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Hebei China (Mainland)
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JSBS-The Marble Fireplaces
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Indoor,Decoration, outdoor, indoor
With Remote Control,Without Remote Control
Other Fireplaces
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100% Natural Marble
100% hand carved
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100% quality insurance
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High polishing
As per customers requirement
Durable and artistic
T/T, Western Union
The Marble Fireplaces

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:The Marble Fireplaces:Strong Wooden Crate with Plasitc & Foam inside
Delivery Detail:30-45days


The Marble Fireplaces
1.Natural marble
2 Pure hand carved
3.25 years experience
4.Value of art

Custom Antique White Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces


The marble mantel


Tenghui sculpture Co. Ltd.



Place of Origin

Quyang County -Hebei of china

Texture of material

Top white  marble; cream; sunset red; black and white  dragon; beneath Guangxiwhite stone exhibition!


1500*1200*350High width thicknessmmOther dimensions can be customized

The time limit for a project

Usually 10-30 daysExcept for large products


Block processing, pure hand  carving, polishing


Professional solid wood crib


Logistics (According to the  weight charge

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Q:China's ancient dynasty, the most famous stone
  One of the most famous for the Liang Poyang Zhonglie Wang Xiao Fort tomb stone - evil spirits. Located in the town of Qixia Town, Nanjing Xinhe Village Ganjia Lane four farmland, and Xiao delity tomb Shinto stone adjacent. Xiao Hui (476 years - 526 years), the word Hongda, Liang Wendi Xiao Shunzhi's ninth son (one said the tenth son), Liang Wu Di Xiao Yan's different brother. Young and intelligent, 7 years old will be able to understand the "filial piety", "the Analects of Confucius" meaning. He teans laugh, love wine, dabbling history, light fortune, quite scholar style. Qi when the official to the North Zhonglang foreign soldiers join the army, the former military book. Liang Tianchang the first year (502 years) sealed Poyang Wang, paternity, former generals, leading stone garrison military. After the death of the Southern Xuzhou provincial governor, Ezhou provincial governor, Jingzhou provincial governor, Yizhou provincial governor and other staff. Ordinary seven years (526 years) in September died in Jingzhou provincial governor, when he was 51 years old. Liang Wu Dizhao gift, Stuart, Shi said Zhong Lie Lie. The following year in February Gan buried on the 5th buried in health.     Evil evil is the ancient legend of our kind of animal, the first like a lion, body if the tiger, mouth teeth sharp, mandibular whiskers, born wings, head angry head, long tail mopping. Symbolic majesty, justice, can avoid evil. And the election of the main signs of Nanjing emblem.
Q:Jiaxiang stone carving introduction
Bigger and stronger stone industry, must meet the market demand, take the path of innovation and development, with independent design, independent intellectual property rights of the product system. To this end, the Central Academy of Fine Arts Jiaxiang Stone Art Company from the Beijing Palace Museum, the Central Arts Academy of Fine Arts, the Chinese Art Museum and other units to employ well-known experts, professors to plant lectures, stone carving art backbone training. At the same time, they also organized the creators to go abroad, to Italy, Rome, France, the Louvre and other world famous art temple to observe, learn from the arts, learn the world's cutting-edge carving art, and then the European and American art style with the Chinese stone carving art, developed a Independent intellectual property rights of stone carving varieties, cultivated a number of designers, sculpture artists. Focus on product innovation at the same time, the plant focus on innovative business philosophy, improve economic efficiency efforts. In recent years, take the initiative to go out with the international famous stone carving business for direct trade. At present, the enterprise has made the right to import and export, stone products have become the export of foreign brands and farmers an important source of income. The first half of this year, stone carving to achieve self-export more than 1200 million dollars.
Q:What is the stone in front of the hotel can play what role such as stone lion elephant brave and so on.
The best stone lions Elephants are generally not in the house, on behalf of the peace like. The meaning of peace, not the main wealth.
Q:Where is the stone carving of the temple?
As well as Jiangsu and Zhejiang garden brick is also famous. But the brick is just a part of the stone,
Q:What are the stone walls of the Three Gorges Dam
The most concentrated statue of the Great Buddha Bay, with a large statue of 30 large secret statues. Inscriptions 7 pass, inscription 17, stupa tower 2. The cliff face 88 square meters of thousands of Goddess of Mercy, the world is rare; 31 meters long reclining Buddha bust, big and beautiful; flute woman, chicken, animal husbandry life rich. These reflect the social life, the story of the coherent by the image, showing the ancient sculpture of the artist's perseverance and fine skills, shining the brilliant glory of national culture. Dazu: Beishan cliff statues
Q:Dazu stone carving how to get away?
From Yongchuan under the highway to the dragon water from the big enough → Baodeng that is a good place to see stone and beautiful scenery beautiful
Q:Comparison of Longmen Grottoes and Dazu Rock Carvings
Dazu stone not only has a huge Buddhist statues and system integrity of the Taoist statues, as well as the grotto statues in the rare pure Confucian statues, and "three religions", "two teach" one of the sculpture is also a lot. Dazu stone carving of this cultural phenomenon as a physical example, reflecting the history of Chinese culture, Confucianism, Taoism, three long-term struggle and integration, to the Song Dynasty, "Kong, old, Sakya are holy", " The same way, the three religions are available "and" three religions confrontation "thought dominant position has been consolidated. Dazu stone carvings, "where the Buddha contained, all prepared", in the art of "God's humanization and human deification" to achieve a high degree of unity. Dazu stone carving through more than a thousand years, cross the Buddha and Confucianism, beautiful appearance, good rate of high. At the same time with the appearance of the various text, biblical, eulogy, notes and other stone inscriptions have more than 15 million words, and more than the history of stone to share, is a rare treasure of culture and art. Has a distinctive national characteristics, has a high historical, scientific and artistic value, in the history of ancient Chinese grotto art occupies a pivotal position, was hailed as the magic of the Oriental art pearl, is a genius of art, is a unique A treasure house of world cultural heritage.
Q:Where is the four stone hills in China?
China's four major stone carvings were: Zhejiang Province Wenling, Fujian Province, Huian, Zhejiang Province Qingtian, Hebei Quyang. 1, Zhejiang Province Wenling stone Wenling stone carving culture and history has a long history. The earliest start in the Song Dynasty, to the Ming Dynasty Jiajing years, the stone carving process has been a very Wenling stone carving. Taizhou folk had spread "Huangyan tangerine goose pine, peace stone day rover bell" folk. At present, Wenling City has more than 40 stone carving enterprises, practitioners of stone carving nearly 2,000 people, including Gao Long stone artists accounted for 80%. Stone industry, the rise of Wenling City has become a new economic growth point. In order to jointly create the stone market, to maintain the industry's enduring, Wenling City Gao Long Township government in Pu three villages specifically to draw 30 acres of land, focus on the township more than 30 stone carving enterprises to establish high dragon stone park. The government is responsible for water, electricity, roads and other park facilities, to develop preferential policies, the implementation of taxation, electricity and other aspects of the tilt, so that the stone industry has become the pillar industry of the township, accounting for more than half of industrial output. In the face of the upcoming new century, Wenling people continue to improve the scientific and technological content of stone carving technology, the introduction and application of advanced technology to transform the traditional stone carving process, began to use computer lettering design and artificial carving combination of new methods to produce some high and deep Loved by the stone crafts.
Q:The creation time, theme thought, artistic style and historical significance of the stone carving group
Ancient literature records, the Han Dynasty popular large stone, metal search carving as a palace, garden and other architectural layout of the specific settings. At present you can see the Han Dynasty sculpture works mostly for the tomb sculpture, which in the Han Dynasty Huo to death tomb stone carving group of the most outstanding. Huo Ru disease tomb stone carvings for the Han Dynasty tomb carving the most outstanding works. Huo Qubing (140 BC to 117 BC) is the name of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, able to enlist the war, six times led his army against the Huns, won the Qilian Mountains, Yan tributary and Hexi Corridor, opened up the road to the Western Regions, The decisive victory of the fortress north border. Han Wudi to Huo Qubing very appreciated, Jin as the hussars general, champion Hou, but unfortunately 24-year-old died early in the British year.
Q:Qinglongshan stone carvings
3, three official palace monument. This monument in the temple before the temple, is the mountain where the largest inscriptions, standing in the Ming Wanli years, for the gentry Zhao Duan presided over the construction of the temple of the Syria. 4, through the dragon monument. That is, "to create the palace in mind." This monument on the eastern side of the official temple on the cliff, the Department of cliffs, engraved in Kangxi thirty-six years. Legend of hand strokes this monument, you can rush fortune, killed Chengxiang. Because visitors long-term hand friction to the monument as smooth as a mirror, sunny, opposite the mountains can be seen in the monument.

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