Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

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Product Description:


Product description

Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace


The  marble mantel




Co. Ltd.



Place of Origin

Quyang County -Hebei  of China

Texture of  material

Top white  marble; cream; sunset red; black and white  dragon; beneath Guangxiwhite stone exhibition!


1500*1200*350(High width thickness,mm)Otherdimensionscan be customized!

The time limit  for a project

Usually 10-30  days(Except for large products)


Block processing, pure  hand carving, polishing


Professional solid  wood crib


Logistics (According  to the weight charge)


Advantage Of Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

Natural marble

Pure hand carved
25 years experience
Value of art


Custom Antique White Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces


Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace


Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace



Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace


Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

Quick Details

Place of Origin:

Hebei China (Mainland)

Brand Name:

JSBS-The Marble Fireplaces

Model Number:



Indoor,Decoration, outdoor, indoor


With Remote Control,Without Remote Control


Other Fireplaces

Installation Type:



100% Natural Marble


100% hand carved

Export Markets:



100% quality insurance

Surface Finishing:

High polishing


As per customers requirement


Durable and artistic


T/T, Western Union


The Marble Fireplaces

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

The Marble Fireplaces:Strong Wooden Crate with Plasitc & Foam inside

Delivery Detail:





Q:What price for each watt?

A:It depends on the quantity, delivery date and payment terms

Q:What is your warranty system?

A:Our fireplaces aer pure hand carved
Q:How do you pack your products?

A:We have rich experience on how to pack thecells to make sure the safety on shipment when it arrives at the destination.

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Q:Nanputuo Temple cliff stone carving origin and art?
South Putuo Temple incumbent abbot is enlightenment monk, born in 1974, Zhejiang Ryan people, graduated from the South Fujian Buddhist College. In the Nanputuo Temple Main Hall of the pillars of a pair of couplets, couplet is written: "from the beginning of the Tang Dynasty and Kaiyuan and ancient, Puguang was the island of Tai Wu to Zenghui", which clearly shows that the South Putuo Temple Built in the Tang Dynasty, has been more than 1,200 years of history. It is said that the first by the Tang Dynasty to Xiamen Island on the development of the golden clan of the clan, in the Wulaofeng mountain Tian Shi fifty-two acres as a temple site built and built. The monastery is nestled among the lush five temples, facing the vast sea and the lush southern Wudan Mountain. Five generations of time, Nanputuo Temple known as Sizhou hospital. The early Song Dynasty called the endless rock. To the rule of the year, that is, AD 1064 years, to Puzhao Temple, according to the hospital. Was wasted in the Yuan Dynasty in 1341. 1368 Ming Hongwu years, by the monks feel light to build, unfortunately the end of the Ming Dynasty was destroyed by the war. Qing Emperor Kangxi twenty-three years, that is, AD 1684, Jinghai Hou Shi Lang unified Taiwan, returned to Xiamen to rebuild the temple. This monastery enshrines the Goddess of Mercy, but also in the original set of Goddess of Mercy - Zhejiang Putuo Mountain south, so called Nanputuo Temple. This is the origin of the South Temple, the history of evolution and revival.
Q:The creation time, theme thought, artistic style and historical significance of the stone carving group
The powerful Western Han dynasty inherited and carried forward the excellent artistic tradition of the previous generation, boldly absorbing and drawing on foreign art, so that the Han Dynasty sculpture art has made brilliant achievements. Han Dynasty sculpture as a feudal society in front of the powerful dynasty art, with a deep and magnificent spirit reflects the full of confidence and vitality of the spirit of the times. Han Dynasty sculpture in the history of Chinese sculpture has a typical significance. Qin and Han sculpture is the first peak in the history of Chinese sculpture.
Q:Horse riding Huns stone in the Hung is what the performance of the ah
The performance of the performance of a vigorous war horses, four feet under the marching a bow and arrow leader of the Huns, the horses symbolizes the power of the Western Han Dynasty and Huo Huazhi war power, the group did not appear Huohuadu image, but more strong symbolic and commemorative significance.
Q:Meaning immediately sealed the first stone in the period of time
Auspicious patterns are an important category in the ancient decorative arts of our country, and its history can be traced back to the ancient stone age.
Q:Sculpture of the Han Dynasty sculpture
Huo Qubing tomb stone carving group, is considered to Yuan hunting six years (117 BC) less government officials "left Sagong" Department of the mason carved, can be considered with the Kunming pool stone carved out with the hands of the royal stone craftsmen, and thus Both styles are very similar. Huo Ru disease tomb from the Han Dynasty mausoleum about 1 000 meters northeast. He was born for the expedition to the Huns, repeated construction Qigong, favored, but left the "Huns did not destroy, why home" patriotic rhetoric, died only 24 years old. Emperor of the occasion of the deity, the special life of the general will be built to the symbol of its outstanding reputation of the Qilian mountain shape, mountain mound up and down, but also put on a number of large stone, tiger, bear, cattle, horses, pigs and other images, To bring out the magnificent spectacular Qilian Mountain, one of the most famous stone is "horse riding Huns like".
Q:Which in the stone company, which will be better
Stone carving, refers to the use of a variety of carved, carved stone, to create a certain space of visual, touchable artistic image, to reflect the social life, to express the artist's aesthetic feelings, aesthetic feelings, aesthetic ideal art
Q:Stone modeling material
Natural stone is now widely used by people to the natural beauty, for the school entrance, landscaping zone, the authority of the unit and so on.
Q:How many years can an open stone carving save?
The general large-scale stone with a durable and durable granite preservation for hundreds of years are nothing
Q:Taishan inscription stone scene in Taishan what position
Taishan cliff stone distribution in Taishan various places, about more than a thousand, has a long history, about two thousand years, has a long history. 【Stone content】 The main stone carvings include the memorials of the memorials published by the emperors of the emperors of the dynasties, the records of the establishment and rebuilding of the temples, the epitaphs recorded on the stones, the poems praised, the poems for the beautiful scenery, the couplets, etc. Wait. The text is both eloquent of the giant system, there is a word summary of the refining of the words; both the emperor in the palace said Jinyu Liangyan, there are ordinary people say the heart of the sentence. Calligraphy art is also a wide range of both neat and elegant, but also a strange taste, is a natural calligraphy display center, I believe you will watch the end will also have nostalgia, constantly praise its classic and implication of beauty.
Q:Dazu stone carving thousands of Goddess of Mercy history
Dazu stone carvings of the earliest Avalokitesvara, to the number of holy water rock of the thousands of view of the audience, like the 40 relief hand, more than 100 only engraved. This statue in Dunhuang and Bashu area of ​​the cave temple art, save a lot, came to Dazu, with the history of Dazu stone gradually evolved, rich, so heyday. Dazu Beishan stone carvings Dazu holy water rock thousands of Goddess of the statue techniques in the Dazu Beishan stone also appeared, Beishan stone carvings Guanyin statue of the reputation of the museum, which thousands of Goddess of Mercy statues are more, the earliest works is the No. 9 Swordsman audio and video. In addition, in the Beishan stone corridor, there are five generations, the beginning of the Song Dynasty a lot of Goddess of Mercy statues, such as No. 218,235,243,273 and other niches, are the traditional simple Avalokitesvara statues, but these thousands of hands Guanyin subordinates reduced, the scale also will be reduced, such as the fifth generation of the period of No. 273 niches Guanyin, only two waiter and flying.

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