Colorful Pvc Suction Hose For Water Pump

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Colorful PVC Suction Hose


1) Used for: drawing and conveying water,oil,air,powder.

2) Used in:  factory,agriculture,engineering,foodstuffs and sanitation lines.

3) It is the ideal alternative of rubber hose and metal pipe.


1) This hose is light,with small bending radius.

2) It has good adaptability to hard weather conditions and minus pressure.

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Q:how strong is a plastic tubing for a refrigerator line?
It's pretty strong. It must endure water pressure that near 100 PSI, and it also must be able to stand up under the stress of compression fittings.
Q:Are golden hamsters to big to run through the tubes they have at the stores?
I recommend NOT buying tubes. They're dangerous. Hamsters can gain a lot of weight and eventually not be able to get through the tubes, but they will still try! Which is dangerous because they might get stuck. Also hamsters fill their cheeks with food and that's another hazard. I had a cage with a spiral staircase that brought my hamster to a wheel that was at the top of the cage, you've probably seen it before, my hamster got stuck in the tube between the stairs and the wheel, and I had to break it off (without breaking her) because she was so stuck there was no other way to get her out. Tubes are just a bad idea. They're more suitable for gerbils. Get a cage with ladders and different levels. That way you can get a big cage with more room then one floor, and it's safe.
Q:Can i run a n air filter off stock intake tubing and MAF?
No, but K+N does make a filter the fits in the stock location for your car and a kit to put on a cone-type open element filter.
Q:How do i distill alcohol? Do i need copper tubing or can i use different tubing for the home distiller?
I'm no expert but I think copper is the right choice because it is relatively low reactive metal. Otherwise I would say stainless steel or something like that. Copper is your next choice though
Q:Attempting to change the spark plugs in '00 Jeep Grand Cherokee. How do I get the plastic tubes off the plugs?
They can get baked on pretty damn solid, but they tug off. The metal may stick to the top of the plug if it's corroded on there and the wire will break in two, but theoretically, it's a push-on, pull-off arrangement. If you don't want to deal with that situation again, coat the spark plug's top with Noalox (electrical anti-oxidation paste). . . . or just buy a Chevy. .
Q:My PPR plastic pipe leaking, how to do ah?
If you want to completely cure, the best is to Water Leakage this change if you do not want to change, Water Leakage pipe is not large, can not come out in the water inside is coated with PVC glue, but it only can use a temporary solution, the best is replaced, it is not difficult to change the plastic pipe
Q:What's the full name of "PPC plastic pipe"?
Poly propylene carbonate, English propylene full name Poly carbonate, abbreviation PPC, also known as poly methyl ethylene carbonate, which is based on carbon dioxide and propylene oxide as an environment-friendly biodegradable plastic raw materials.
Q:Plastic pipes have steam, how to handle dry?
We like PC plastic pipe is the use of air blowing dust, water vapor will suggest that you try the effect
Q:Reinforced concrete walls are eyes, and some have plastic tubes on their eyes, what's the matter?
A fixed formwork used for pouring concrete through formwork clips
Q:Leather Storage Tube?
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