COTTON TWILL TWO WAY STRETCH S0085A/(32/2+70D)×(32/2+70D)

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Q:Will mulberry silk shrink if it is washed?
Silk washing as follows:1, anyway, silk clothes must be in accordance with the requirements of the cleaning, the water temperature can not be too high, not more than 30 degrees is appropriate, too high water temperature will damage silk, also can cause shrinkage.2, when we clean the silk, choose cleaning agent is also very important, must choose neutral detergent.3, silk, of course, is to hand wash, do not use the washing machine to clean, or else silk clothes will have silk or "turn silk" and other phenomena appear.4, if the silk clothes stained with too much stains, and can not handle their own, or to take the professional dry cleaning shop to deal with cleaning.5, silk Liangshai is particularly careful, after cleaning is not twisted, only the silk clothes carefully picked up again on the towel neatly put good after the above. Dry naturally in the shade.
Q:What material is the shirt good?
The first is pure cotton, pure cotton fabric, which is made of natural and healthy plant "cotton". It is characterized by its comfortable, soft and sweat absorption. Especially for skin allergy friends, very suitable for pure cotton fabric shirts, because only cotton shirts will not make the skin feel uncomfortable, so that cause skin allergies!
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of pure cotton fabrics?
(1) at 110 centigrade below, will only cause the fabric of moisture evaporation, the fiber is not damaged, at room temperature, washing and dyeing had no effect on the fabric, improve the fabric wash wear performance.(2) cotton fiber is naturally resistant to alkali, and fiber should not be destroyed by alkali, which is beneficial to washing clothes. And dyeing, printing and other processes.Environmental protection: cotton fiber is natural fiber. Pure cotton fabric contact with the skin without any stimulation, beneficial to the human body harmless.
Q:What is acrylic fiber?
Synthetic fiber made from acrylonitrile copolymers of polyacrylonitrile or acrylonitrile content greater than 85% (mass percentage). The commonly used second monomers are non-ionic monomers, such as methyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, etc., and the third monomers are ionic monomers, such as sodium propylene sulfonate and 2- methylene -1, 4-, succinic acid, etc..
Q:Satin fabric is not pure cotton?
It is certainly Satin cotton fabric in the boutique.Characteristics: because satin weave the fabric density is higher, so the fabric more solid.Cost: satin weave higher than similar products of plain, twill products cost.
Q:What's the difference between silk and mulberry silk?
Mulberry silk is a natural animal protein fiber, and is the most important raw material for silk weaving. It is smooth, soft and lustrous. It has the feeling of cool in winter and cool in summer. When it rubs, it has a unique "Silk singing" phenomenon. It has good extensibility and good heat resistance. Is the use of silkworm mulberry silk leaves after outstanding silk is called silk, people called silk for raw silk.
Q:What are the different kinds of knitted fabrics, dyed fabrics, woven fabrics and fine imitation fabrics in fabrics?
And fine imitation fabric is mainly from the quality, materials and other directions to identify, mainly refers to the wool, TC, TR and the like; this category belongs to shuttle weaving, there are some worsted fabric also belongs to yarn dyed. This is mainly the problem of segmentation dimension.
Q:What are the features and advantages of the slub yarn fabric? What are the main selling points?
The fabric of slub yarn is characterized by uneven distribution of thickness.
Q:What is the specific modal fabric material?
Modal fiber fabric has good flexibility, gloss, smoothness, and water absorption and permeability of cotton fabric is also better than the color, dyeing, fabric color bright and very full, it also with a variety of fibers such as cotton, linen and silk blended fabrics, in order to improve the overall quality of the the. Modaier finished product has good effect, strong stability
Q:What are the features of jacquard fabrics? What fabric comes from?
The single color jacquard fabric is jacquard dyed fabric, which is dyed and dyed with jacquard fabric. This kind of jacquard fabric has the unique texture of soft texture, delicate and smooth, its gloss, drape and air permeability are better, the color fastness is also high, no pilling, no fading. Like large jacquard fabric, its design range is large and exquisite, color levels are distinct, three-dimensional feeling is very strong, and the pattern of small jacquard fabric is relatively simple for a long time.

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