CNBM Reasonable Price Exterior wall Fiber Cement Siding Board/Cladding K15-0LA

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CNBM Reasonable price fiber cement board exterior wall cladding fiber cement siding production line (fiber cement board), whose equipment and technology was fully invested from abroad, has the production capacity is 2.8 million m2 annually. The production line is high automaticity and steady. The process includes extrusion molding, autoclaved curing, finish machining, drying, painting and packing. All performances meet with worldwide standard. The products include two series: hollow fiber cement siding (K series) and solid fiber cement siding (S series).

CNBM Reasonable price fiber cement board exterior wall cladding Beautiful fiber cement siding is a new type wallboard which is both functional and decorative. It is made from cement and wooden fiber, no asbestos and harmful substance. BNBM fiber cement siding is widely used for cladding of commercial and residential buildings.

1,Weather Resistance and Mechanical Performance:

CNBM fiber cement siding has a heavy density and excellent mechanical performance, weather and freezing resistance, excellent dimensional stability

2, Advantages and Features:

Various Decoration and Rich Color: The variety of decoration and color can be freely combined, which provide rich color and choices for architects.

3,Flexible Connection:

CNBM fiber cement siding adopt clips to connect boards and wall. These connections are flexible together with main structure of building and won’t be cracked, when earthquake happens. That makes our board to be good choice in earthquake zone.


CNBM fiber cement siding do not contain either asbestos or formaldehyde, which hazardous to human health.

5,Excellent Insulation and Fireproof Performance:

CNBM fiber cement siding is a first cladding choice for composite wall system, which has excellent insulation and fireproof performance. These performances make our board to be a good choice to be used in steel-structure and wooden-structure villages, general infrastructures, factory buildings and tunnels.


Composite wall system is 40mm---60mm thinner than traditional concrete wall system. Meanwhile, because composite wall system is much lighter, reduce the loads of structure of buildings and cost.


CNBM fiber cement siding can be used not only as independent cladding, but also as a part of insulation to form composite wall system. It is widely used in commercial and residential buildings. Also, because of its excellent performance in light weight and high strength, sound insulation, fireproof, quake-proof, moisture proof etc., it can be widely used in city underground constructions as tunnel, subway etc..

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Q:how to make curtain wall behind bed?
In my client's bed room, we ran curtain rods the whole length at the ceiling line and then hung rod-pocket curtains on them for a gathered look. Is that what you mean? A second rod or weights at the bottom keep them tight.
Q:What is the glass curtain wall column
Columns are generally vertical components, is the curtain wall installation and construction of one of the key, its quality affect the installation of the entire curtain wall quality. The allowable deviation of the distance between the plane axis of the connecting curtain wall and the outer plane axis of the building should be controlled within 2mm. In particular, the building is curved, rounded and surrounded by closed walls. The distance between the inner and outer axes affects the circumference of the curtain wall Should be taken seriously. Columns generally according to the construction and transport conditions, can be a layer of tall or two-story high as a whole, the length of up to 7.5m. Joints should have a certain gap, the use of sleeve connection method, which can adapt and eliminate deformation of the building And the effect of temperature deformation. The connection between the connecting member and the embedded part, if it is a two-storey building, can be separated by hinge and rigid structure, hinge only anti-level force, and just in addition to anti-level force, but also bear the vertical force Passed to the main structure.
Q:what means double-layer curtain wall ?
Q:Will the external wall tiles and glass curtain wall works at the same time?
Do the schedule can be built at the same time, the scene can be.
Q:what color walls pillows and curtains in a room with navy blue carpet and white bed spread, brown furniture?
Is the red a bright or dark red? I would suggest you look for a neutral color and maybe stripes or a bold print. It may sound crazy but you would be surprised at how great that would look.Take a look at what other colors you have in the room: like picture frames, tables,sofa pillows and the rug. Pick a color from there and use it to tie it all together.You can use dark reds and light browns,some shades of blue will work. A bold print if the furniture is a solid color.
Q:Is it safe to hang a decorative curtain in front of a wall vent?
Um you can.... but you'd better take some precautions and accept that the curtain is going to act like a filter and collect a lot of dust. Here's what you can do: 1. Get two sets of curtain rods and mount them above and below the vent. Make sure that the brackets you choose can extend at least 3 inches away from the wall (further is better). Also, make sure that you place them so that the curtain will be as tight as possible (no fluttering/sucking motions when the vent does its thing). You will need to wash the curtain regularly, so pick a durable, but light/thin fabric. 2. Get a hanging decor curtain -- beads, shells, etc. (link below). Pick a material heavy enough so it won't get sucked in (suction may be slight, so bamboo will be fine, or be strong and even shells may move). They'll still get quite dusty, but just do it regularly or hose them down now and then. Of course, hang them as far away from the wall as possible...
Q:Curtain wall design drawings need to be registered Structural engineers stamped
Curtain wall design drawings above do not need to register the seal of the architect. Curtain wall is a special design qualification, only and curtain wall design qualification corresponding to the qualification within the design can be allowed to map, do not need to register the architect seal, but the calculation must be above the seal. Curtain wall design drawings, only the curtain wall design unit out of the seal, the person in charge of the technical person can be. But the curtain wall belongs to the construction of the sub-project, the curtain wall of the company's drawings submitted to the inspection time, but also by the architectural design unit recognized seal, the approval process includes the structure of the check.
Q:What is the curtain wall seal
Classification of measuring the line of the curtain wall construction in the measurement of the main line there are two: one is the new building curtain wall construction measurement line; the other is the old building renovation and expansion of the curtain wall construction measurement line.
Q:Need to safely attach curtain edges to the wall?
You could try making little rolls of painter's tape--Pull off 3 inches, and roll it back on itself like a ring shape and stick that along the edges of the curtains underneath so it won't show. Another idea is to extend the curtain rod out a little farther on the wall on each side of the window (My son did this; worked like a charm!) And lastly, try 3M poster tapes. Be sure to follow the directions of rubbing the spot with rubbing alcohol before applying the tape. My daughter's roommate didn't follow that instruction and her posters were down by the next day. My daughter used the rubbing alcohol, and her posters stayed up all year. Good Luck!
Q:Matching curtain colour and wall????
Take a small piece of white cardboard or a post card, and paint one side with the same paint you used on your wall. Let it dry, and compare it to your wall. If it is a match, take the small card with you to fabric stores, where you can compare the colors of materials against the wall color. Also, if you want a really girly-girl room, having layers of curtains of varying thicknesses will make your room look more like a boudoir. Use a really gauzy material closest to the window, gathered on a rod. Then maybe an organza a shade or two darker with loops to attach to a second rod. Then a heavier fabric for the final layer, gathered and hooked like usual onto a normal curtain rod.

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