Custom Antique White Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces

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Product Description:


Product description



Custom Antique White Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces


Tenghui sculpture Co. Ltd.



Place of Origin

Quyang County -Hebei of china

Texture of material

Top white  marble; cream; sunset red; black and white  dragon; beneath Guangxiwhite stone exhibition!


1500*1200*350(High width thicknessmm)Otherdimensionscan be customized!

The time limit for a project

Usually 10-30 days(Except for large products)


Block processing, pure hand  carving, polishing


Professional solid wood crib


Logistics (According to the  weight charge)


Usage/Application Of Custom Antique White Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces


1.Natural marble
2 Pure hand carved
3.25 years experience
4.Value of art



Custom Antique White Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces

Custom Antique White Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces

Custom Antique White Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces

Custom Antique White Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces


Quick Details


Place of Origin:

Hebei China (Mainland)

Brand Name:

JSBS-The Marble Fireplaces

Model Number:



Indoor,Decoration, outdoor, indoor


With Remote Control,Without Remote Control


Other Fireplaces

Installation Type:



100% Natural Marble


100% hand carved

Export Markets:



100% quality insurance

Surface Finishing:

High polishing


As per customers requirement


Durable and artistic


T/T, Western Union


The Marble Fireplaces


Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Detail:

The Marble Fireplaces:Strong Wooden Crate with Plasitc & Foam inside

Delivery Detail:




Q:What price for each watt?

A:It depends on the quantity, delivery date and payment terms

Q:What is your warranty

A:Our fireplace performance pure hand carved

Q:How do you pack your products?

A:We have rich experience on how to pack thecells to make sure the safety on shipment when it arrives at the destination.





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Q:What are the characteristics of the Han Dynasty stone carvings?
Han Dynasty sculpture art treasures. Huo Qubing is the Western Han Dynasty Emperor Wu of the Western Han Dynasty, because of military exploits, called the hussars generals, after the death of the Buddha next to the burial Mausoleum. There is a large stone carved around the tomb, to commemorate. Stone for the Western Han Yuan hunting, like, cattle, horses, pigs, tigers, sheep, "monster eat sheep", "people and bears" and "horse riding Huns" and other 17. Mostly based on the original stone natural form, the use of round carving, relief, line carving and other practices, carved. Deep and deep, bold and bold, concise vivid. Is the earliest, save the complete group of stone. Representative works for the "horse riding Huns", "Fuhu", "horse" and so on. Huo Zhu disease in 1961 the State Council announced the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units. These stone carvings adopt the combination of the carvings, the reliefs and the lines, according to the original shape and characteristics of the stone, let's go with the natural, the key parts of the carving, the other parts of the romantic portrait of the freehand way to highlight the object of the demeanor and dynamic , Left us a group of the earliest, the largest number, the style of rough and simple, bold atmosphere of the tomb stone art treasures. The stone carvings form from the form to the inner part of the inner relationship, in which the "horse riding the Huns" as the theme of the statue, the rest around the theme, and the symbol of the environment together with the tomb for a comprehensive contrast: or show mountains Of the arrogance of hardships, or reflect the fierce fighting brutal, or the performance of the Western Han Dynasty military heroic vigorous and so on.
Q:Shenyang Palace Museum stone carving
Stone is a large species of Chinese stone, long history, large scale, mainly to the tomb stone statue, as well as stone coffins, stone and burial offerings and other class stone carvings
Q:What is the work of the stone carving teacher Lu Chengliang?
In 1980, he began to participate in the renovation work of many local cultural relics, and later participated in the monument inscriptions of the traditional opera contents, such as the Tai Yu Ling Inscriptions, the monuments of the Lanting Scenic Spot, the Monument to the People's Heroes in Shaoxing, the "Peony Pavilion" "Lu young" museum monument carving, Zhuji Xishifang scenic area of various text engraving.
Q:Qinglongshan stone carvings
Qinglongshan stone carvings have the following: 1, a lion-shaped beast. In the entrance of the Qinglongshan Temple, limestone carved, like lion, name "猃 狁", "狻 猊". 2, Wang Qianzhi inscriptions. This monument "new white temple monument", the author Wang Qianzhi, character Kyrgyzstan, Qing Kangxi lifts, and Zhao Zhixin students.
Q:Comparison of the Art of Dazu Rock Carvings with Dunhuang, Longmen and Yungang Grottoes
Baodao Mountain Cliff (Grottoes) stone from Dazu County northeast 15 km, the founder of the stone for the Song Shu in the name of the monk Zhao Zhifeng, built in the Southern Song Dynasty Chunxi six years to Chunyou nine years (1179-1249), which lasted 70 years, a total of 13 stone, Statues of tens of thousands, to Big Buddha Bay and small Buddha Bay the largest scale. Baoding Mountain is one of the Buddhist holy places, there are "on the North Emei, the next treasure toward the top," said.
Q:Wuxi water home garden inside a lot of stone, where to do ah?
Yixing Wan Shizhen online search search
Q:Dazu stone carving thousands of Goddess of Mercy history
Sichuan and Chongqing in the cave statues, the preservation of a good "thousands of Goddess of Mercy" like a lot of the number. Fushun Luo Han hole, the heavy mountain in the capital, An Yue's lying Buddha ditch and thousands of Buddha Walled, Jiajiang thousands of Buddha rock, and Chongqing Dazu holy water rock, Baoding Mountain, Beishan and other stone carving thousands of view audio and video, are The more excellent works. Which to Dazu Baoding Hill (thousands of Goddess of Mercy here) and the most famous Beishan, to Dazu Baodongshan Guanyin the most dazzling. Dashu Sheng Shuiyan thousands of hand view audio and video
Q:Horse riding Huns stone in the Hung is what the performance of the ah
The performance of the performance of a vigorous war horses, four feet under the marching a bow and arrow leader of the Huns, the horses symbolizes the power of the Western Han Dynasty and Huo Huazhi war power, the group did not appear Huohuadu image, but more strong symbolic and commemorative significance.
Q:What is the stone in front of the hotel can play what role such as stone lion elephant brave and so on.
The best stone lions Elephants are generally not in the house, on behalf of the peace like. The meaning of peace, not the main wealth.
Q:Shou Shan stone masterpiece what is what
1. Southern Song Shoushan stone carving bird bird Suzaku In January 1966, in Fuzhou Jinjishan South Song Jiading the first year of the tomb unearthed a Shoushan stone Suzaku. Suzaku is one of the four gods of ancient China. Four gods also known as four elephants, four spirit, that is, dragon, white tiger, Suzaku, basaltic. Suzaku also called Zhu birds, is the god of the gods in the four gods. The stone is 8.6 cm high, 9.5 cm long, 2.5 cm wide. Touching squatting, condensate eyes hyperopia, vivid image, demeanor realistic, carved simple, knife kneading, reflecting the Song Dynasty Fuzhou Shoushan stone carving process level. This collection is in the Fujian Provincial Museum.

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