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Hebei China (Mainland)
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JSBS-The Marble Fireplaces
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Indoor,Decoration, outdoor, indoor
With Remote Control,Without Remote Control
Other Fireplaces
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100% Natural Marble
100% hand carved
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100% quality insurance
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High polishing
As per customers requirement
Durable and artistic
T/T, Western Union
The Marble Fireplaces

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:The Marble Fireplaces:Strong Wooden Crate with Plasitc & Foam inside
Delivery Detail:30-45days


The Marble Fireplaces
1.Natural marble
2 Pure hand carved
3.25 years experience
4.Value of art

Custom Antique White Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces


The  marble mantel




Co. Ltd.



Place of Origin

Quyang County -Hebei  of China

Texture of  material

Top white  marble; cream; sunset red; black and white  dragon; beneath Guangxiwhite stone exhibition!


1500*1200*350High width thickness,mmOther dimensions can be customized

The time limit  for a project

Usually 10-30  daysExcept for large products


Block processing, pure  hand carving, polishing


Professional solid  wood crib


Logistics (According  to the weight charge

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Q:China's earliest existing large mausoleum stone is?
Huo to disease tomb stone carvings in the Western Han Dynasty is a masterpiece of large stone To answer The wrong thing about the Western Han was wrong
Q:Zhangjiagang or Zhang near, where there are stone or stone crafts sold?
Zhangjiagang Luyuan building materials market, roadside stone lions!
Q:The use of ancient stone pillars
This should be a pillar. Huian stone carving, hee and stone industry.
Q:Zhengjue Temple Stone Carving Museum
Comprehensive display area: on the east side of the throne, a total display of various forms and content of the inscriptions 31 pass. Among them are the monumental monument written by the emperor Yongzheng, the large horizontal monument, the elaboration of the inscriptions of the inscriptions of the inscriptions and the inscriptions on the inscriptions of the inscriptions of the inscriptions; There are eunuchs monument and the monastery of the buildings and so on. Can be called the epitome of the inscription in Beijing. Merit monument display area: on the north side of the throne, a total of Ming and Qing dynasties for the meritorious service of the inscriptions 12 virtues. Which for the Qing Dynasty made a contribution to the Fu Hengzong ancestral monument, its shape and sculpture called the monument in the fine
Q:What are the stone walls of the Three Gorges Dam
Beishan ancient name Longgangshan, two kilometers away from Dazu County. The statue began in the first year of Tang Jingfu (AD 892), the five generations to the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing, which lasted 250 years. Bei Shan was once the Tang Dynasty Changzhou provincial governor, Chang (Dazu), Pu (An Yue), Chongqing (Chongqing), together (Hechuan) four states are commanding Wei Junjing grain plot troops to the village, is also the Tang Dynasty, Of the concentrated area. Beishan to Buddha Bay statues the most concentrated, compiled for the 290. Which has a stele 6 pass, inscriptions and statues in mind 55, the building blocks 8, engraved "Manjusri Lee asked the disease map" a stone statue 264 niches cave. From which you can understand the Tang and Song statues of the transformation and artistic style, but also enjoy the exquisite carving statues of art; transfer by the possession of the hole known as the "stone carving palace Que", which the Puxian statue known as the "Oriental Venus " Wei Junjing monument, Cai Jing monument, 22 ancient essays filial piety monument to the world alone. Both calligraphy boutique, but also fill the historical data of the missing.
Q:Shawshank's Redemption Du Fulun why stone carvings
Otherwise the hammer looks like it can not be used to dig a jailbreak, but if you just buy it, you will still be suspicious.
Q:Where is the four stone hills in China?
3, Zhejiang Province Qingtian stone Qingtian stone history has a long history, can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty, which has been unearthed in 1989, Dongjiang Xincheng County Shang Dynasty cultural relics "Yu Yu people" to textual research. Since the nineteenth century Qingtian stone since the Qingtian stone carving several times in the international exposition gold medal, silver medal, won a high reputation, after the founding of new China, many times by the party and the country was selected as a national gift presented to foreign heads of state. In 1992, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issued four special stamps of stone, 1995, 1996 Qingtian were the relevant departments of the State Council named "China's stone carving art town" and "Chinese stone town."
Q:Stone carving, sculpture, fountain which belong to the point of view
Piazza di Spagna (Piazza di Spagna): located in Italy, Rome Trinity Church (Trinita dei Monta) where the hills,
Q:Comparison of the Art of Dazu Rock Carvings with Dunhuang, Longmen and Yungang Grottoes
Dazu County is located in the southeast of Sichuan Basin, west of Chengdu, 271 kilometers east of Chongqing, 70 kilometers. The county a total area of ​​about 1,400 square kilometers, a population of about 900,000. Dazujian County in Tang Qian yuan the first year (AD 758 years), dating back more than 1240 years of history, the county name to take "Dafeng big enough" meaning. Dazu stone was founded in the first year of Tang Yonghui (AD 650), after the late Tang Dynasty, the Five Dynasties, Sheng in the Song Dynasty, stretching Ming and Qing Dynasties. Among them, there are five key cultural relics protection units in the country, namely, Beishan (including the North Tower), Baoding Mountain, Nanshan, Shimen Mountain, Shijingshan stone carved "five mountain stone carving" (World Heritage part), Chongqing cultural relics protection units 4 That is, Tsingshanzi, Shu Chengyan, wonderful mountain stone carvings, thousands of Buddha rock carvings, Dazu County cultural relics protection units such as the Western Hills, holy water Temple, Sanjiao Temple, Castle Peak homes, Laojun Temple, half of the temple, seven arch bridge, Pu Temple , Chen Jiayan stone and so on. Beishan, Baoding Mountain, Nanshan, Shimen Mountain, stone Zhushan is Dazu stone in the largest, most valuable, the art of the most beautiful stone statues on behalf of.
Q:Stone carving and stone are different
Flat carved for stone, three-dimensional sculpture and embossed carved for stone!

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