

Available Colors:

White, black, yellow, red etc.


Bush-hammered, flamed, honed, polished etc.


cast iron fireplace.

Main Market:

Europe, America, Russia, Australia and the Middle East.


classical, modern, America, Europe style bio fireplace .


Inner box, Strong seaworthy and fumigated wooden crates.


T/T (30%deposit, 70%balance payment against the B/L copy);L/C at sight.


Around 20days after receiving the deposit.



Our Advantage:

Strict quality control.

Good team work.

Experienced in export

Timely delivery


Different styles of rome column , rome column marble, artificial white marble column

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Q:Does China have the best old stone carving process?
Wu's tombs stone carving. "This is the State Council announced the first batch of key cultural relics protection units. The following figure is the new carving -----
Q:What are the stone used to make stone carved statues?
Yes, why not, but Oman gold is imported stone, the price is slightly higher.
Q:Comparison of Longmen Grottoes and Dazu Rock Carvings
December 1, 1999 at the 23rd session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee by the vote, the Chongqing Dazu Rock Carving in the North Mountain, Baoding Mountain, Nanshan, Shijingshan, Shimen Mountain five cliff statues, officially included The world cultural heritage, Chongqing Dazu stone into the "World Heritage List" ranks. Dazu Rock Carving is located in Chongqing City, Sichuan Province, with Dazu County, Tongnan County, Tongliang County, Wushan County for the range, where you can enjoy on behalf of the Chinese Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty stone statue art. Dazu stone is Dazu County, the main performance for the cliff statue of the general term of the grotto art. Dazu stone carvings group of stone statues more than 70, a total of more than 100,000, which Baoding Mountain and Beishan cliff stone is the most famous, its Buddhist statues, Confucianism, Taoism and Chen, is a model of China's late cave statues , The scale of the grand, superb art, the rich content, with the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Yungang Grottoes, Longmen Grottoes par. Dazu stone carvings are located in the mountains of mainland China, the past traffic inconvenience, survived the war of the catastrophe and man-made destruction, with high cultural relics, sculpture and tourism value, especially in the Beishan cliff stone and Baodingshan cliff stone most concentrated. Beishan cliff (grotto) stone is located in the northwest of Dazu County two kilometers, cut in the Tang Dynasty Zhao Zong Jing Fuk the first year (892 years), after five generations, two songs, one after another in the Bay, Camp slope, Guanyin slope, Ear rock and other statues nearly ten thousand feet. Up to 500 meters, were compiled for the 290 niches cave. Which has a stele 6 pass, inscriptions and statues 55, the block 8, silver engraved line 1, stone statues 364 niches cave.
Q:Taishan stone carving
Five is the classic stone carvings. Such as located in the northeast of Taishan Doujue stream in the large stone on the carved in more than 1,400 years ago, "King Kong" and so on. Six is ​​the tomb of the tomb tower stone. Mainly engraved dead life, virtue and the office and other content, there is a large number of Han Dynasty around the Han Dynasty officials and monks of the tombstone and tower Ming, such as "Fang Yanqian monument", this monument records the father of Xu Xuan Tong Xu Humble life and virtue, by Yu Shinan author, Ouyang query regular script.
Q:What are the characteristics of the Han Dynasty stone carvings?
An example of the stone carvings of Hanhuo disease tomb stone carving, mix and match. Huo Qubing Mausoleum at the bottom of the north and south 105 meters long, east and west width of 73 meters. The top of the north and south 15 meters long, 8 meters wide east and west, mound about 25 meters high. The tomb stone 16 existing. Can be identified as 14 students, of which there are three pieces of each carved shape, a total of 17 organisms; different objects 12 categories. There are eccentric, monsters eat sheep, lying cattle, people hold animals, lying pigs, horse, "horse riding Huns", lying horse, Crouching Tiger, lying like, short mouth fish, long mouth fish, otters, bat, Engraved stone and plain stone. Stone carved by the stone, a little carved, simple concise, outstanding personality, rich style, is the earliest in China, save the most complete batch of large stone art treasures.
Q:Stone carving (carving) learning
Mud and stone carving almost nothing more than the hardness is not the same and the tools are not the same Bale ~ ~ want to learn to Jiaxiang ~ ~ all get this ~ ~
Q:Why from the Qin Dynasty to the Han Dynasty stone art contrast so much
Qin Dynasty with stone to record the history and merit, the Han Dynasty with stone to carry out artistic creation, no practical
Q:The artistic characteristics and the background of stone carvings at the tomb of
Artistic features: "Horse riding Huns" stone carving as the main statue, with huge hills rock carved out a horses to the Huns invaders tread on the ground, horses and vigorous and solemn, solemn and steady, riding in the horse on the back of the Huns invaders Bow and arrow for struggling desire. The whole sculpture horse under the belly is not forging empty processing, seamless, highlight the large decent, to strengthen the overall sense and a large sculpture of the shape of a circular carving. The work of the use of symbolism, praise Huo Huazhi beat the historical merits of the Huns, with the image of the horses to praise the master of the arduous, heroic heroic heroic spirit. Other stone may have been scattered around the tomb area, and some stones scattered on the mound. Jump horse ham legs squat, forelimb for the shape of the jump, to the impression of intense excitement; lying horse, although temporarily for the rest, still head watching the movement in front, did not relax vigilance; Fuhu climb lying on the ground, Through the chewing of the mouth, sharp eyes and slightly raised shoulders, still makes people feel ferocious.
Q:Portrait of sculpture of stone statues
Different stone carving statue, large standing posture, 0.334 meters high, eyebrows hands, hands attached to the chest, feet connected, the foot was conical, easy to poke soil; small 6 cm high, Gestures, facial features and expressions are very vague; from the accompaniment of the word pattern pottery point of view, this stone statue may be Hongshan culture late relics. Embossed stone carved face Found 2 pieces. 1959 Sichuan Wushan Daxi 64 tomb unearthed one to the delicate texture of the black volcanic rock carved, the plane was oval, 6 cm high, 3.6 cm wide, 1 cm thick, both sides are embossed cheek plump, stunned Mouth mouth, the top of the two perforations, is 6000 ~ 5000 years ago from the Daxi culture late relics. Another in 1973 unearthed in Gansu Yongchang mandarin duck pond 51 tomb, dolomite carved into a high 3.8 cm wide and 2.5 cm, the plane is also oval, in the mustor of the positive, with black gelatinous white bone beads To show the facial features, demeanor and Wushan Daxi unearthed similar to the top of a perforation, is 4300 ~ 4000 years ago from the Majiayao culture horse factory relics.
Q:What is the largest stone statue in ancient China? Anonymous | View 161 times
Leshan Giant Buddha, also known as Lingyun Buddha, is located in Leshan City, Sichuan Province, south of the Minjiang River Lingyun Temple side, near the Dadu River, Tsing Yi River and the Minjiang River Sanjiang confluence. Buddha for the Maitreya statue, 71 meters high, is China's largest statue of a cliff stone. Leshan Buddha excavated in the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan first year (713), completed in Zhenyuan nineteen years (803 years), which lasted about ninety years.

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